Chitin and Fur

by kildeez


Chrysalis couldn’t possibly be happier. Her changelings had swept over Canterlot like a tidal wave, annihilating the Royal Guard as they had last time. Only now there wasn’t any loving couple to send them flying away with some sort of last-ditch love spell: her first act this time was to ensure every couple in Canterlot was split up in separate containment cocoons, not only making it so that a repeat of the Wedding Fiasco was impossible, but also giving her changelings the ability to take the place of those ponies in the dreams the cocoons produced, granting her an even greater supply of love than she could have ever imagined!

Yes, things were going well. Her banner flew over Canterlot, her swarm was laying siege to Manehattan, Baltimare and Ponyville had just issued their official declarations of surrender, and she sat upon Celestia’s throne, the Royal Sisters imprisoned in special, maximum security cocoons in the Crystal Caverns beneath the castle. There was only one thing she needed to make her victory absolute: a concubine.

The massive doors to the room burst open, and a squad of her most elite changelings stormed in. Between them, they carried a small purple blob. Chrysalis grinned at it. “Secure her, then leave us,” she commanded.

The drones obeyed immediately, hoisting the little Alicorn up, shackling her rear hooves to the ground while her forehooves were suspended above her head on a long chain. With that, the drones all bowed and left, the door slamming behind them. At last, Chrysalis could drink in the imprisoned Alicorn.

Twilight Sparkle glared up at the changeling, though it was obvious she posed no threat. The trio of magic suppressors on her horn and the chain meshing around her wings would see to that. Plus, it was hard to take her seriously with the frilly pink panties and the see-through lingerie she was dressed in, not to mention the suppressors had been made up like golden rings, giving her a vaguely Saddle Arabian look, along with the polished, metal collar locked around her neck, complete with a little ring on the front. Chrysalis licked her lips. No matter what, this was going to be fun.

“Twilight Sparkle,” she purred. “Face-to-face, once again.”

“You won’t get away with this, Chrysalis!” Twilight barked. “Friendship and Harmony will always win in the end!”

Chrysalis grinned. She’d been waiting for some spiel about friendship and harmony. “Oh? Then where was your precious Harmony when I captured your family? Enslaved your brother to me? Tore his precious Cadence away? Imprisoned your beloved Princesses?”

Twilight glared defiantly for a moment, but quickly looked away. There wasn’t much she could say to that.

“But all that is neither here nor there,” the Queen of the Changelings purred, stepping down from the pedestal the thrones sat upon and strutting towards the bound Alicorn. “You see Twilight, I need you for my next conquest.”

“I would never help you, monster!” Twilight spat.

“Oh, you misunderstand,” Chrysalis said, her voice oozing false sympathy as she strode behind Twilight. “You’re not going to have any choice in the matter. You see, my next conquest is you.”

There was a pause, Twilight’s knees buckling, her body only suspended by the long chain shackled to her forehooves. “M-Me?”

“Yes,” Chrysalis suddenly seized the little pony, her hooves wrapping around her barrel, and she was delighted when the Alicorn shuddered beneath her weight. “I want to own you, Twilight. I want you to be my personal little slave, to use as I please, to play with as I please, and to leave you behind and have you pine after me, waiting for the moment when I grace you with my presence again. I want you to become my possession.”

She followed this up with a lick up the side of Twilight’s neck, and the mare gasped and shivered again. “Now, are you going to pledge yourself to me,” Chrysalis whispered, levitating a whip in front of Twilight’s eyes. “Or do things have to get…rough?”

The mare shook beneath the changeling’s weight, and though her response was exactly the kind of defiance Chrysalis responded, it quivered with obvious fear. “N-no, I-I’m my own pony, you can’t own me!”

“Insolent fool!” Chrysalis snarled. She pulled the whip back and bought it down on Twilight’s exposed back, and the mare cringed with a frightened yelp. “Of course I own you! You are totally at my mercy! I could destroy you here and now!”

“I-it doesn’t matter! I won’t obey you!” Twilight shrieked as the whip smacked against her exposed back again.


“Never!” The whip came down again.

“You can’t last forever, now submit!”

“No! F-for Equestria! I-I…”

“Submit now! Proclaim yourself my slave! Realize that you are now my property, with which I can do as I please!”

“I won’t!” Another crack of the whip.

Twilight’s back and flank were a network of angry, swollen marks now. Chrysalis snorted in frustration, snarling at the little Alicorn, darting into her view. Twilight flinched, but held her ground, her shivering face locked on the changeling’s. Chrysalis had to admit, her defiance was impressive. Most other ponies would have buckled by now, but not Twilight Sparkle. That was why she needed her, needed to break her! Twilight was an open act of defiance, a representation of what Equestria once was, and so Chrysalis needed to own her!

“Very well,” Chrysalis said, turning away. “I’m quite disappointed in your response, Sparkle. In fact, I might need to go take that disappointment out on your friends.”


