Can You Hear My Sweetie Bells?

by Blue Valentine

Chapter 6: Not That Big a Thing

"Hmm. hmm, hmm hmmmmm." Sweetie Belle hummed as she stitched together a doll. It had a white coat with a whirly purple mane and tail.

"Perfect! You look PERF, my little Rarity! Now I"M the big sister! Get it! Hahaha we're so great. Yeah."

If anyone was watching her at the moment, they would think she was crazy. They would be nothing but completely right. She left Carousel Boutique, and ran to the outskirts of town before any pony woke up. It was 4:00 in the morning. When she got to the outskirts of Ponyville, she used her dark powers to make something beautiful. She raised the grasses around her to make a force field of grass. She weaved them in ways that Rarity had taught her. It was nothing but beautiful. This was now her little home. She formed a grass bed, and lay her new doll on it.


With a stomp of her hoof, Rumble appeared.

"What the- Sweetie Belle?"
"Hi Rumble sweetheart! Since you still love me and all, you are going to live with me! You can stay in here with me and keep me and my sister company!"
"Your sister..?"

Sweetie gestured to the doll.

"Ohhhh, right yeah of course sorry."
"Don't be sorry Rumble-bear! We're married!"
"Yeah! It's not official, but the fact that I don't want to kill you kind of makes it a given."
"Sweetheart! Rumble! Let's not think about our rugged past and just spend our eternal lives together."
"Honey-boo! No need to shout."
"Uh, sorry."

Later that day, in the evening, Sweetie came home to find Rumble trying to escape. To make sure they stayed happy together, she put together a little, something to make sure he didn't try to end their bliss. He was chained to the grass wall, like in the position he was in when she killed him. All four legs spread out and chained tightly.

"Nighty night baby." She gave him a kiss on the cheek.
"Crazy demon!"
"Why thank you, honey!"
"I'm not your 'honey'! I hate you, you freak!"

Sweetie Belle stopped herself from laying down in her bed. She took out her enchanted needle and stuck it through his hoof.

"AH! Ehrr... Sweetie.. Please.."
"Babyyy, you'll feel better knowing that you're helping your wife keep her things organized. She doesn't wanna lose her needle, does she?"

Rumble trembled a bit, and then stood awake the whole entire dreadful night. He should have just gone to heaven. Or straight down to tartarus if he could have skipped this.

It was 12:00 midnight when Sweetie woke up.

"Babyyy, I can't sleep."
"Neither can I. MAYBE its because theres a freaking NEEDLE in my arm!"
"Eh, well that's not the point babe,"
"Rumbly-pooh, help me get to sleep."

Rumble wasn't irritated by the needle anymore, but very irritated by Sweetie being so absent-minded.

"Sweetie Belle. How do you expect me to help you do anything, when I am physically chained up!?"
"I dunno... I could unchain you if you'll play with me."

Sweetie walked over to Rumble and undid the chains around his hooves. He suspiciously stepped out, wondering "what was the catch?" Rumble went and sat on Sweetie's bed. Surprisingly it was very comfortable. Probably because he had been standing against a wall, but he took his chance to enjoy the little comforts that her grass bed held. Sweetie magically made two pony figures appear. She and Rumble played with them for a few minutes, and then Sweetie fell asleep. Rumble carried her to her bed, and then curled up on the floor.

"At least she took out the needle." He said quietly to himself.

Before he went to sleep, he noticed something. Whenever she snored, three small black orbs came out of her. He saw them go up, and down. In of her and out of her. Whenever the orbs came out, Sweetie's body disappeared. But Rumble would think about it in the morning. Too much was going on right now. He thought of one thing. He didn't know why, but he just did it. He reached up and grabbed the Rarity doll, and hid it in the grass wall. He went to sleep, not knowing what trouble he'd caused. Geez, he woke up to some craziness.

* * *

"What is it, Melonissa? It's 1:00 in the morning."
"Why did Mommy make us sleep in the same room?"
"Because... There are rumors. Okay?"
"What rumors?"
"You are too young to know, Melon."
"FINE. I'll go ask MOm."

Melonissa walked down the hall of her home in Canterlot, and woke up her mother.

"Mommy, why do me and Jamoca have to sleep in the same room now?"
"...Ok, honey, *yawn* I think you should come sit down with me."

Mothers and fathers across Equestria were being cautious of there children. Sweetie Belle was no where near taking over Equestria, but everyone had read about it in the newspaper or watched it on TV. When sisters were fighting, the parents made them make up. Sweetie Belle had started killing pegasi in Cloudsdale, because she knew that no one would suspect it.

* * *
One day Sweetie Belle was just walking through Ponyville invisibly. She walked past Rumbles house. She walked past that-girl-she -killed-a-week-ago's house. She stopped at Diamond Tiara's house. She looked through the window to see Filthy Rich sitting in an expensive chair with a pipe in his mouth. Next to him was a small table with a picture of Diamond Tiara begging for something. She was so snobby. Wait. If Rumble got blackmailed, then... Sweetie Belle looked away from the window.

"Why did she tell me that she had something to do with it!?"
"Did she not want me to kill Rumble..? She was too late.."

Sweetie kept walking through Ponyville.

"Did I forget somepony?" She said as she walked up to Sweet Apple Acres.