Justice Ponies

by Wildcard25

Storm of Kryptonite

A few days later after Spike and Rarity's gem hunt, Rairty was at her shop standing before her friends, and the Justice League, "Welcome, everypony. So glad you could come. Now I'm sure you're all wondering why I called you here." Rarity began.

"Didn't you tell us before you were planning on making new duds based off the league here?" Applejack asked.

Rarity pouted, "Oh, Applejack, you spoiled the moment."

"Blah, blah, can you get on with it already?" Rainbow asked, getting impatient.

"Better do what she says." Flash suggested.

"Very well," Rarity rolled her eyes, before using her magic to pull away a curtain, "Voila!"

The group saw the long line of outfits that indeed looked like pony versions of the Leagues outfits minus the masks for the replicated outfits of Flash and Batman.

The ponies let out surprised and fascinated gasps, while the league studied the replicated outfits. Flash dashed over to his pony version outfit, "Nice detail, but don't you think the gems are a bit much?"

"Oh, nonsense, Flash. The gems bring out a more flare to it." Rarity insisted.

"My costume doesn't really require flare." Hawk Girl said.

"Same for mine." Batman put in.

"I have to admit Rarity, this really does look stunning." Diana said, as she looked at the design.

"Thank you, Diana."

"The detail certainly does match..." Superman approached his outfit, but groaned as he got too close.

"Superman!" Hawk Girl gasped, as she and Lantern went over to keep him on his feet.

"Are you ok?" Lantern asked.

"Yeah, guess a little dizzy or something." Superman suggested.

"Strange that's the second time you've been that way when you were here." Rarity noticed.

"Maybe something here is causing him to feel this way." Twilight suggested.

"What, could he be allergic to fabric?" Rainbow asked sarcastically.

"No, it's not the fabric," Superman said, "Sorry, but I'll catch up with you later." he took his leave, while Batman watched curiously.

"These will definitely start a new trend in Ponyville if not all of Equestria, don't you think so?" Rarity asked her friends.

"It sure will." Spike agreed.

Batman spoke up, "Rarity, when was the first time Superman reacted that way here?"

"A few days ago. I asked him to bring over a a case of gems Spike and I collected that day.

"And was that when he started having a seizure?" Batman inquired.

"Well, yes." Rarity answered, wondering what he was getting at.

"Then permit me." Batman said as he plucked a gem off his pony version outfit.

"Oh!" Rarity gasped at what he did, "Batman, don't ruin the equilibrium of the gems on the outfit!"

"Trust me, if my theory is correct then the equilibrium will be the least of worries." Batman said.

"What do you mean?" she fashionista asked.

"Twilight, concentrate your magic on this gem really hard." Batman instructed.

Twilight looked at the league members wondering if they had any idea what all this was about. They shrugged not sure themselves, as she answered, "Well, ok." she activated her magic and levitated the gem up until her eyes widened, "Oh, my gosh. I'm feeling another mix of magic surrounding this gem."

"Another mix of magic?" Pinkie asked.

"Yes, and I may be able to dispel it." she added, as she concentrated and the gem's true appearance was revealed.

"Kyptonite." the league gasped.

"I was right." Batman said.

"Ooh, glowy." Pinkie said, as she tried to touch it, only for Hawk Girl to stop her.

"Don't touch it."

"What's going on here?" Applejack asked.

"Yeah, what's so bad about this thing?" Rainbow asked.

"That's not a gem, it's a fragment of kyrptonite." Batman explained.

"Kryptonite?" Fluttershy asked.

Twilight thought back on what Superman said, and spoke up, "Of course, kryptonite is only substance in their world that can weaken or even kill a kryptonian."

"That does not sound good." Rainbow said in shock.

"It isn't." Lantern assured her.

"But how did this happen?" Rarity asked in confusion.

"I have my hunches this was a scheme set up by Luthor and Chrysalis." Batman explained.

"They somehow had to have known Rarity would be searching in that field for gems and planted them there with the appearance of normal gems." Wonder Woman added.

"You mean I've been collecting something lethal to Superman's health?" Rarity gasped in horror.

"I'm afraid so." J'onn said.

"Oh, I feel so awful for what I did." Rarity said in remourse.

"You didn't know, Rarity." Applejack comforted her.