“Yes,” Chrysalis said, rearing back, her fangs bared, her muzzle pressing against Twilight’s. A shiver went up the former princess’s spine, but again, she didn’t look away. “Every day you refuse to submit to me, I will drain another one of your friends.”


“No? Who will stop me!? Equestria is defeated! In fact, I just received the official surrender from Ponyville! Your friends are mine now!” Chrysalis bellowed, her hooves stretching out to the green banners hanging from the halls of the once-great palace. She returned to all fours, glaring down at her prisoner. “That’s the deal, little slave. Submit, or your friends pay. What do you say?”

Twilight’s head bowed, her eyes squeezing shut. She trembled again, this time her wings rattling against their chains. “I say…I am yours.”

“You are my what?”

Twilight shivered again, but continued. “I am your slave…mistress…”

At last. She’d done it at last! Twilight Sparkle was hers! Of course, she still needed to be broken in, but with this act of submission, Chrysalis was well on her way. Grinning, she dropped the whip and reared up on Twilight, giving the ring on her collar a little tug. Not enough to be painful, but more than enough to remind her of the cold steel locked around her neck.

“Say that again,” she cackled, leaning in.

“I…I said…” Twilight swallowed, still shaking, but unable to resist as Chrysalis tugged her in closer by the collar. “I am your slave, yours to do with as you please, my…mistress…” she closed her eyes, and Chrysalis followed suit, their lips drawing nearer and nearer, their warm breath dousing their muzzles as they closed in…

“TWILIGHT!” A familiar voice hollered from above.

Both creatures’ eyes darted open in horror. “Spike!” Twilight screamed as the double-doors were flung wide open. “Don’t come in-“

Too late. The little dragon marched in, hardly even fazed by the massive room towering above him. “I’m looking for the popcorn, I know we have some, but for the life of me, I…”

He cut himself off as he drank in the scene. His sister. Her marefriend. Chrysalis with her forehooves wrapped around her. The shackles. The collar. The lingerie. He took in a very deep breath, and let out a long, deep sigh.

He turned to the mare he thought of as his sister, his eyes half-lidded. “Lemme guess: expansionist spells to contain the entire illusion in a smaller space, followed up with a few memory projection spells to give the illusion of Canterlot.”

She looked away bashfully, her cheeks growing red. The chain above her clinked loudly, which didn’t help at all. “E-exactly,” she sighed.

Nodding, Spike turned to Chrysalis and hooked a thumb over his shoulder. “And I take it those changelings you bought with you aren’t just here for poker night?”

“Uh…no,” Chrysalis said, still managing to look right at him even as her cheeks flushed a dark teal.

Spike sighed. “Well girls, I can’t say I’m surprised. I gotta know one thing, though: you two have been granted fantastic powers, both magical and political, that put you among the most important and powerful creatures on the planet. And you’re using all that might, the entirety of those incredible gifts, to play weird sex games with each other. Aren't you ashamed of yourselves?”

Twilight looked away. “Yes."

“Nope,” Chrysalis shrugged.

“That’s what I figured,” Spike sighed again. “Alright, just try and keep the noise down. I’m gonna go wrap up poker night with the guys. And then take a shower. A cold one.”

“Alright,” Twilight said as he turned to head back upstairs. “Popcorn’s in the second cabinet, just so you know!”

“Thanks!” Spike hollered, not turning to look right at the pair. He slammed the door behind him, and looked over his shoulder. Once again, he was just staring at the plain, oak-paneled door to Twilight’s room. He shook his head. Her power never ceased to amaze him. If only she was using it for something a bit more constructive at the moment…

A shiver raced up his scales as he plodded up to his attic room, where four changelings waited around a table covered in poker chips, cards, and potato chips. The four all glanced at each other, obviously suppressing snickers as he took his seat and picked up his cards. He glared at them. “That was a dirty fucking trick, you know,” Spike hissed.

That was it. The changelings broke down laughing, one of them falling out of his chair and rolling on the floor, his hooves clenching his stomach. One of them eventually calmed down and chittered excitedly at Spike.

“No, I did not enjoy the free show!” Spike yelled back. “That’s my sister, you goddamn pervert!”

Most of the changelings stopped laughing. The one on his left looked at him with concern and let out a quick series of clicks and chirps.

“Yes, I am aware that I’m a dragon and she’s a pony, and therefore it’s impossible for us to be blood relatives,” Spike rolled his eyes. “Actually, it’s a pretty funny story, see…”


”Dammit, slave! Who gave you permission to cum!?

Spike rolled his eyes as the changelings around him all started giggling again. He grabbed a broom, slamming the handle against the floor. “KEEP IT DOWN IN THERE!” He hollered.

”Sorry, Spike!”

”I apologize for nothing!”

Spike regarded the snickering changelings around him and thrust his face into his cards again, his face turning bright red. “Oh, shut up and play cards!”