Can You Hear My Sweetie Bells?

by Blue Valentine

Chapter 8: Allergic to Grass?

"Apple Bloom, I'm not going to explain this agai-"

Apple Bloom bucked Sweetie's face, and ran out the door.


Sweetie flew out the window, and went to the entrance of the barn. Apple Bloom's legs got weak and she plopped onto the grass.

"Why did you run away from me?"
"Because you're a MONSTER!"
"Get AWAY!"
"Whats with you, Apple Bloom?"
"NOpony would kill their own sister, Sweetie Belle!"
"You're right. I'm hardly a pony."
"Shut the flock up, you bastard!"
"Ugh, friends don't talk like that to each other!"
"We're not friends!"
"Yeeah! You, you, you, you sour apple!"

Sweetie began to giggle.

"I'm glad you heard my sweetie bells." she giggled, and she flew off to her grass hut, to fast for Apple Bloom to respond.

"RUMBLY!" Sweetie squeaked as she came into the hut.
"H-h-hi Sweetie Belle!" he twitched.
"I brought you an apple!"

Rumble pounced for the apple, since he was so hungry, but Sweetie made it float away.

"Get in your chains."
"Aren't you hungry?"

Rumble made a face, sighed, and set himself up how Sweetie did that one night.

"This is not comfortable, you know."

Sweetie put the apple in front of Rumbles face, as he started to drool.

"Just give it to me!"
"Oh. Rumble." she blushed.

Sweetie held up the apple as Rumble took huge bites out of it. Rumble noticed she was smiling and watching him eat, so he spit out a seed at her.


She dropped the apple and got into bed.

"Argh, the apple!?"
"Goodnight, Rumble."
"The chains!?"
"Goodnight, Rumble."

Sweetie yawned, and fell asleep.


Rumble once again watched boringly as the black orbs came in and out of her body. What the heck were those things? And why did she disappear when they came out of her. Rumble started to reach out to Sweetie Belle as he realized that he was in chains.

"Dammit." He mumbled angrily.
"Uh Sweetie?"
"*yawn* Yeash baby?"
"Uh, I can't sleep..."
"And I was uh..."
"Yeeah?" Sweetie was listening.
"I was wondering if you could uh, help me uh, you know, get to, uh, sleep, or uh, something like that..."
"Oh Rumbly-poo!"

She hopped out of bed and walked up to him. He was scared. Very scared. But he had a plan. Even if he had to do something that he really, really didn't want to do, he had to do it. He closed his eyes as she began to cuddle up on his chest. She undid the chain un his left hoof, making him fall forward a bit.


Sweetie looked up at him.

"Sorry, nothing."

She smiled, and got back to the moment that he had just ruined for her. She put his hoof around her shoulder, forcing the both of them to cuddle up into what was sort of a hug. She started to nuzzle her face on his chest.

"I'm soo glad you finally realize that we are perfect for each other."

He nodded, and let her get back to what she was doing. She undid the chain on his right hoof, making him stumble forward, on to Sweetie Belle. She put her body against his, and began to flex herself up and down and up and down. She felt so good. Rumble felt so awkward. He dreamed of this day before.. now he dreaded every second. Sweetie Belle undid both of the chains on his legs, and he let himself fall to the floor. She gestured to the bed.

Oh no.. he thought.

She lay him on the bed, and she soon crawled on top of him. He was sure not to interrupt anything she did, because she needed to fall asleep. Sweetie put her hind legs around his, and nuzzled into his chest like before, rubbing her hooves against the bed, while rocking back and forth. Rumble looked at Sweetie Belle, and he was scared. She looked so... scary. But he had to do this. He had to. He let her rock back and forth against his little defenseless body, and let her take over. Soon enough, she was fast asleep, wit her hind legs still wrapped around Rumble. She wouldn't snore. Flock, she wouldn't snore. She was smiling, because she was probably dreaming about what could have happened next. Flock, good thing she fell asleep fast. Rumble slowly turned her over a bit, and she began to snore lightly. He saw three orbs float out of her. He was quick to try and grab one, but his hoof went right through it.

Dang! he thought.

Then, he thought of the oddest thing. He blew. As he blew, an orb fell onto the ground. As soon as it hit the ground, it disappeared into nothing.

"Woah!" he shouted.

Uh oh.

"Baby... AURGH!" Sweetie began to wake up, and moaned from weakness. She was a bit more see-through than usual.
"Dammit!" Rumble shouted and jumped out of bed.
"What, Rumble!?" Sweetie asked getting up, as she ran he hoof through her messed up mane.
"Ah Flock! I'm such an IDIOT!"
"Shut up!"
"Go back to sleep."
"Just go back to bed, would you!?"

Sweetie hurriedly got back into bed and turned so that she was facing the wall. Rumble went up to his chains, and slept on the floor beside them. As he went to sleep, he heard quiet sobbing from the other side of the room. Three things were on his mind. One: He needed to get those orbs. Two: He had some major control over this filly's feelings. Three: What was that part of his mind saying, "I love you too?"