Can You Hear My Sweetie Bells?

by Blue Valentine

Chapter 2: Building Up and Breaking Down

Sweetie Belle's first orb appeared. It was black. Rarity 'nor Sweetie Belle could see it. It was just there. Floating besides Sweetie Belle. Soon, it flew into her heart.

"..Ugh." Sweetie jumped."
"Sweetie what's happening!?"

Sweetie Belle collapsed.

Later in the day, Sweetie woke up in her bed. She saw Rarity hovering over her in bed, smiling.

"Hi, Rarity. Thanks." She squeaked.

Rarity didn't respond.


Sweetie Belle rubbed her eyes and realized that she was imagining it. Rarity was not in her room, smiling over Sweetie Belle. She was in her own room, working on her designs.

"Hi, Opal."
"You care about me, right?"
"Yeah, I don't blame you if you don't."
"No one seems to care about me. Not even Rarity. It must be my fault. I mean, she cares about you!"
"Mrawr." Opal walked away.
"Yeah, go. Get away from me before I jinx you into being unlikable too."

Sweetie wondered. What was that feeling she got when she collapsed. But what ever it was, all she felt right now was neglected. She ran into a wall. She didn't know why the hay she just did it.


She got up, and ran into the wall again, head first, making a loud thump.











Sweetie Belle had managed to make a whole in the wall. Her head was pounding- not to mention, bleeding. Her face was red, and scrunched up, because she was crying. It really hurt. She didn't hear Rarity come up to check on her. That hurt the most. She wrapped her head with a wet towel, and headed toward Rarity's room. She peaked through the crack of Rarity's door. She was asleep, with two pieces of cloth. One in each hoof. Sweetie remembered the time she cleaned Rarity's room. All she got was yelled at. She walked to the laundry room. She remembered when she tried to do the laundry for Rarity. But all she did was ruin her sweater. (It was Opal's now.). She remembered when she took all of Rarity's special gems. She couldn't remember what she did with the gems. It was something special. Something memorable. But she just couldn't remember. It was like one of the most important memories of her sister's relationship had been sucked out of her. Whatever. She thought. She then walked to Sugar Cube Corner.

"Hi Pinkie Pie."
"Hi Sweetie Belle! Whassup cupcake!?"
"Well- nothing, hehe. Uh, can I have some, uh advice?"
"From ME? HA!"
"Yeah OK. So how did you deal with having siblings that ignored you?"
"I threw a PARTY! Remember? I told you that! Heehee!"
"Yeah ok this was a bad idea." Sweetie walked out of the bakery.

She went passed Fluttershy's house near the Everfree forest.

"Sweetie!" Fluttershy shouted quietly.
"The Everfree isn't safe!"

Sweetie slowly turned around. She had beautiful green eyes. Fluttershy watched in horror as Sweetie had a transformation.

Minutes Later...
"What have I done?" Sweetie ran into the forest. Fluttershy lay there on the ground.

Sweetie ran to Zecora's house. She busted through the doors.

"Zecora! Something is wrong with me! I just, uh, did something to Fluttershy and I don't know why or how!!" She squeaked as a tear came down.

"It's OK my Sweetie Belle.
Just don't let it get to you.
If this power goes to far,
Your life will be old and new.
New life means a different form.
But same old ponies being reborn."

"Wait What?"
"You must go, Sweetie Belle. Fix your problem-"
"NO!" Zecora looked worried.

Zecora then saw a black orb float next to Sweetie Belle. It went into her heart.


Sweetie Belle stopped herself. Zecora sat in horror, looking up at this little filly. Sweetie Belle ran to her house, also in horror. When She got there, she ran into her room and started crying into a pillow.

"What have I become?"

Sweetie Belle looked in the mirror.


She let out a beam of magic straight at the mirror. The glass shattered into a thousand pieces all over the floor. Sweetie walked right across the floor. Her hooves were cut and bleeding, but she held it in. She wouldn't let this moment get worse. She wouldn't let herself fail a mission called life. But thoughts can change. Goals can be given up. Promises can be broken. Life can be shattered. It can be shattered into a million pieces lay out all over the floor. And when you try to put the pieces together, you just end up becoming crazier. Trying to decide which piece goes where. Life is a big puzzle. Sometimes we come to thinking that life was only for the ones who could handle the hardships. Sometimes we come to realize that some of us aren't up for life. We need to start out small. Sweetie Belle wasn't ready for life's big jigsaw puzzle. She could find only but a piece. Sweetie Belle couldn't see the picture. For Sweetie Belle, the picture wasn't clear. Sweetie Belles life was scattered all over the floor. In a thousand pieces. What she didn't know, is that there was more to it. More than what she saw. Beyond the Everfree. Beyond Ponyville. Beyond Equestria. Most of the missing pieces were lost somewhere in her confused little mind.

"Apple Bloom!" Scootaloo bursted into Apple Blooms door.
"Apple Bloom, did you watch it on TV?"
"Ah did.."
"Is It true?"
"Ah think so.."
"Oh my gosh, Sweetie Belle!"

The two fillies went to Sweetie Belle's house, but she wasn't there. They soon found her at the schoolhouse. She was in a tree.

"Sweetie Belle... Ah, Ahm glad we found you....."
"Yeah," Scootaloo started awkwardly.
"We heard about, you know."

Sweetie Belle dropped down from the tree. There was mascara on her face. It was smudged all over her face.

"Oh mah." Apple Bloom remembered.
"Y-you were only allowed to use make-up on your birthday, w-weren't you?"

Sweetie Belle took a glass of water and poured it on her face, and then started rubbing her eyes like a crazy pony. She looked into Apple Bloom's eyes.

"Uh, well!"

Sweetie rubbed it more, making her eyes red.

"WELL," She sobbed more.
"Well, now she's not here to see my mascara. I don't want to wear a dead ponies' mascara."

Apple Bloom and Scootaloo looked at each other. Never would they understand what was happening to Sweetie Belle. Never would they ever.