Can You Hear My Sweetie Bells?

by Blue Valentine

Chapter 4: TLC as in Totally Lost Control

Sweetie Belle was out of hoof. She was out of control- crazy. She just stood there in front of the bloody filly that she had sewn on. Diamond Tiara tried her very hardest not to scam, knowing Sweetie would kill her.

"Sweet.." Diamond Tiara's voice was all week.
"Switty Bel, I dun understind."

Sweetie looked up at Diamond Tiara.

"What? There's nothing to understand, you little piece of pony manure."
"Switty, I didn't know that yuh could be suh cruel."
"Says YOU!"

Sweetie Belle struck Diamond Tiara with her hoof straight across her face.

"How can you say I'M evil, after you gave me and my friends trauma for like, EVER?" Sweetie shouted.
"Every day of our LIVES, you tried to take everything that was mine! You always got it! Now I take what is yours! You have NO right to call me evil, you hypocrite!"

Diamond Tiara got ready to respond to Sweetie's poetic little fit.

"You're right. I don't have the right to be hypocritical. But I never hurt you. Never."

Sweetie's face was red. Her hair was sticking up like Opal's always did.

"Don't you recall the incident with Rumble?" Sweetie whispered into Diamond Tiara's ear.

Diamond Tiara had shivers going up through her spine. She remembered. And boy did she regret it.

"Save it Tiara. I'm over that. I'm done. And I'm done with you too."

Sweetie Belle's aura started on her horn, and she lifted up the needle. She aimed it at Diamond Tiara's heart.

"Ready Dia?"

Diamond Tiara had thought up some last words.

"You know, Sweetie Belle," She started.

Sweetie got ready to strike Diamond Tiara.

"I was only jealous."


"Sweetie! No!"

Sweetie Belle turned around. Apple Bloom was behind her. So was Scootaloo.

"Are you crazy!" Scootaloo shouted.

They ran past her to Diamond Tiara. The needle was already in her.

"Sweetie Belle. Who are you?" Scootaloo asked, traumatized by the sight of Diamond Tiara.
"I'm your best friend. No matter how crazy I become." Sweetie Belle responded.

Apple Bloom looked at Diamond Tiara.

"Would you do this... to us?" She asked, slightly afraid.
"No, never!" Sweetie quickly responded.
"Hey, what's that?" Scootaloo saw a black orb hovering over Diamond Tiara.

Sweetie and Apple Bloom saw it too. Sweetie Belle walked up to it. It hovered in front of her, and flew into her heart. Sweetie Belle's horn let out a beam that reflected off the tree, and on to Scootaloo.

"Ah!" Scootaloo fell over.

Apple Bloom ran to her.

"How could-ya?" Apple Bloom looked up at Sweetie Belle in horror.
"I didn't mean to!"

"Let's get out of here, Scootaloo."

Apple Bloom helped her up and they ran away from Sweetie.

"NO! Come back.."

They were gone. Sweetie Belle was infuriated. She ran to Ponyville as fast as she could. She stood in the center of the town. She opened her eyes, and all you could see was pitch black darkness. Her hair was now magenta. It was messy, and lost the beautiful little curls that she used to have. Sweetie Belle was now hovering in the center of Ponyville. She was angry and broken inside. Ponies started to gather around.

"WATCH OUT, MARES," Sweetie screamed.
"Your little brothers and sisters don't deserve you. NONE OF YOU!"
"Stop it!" Twilight shouted, flying up to Sweetie Belle.
"This is insane!"

Without saying a word, Sweetie Belle let out a beam to Twilight. Of course, Twilight was still better at magic. But she didn't fight back.

"Sweetie Belle, I'm not going to fight you! Stop, just stop!"
"You must DIE, Twilight Sparkle! HAHA and if YOU won't fight, I will WIN! YOU are a sister too! SO YOU have to DIE HAHAHAHA!"

Sweetie was crazy. She was far from crazy.

After several strikes to Twilight, she had to make a stop. She had to put an end to Sweetie Belle. Twilight then used her horn, and let out a beam heading straight at Sweetie Belle. Sweetie fell to the ground. Three black orbs came out of her horn, and hovered above her.

Shortly after the orbs appeared, Applejack and Apple Bloom came running from the farm.

"What 'n tarnation is goin' on here, Twi?"

Twilight flew down to Applejack. She turned her head to an innocent Sweetie Belle, laying on the ground. Her hair was messed up, but it looked the same as it usually was. Her eyes were green, but slowly losing color. Apple Bloom ran up to her.

"Sweetie Belle!"

She shook her with both hooves.

"I'm so sorry, Apple Bloom." Twilight said sympathetically to Apple Bloom, with a hoof around the little filly's shoulder.
"It had to be done."

Later that day, when the last pony went into his house, the orbs all gathered together in the center of Ponyville. As they came together, you could see a Sweetie Belle forming. But she didn't look like Sweetie Belle. It looked like the Sweetie Belle after the transformation. But there was a difference. Last time, It was Sweetie Belle with the orbs inside her. This time, the orbs were her. She was like a ghost. You could see right through her. All you could see was a thin coat of white, and a head full of messy, magenta colored hair. Not to mention the evil black eyes. This ghost Sweetie had no memory-loss of what had recently happened. She still had her dark little heart set on her main goal as a ghost. To make a sister-less Equestria. But she want dumb. Her mind lived on dark desires and intelligence. So she knew she had to start out small. A sister-less Ponyville. She would keep her distance from Twilight, knowing that she couldn't beat her. But she would over time. After all, all Twilight did by killing Sweetie was helping her make it all the way to the dark side. Now her plans would be easier.

Much, much easier.