Chitin and Fur

by kildeez

Tirek 2

Chrysalis gazed lovingly into her lover's eyes, his deep yellow corneas meeting with hers. Tirek smiled back, following up with a deep, rumbling chortle. "What's that look for?"

"You know," she replied. "Just...feeling so lucky to have met you.

"You feel lucky!?" He shook his head and chortled again, pulling her in for another kiss, his powerful arms gently wrapping around her waist. She quivered beneath his touch as their lips met, the most powerful creature in the world holding her with the care of a mother and her newborn foal.

"Oh Tirek," she gasped, voice dripping with lust. "I...I think I'm ready..."

His eyes shot wide open. "What, now!?"

"Yes, Tirek, please! I need you! I want you! Please! Throw your big, manly meat inside me!" She cried, practically shaking with need.

His surprise melting away, the centaur smiled as he gently set her down and reared up, his incredible stallionhood rising to attention in anticipation. "For you, Chrissy, anything."

"Oh, Tirek..."

"Oh, Chrysalis..."

"Oh, Tirek!"



"CHRYSALIS!" Twilight screamed, bolting upright in bed, her chest heaving.

Next to her, her lover slowly sat up, her green, cat-like eyes glowing in the darkness as she blinked tiredly. Chrysalis turned to the little purple princess and sighed. "Who was it this time?"

Her fear giving way to embarrassment, Twilight replied: "T-Tirek."

Blinking a few more times, Chrysalis shook her head. "Dammit all, Twi! Last week it was Sunbutt, the week before it was that weird, pink, fluffy thing, when the hell is your head gonna stop shipping me with the most random ponies in Equestria!?"

"I dunno, Chryssy," Twi groaned, falling back into bed and groaning into her pillow with frustration. "I don't know why I keep having these dreams, but...oh Celestia above, they get more real every time, and every time it leaves me feeling you..."

"Like I'm leaving you?" Chrysalis asked flatly.

Twilight whimpered and nodded, her lower lip quivering.

"You're lucky you're so cute," Chrysalis sighed, then turned a sultry little smile back on Twilight. "But while we're both up, you feel like a nice, hard reminder of how I feel about you?"

Returning the smile, Twilight's wings fanned out, behind her as if she were offering herself up on a platter of purple feathers. "Do you even have to ask?"