Can You Hear My Sweetie Bells?

by Blue Valentine

Chapter 1: She Needed You... Didn't she?

Sweetie Belle came home from school crying. She had just broken up with Rumble. Well, he broke up with her. Diamond Tiara must of said something to him, making him dislike Sweetie. Sweetie didn't get it. Every day after school, she would say goodbye to Rumble, then see her best friends. Every day she would tell him things, and he the same. Every day was perfectly fine, until Diamond Tiara came along and ruined everything. Diamond Tiara was probably just jealous of Sweetie Belle. She wanted everything that Sweetie Belle had. And she always managed to get it.

"Sweetie, what is it? Is Diamond Tiara being mean again?" Rarity asked as Sweetie walked in.
"No! It's Rumble! He broke up with me."
"Aw, darling come sit down."
"NO! I'm going to my room!"
"Sweetie darling, don't you want to talk about it?"
"Ugh, NO!" She squeaked.

Sweetie ran up to her room and slammed the door. She leaped into bed, crying under the covers. She threw the covers off, and trotted over to her desk. She pulled out a picture of Rumble, and a pair of scissors.


Sweetie cut her hoof with the scissors, since she couldn't use magic to cut. She picked up the photo with her mouth and ripped it apart. She was devastated. She didn't know why- but she did. She felt that being in a relationship with Rumble was the only time that some pony cared about her.

"Maybe I was too mean to Rarity." She mumbled, and trotted downstairs.

"Hi Rarity."
"Hello, darling! I'm working on a new line of clothing for Sapphire Blue!"
"Yeah I'm fine- wait what!?"
"Yes! Sapphire Shores! Maybe you're little friends can come and-"
"What, NO!"
"Hmm? Why not darling?"
"Oh, I don't know, maybe because I just got into a breakup and you don't even care!"
"Darling, don't be so dramatic."
"Ugh, I HATE you!"
"Sweetie Belle!"
"Sweetie of course I-"

Sweetie was out the door. She was really overreacting. Rarity worked hard every night, to keep the both of them alive. Soon enough, Sweetie was at Sweet Apple Acres.

*Knock* *Knock*

"Huh?" Apple Bloom said, slowly waking up.

She walked over to her window and let Sweetie Belle in.

"Well hiya Sweetie.." Apple Bloom said, very sleepily.
'Hi.. Why are you in bed so early?"
"I'm apple buckin' tomorrow!" she said quietly, but excitedly.
"Yeah ok cool. Now me. I HATE Rarity!"
"Huh? Wait. Before ah ask, you can't have mah sister anymore."
"Yeah yeah. But I HATE her! She didn't even care that Rumble broke up with me!"
"Rumble Broke up with ya?"
"Yes, Applebloom." Sweetie said sarcastically.
"Let's get Scootaloo." Sweetie added.
"Wha? But I'm tireddd.."
"Lets go!"

Sweetie Belle grabbed Apple Bloom by her tail, and dragged her out the window.

"Yeah, yeah, come on!" Sweetie squeaked.

*Knock* *Knock*

"Hey, guys. What's up?" Scootaloo asked.

Sweetie explained the breakup, and her "hate" for Rarity.

"Wait," Scoots started.
"Diamond Tiara is going out with him now??"

Sweetie Belle turned around and rolled her eyes so they couldn't see.

"...Yes. And that made me cry."
"Ah, Sweetie we're here for ya." Apple Bloom put her hoof around Sweetie.

Apple Bloom looked over at Scootaloo.

"Scoot'loo, uh, you have anythin' to, uh, say?"

Scootaloo turned around.

"I wanna beat 'em up!!" She said angrily.
"Thanks." Said Sweetie.
"Now girls, lets just have some cider and go to sleep. We can sleep over at mah house."

They went back to Sweet Apple Acres, and Applejack let them sleep over. They drank a barrel of apple cider, and fell asleep talking about all the things Diamond Tiara did to them- and how they got her back each time. Soon enough they fell asleep on the floor of Apple Bloom's room. In the morning, when they were leaving, Sweetie got back to Carousel Boutique. She opened the door. Rarity was standing there. She looked mad.

"Hi, Rarity."

Rarity shut the door slowly behind Sweetie Belle.

"Uh," Sweetie Belle said awkwardly.

Rarity looked at Sweetie Belles hooves.

"Where the tartarus have you been, Sweetie Belle?"
"Uh, at Apple Bloom's."
"And you think its alright to just go off like that? Without letting me know?"
"I didn't feel like it." She shrugged.
"Well you can't do that Sweetie Belle, you should know that!" Rarity's hair was messed up, and her eyes were bloodshot.
"Well SORRY! I needed you, and you weren't there to help me!"
"Sweetie! I offered to help talk it out! You didn't want to talk about it! Darling, I-"
"Save it, UN-sister!"
"Don't start this again, Sweetie Belle! I am your sister, and your guardian. And I'm sorry but I make the rules!"

Sweetie stomped her hoof hard on the floors of the boutique.

"Maybe I'm not talking about last night." Sweetie said.
"You're never there for me, Rarity. You are always working! Always with your friends! Always with clients! Always at fancy parties!"
"Sweetie! Darling I think I've bonded with you enough."
"No Rarity, you haven't. One Sisterhooves Social doesn't make up for years of Un-sisterhood. One Sisterhooves Social doesn't cut it."

Sweetie Belle's first orb appeared.