"Yeah, it could've happened to anypony." Pinkie added.

"But it had to be me." Rarity sighed.

"This is no time for feeling sorry for yourself, we have to make sure all the kyptonite is taken off these outfits." Hawk Girl said.

Rarity gasped, "Oh, no."

"Oh, no, what?" Flash asked.

"I'm afraid I've already sent out some of my works with more kryptonite out to the stores here in town already."

"You what?" Twilight gasped.

"Well, I didn't know the gems weren't gems until now." she defended.

"Let's hope they haven't sold already." Batman said.

Flash looked out the window, and gasped, "Uh, guys. There's a problem." they looked out the window and saw some ponies walking around wearing some of Rarity's other made outfits she designed with the kryptonite.

"We got to find Superman." Twilight said.

"Come on!" Batman called, as they hurried off into Ponyville to find their friend.

Meanwhile Superman was walking around Ponyville, but upon passing some ponies dressed in Rarity's gem designed outfits, he started getting a seizure. He groaned, and was limping, "What's going on?" The more ponies he passed that were dressed up in Rarity's gem designed clothes the weaker he started feeling. Eventually it became too much, and he dropped to his knees.

"Superman!" Rainbow called, as she and Flash found him.

"Flash, Rainbow." he groaned.

Flash tapped his ear piece, "We found him. By Ponyville's fountain."

"Why is this happening?" Superman groaned.

"Take it easy, you'll be fine." Rainbow said, until Spike, the rest of the girls, and league arrived.

"We found the source of your seizure." Lantern said.


"Kryptonite." Batman explained.

Superman felt stupid, "I should've known."

"What's done is done, but right now we need to round up all outfits Rarity embedded with kryptonite." J'onn ordered.

"Flash check every pony out in town and bring back all gem designed outfits." Batman ordered.

"What? So you're asking me to steal? Doesn't that go against all we stand for?" Batman shot him a glare, and Flash took the hint, "I get it. Be back soon."

"I need to get to the store and hope they haven't sold all of them." Rarity added.

"I'll come with you, if the sales pony doesn't want to give them up, then I'll persuade him." Diana smirked. And with that they all split up.

Back at the Changeling lair, a changeling flew over to the two bosses and spoke, "Bad news, your highness."

Chrysalis glared, "You know I hate bad news."

"Yes, ma'am. But the kyptonite has been discovered by the heroes, and are looking to dispose of all the fragments the dogs planted."

"What?" Luthor gasped, followed up by a frown.

"I guess that's it, huh?" Fido asked Luthor.

"It's not over yet. Not by a long shot," Luthor answered, before turning to Chrysalis, "Send some of your changelings to drop some spare kryptonite fragments around Ponyville. Superman will not be able to escape that." Chrysalis nodded, and went to instruct some of her subjects.

Back in Ponyville, Rarity gathered all the unused kryptonite and dresses she called back from the shop. She removed the kryptonite from the outfits and placed them with the unused ones. Superman made sure to keep a good distance from the substance so not to get another seizure. Flash finally arrived with all the outfits bought by the ponies in town.

"There, that should be all of them. You wouldn't believe how hard it was to pry them away from the mares in town." Flash explained.

"Well, you can do one last thing by picking the kryptonite off." Batman instructed, as Flash nodded and plucked each kryptonite fragment of each outfit faster than light.

When all the fragments were in a pile, Applejack spoke up, "So now that we got all of them, what do we do with them?"

"I could eat them." Spike suggested.

"No," Batman answered, "Kryptonite doesn't just affect Kryptonians but other living creatures as well if exposed to it for a very long time. If you ate all of these you'll get more than just a very bad stomach ache."

"Ok, then." Spike said, forgetting his idea.

"And we can't bury them if somepony may dig it up unexpectedly." Twilight added.

Lantern spoke up, "I know. I'll launch them all into the sun, then no one will ever use them."

"It's our best option." Hawk Girl agreed.

"All right, then. Lantern, do it." Batman ordered.

Lantern used his ring to contain all the fragments into a green bubble. He flew high up into the air, and launched the bubble right into the sun.

Superman seeing the kryptonite was gone could finally relax, "Finally."

Rarity trotted up, "Superman, I am ever so sorry for what happened. I had no idea I was collecting kryptonite."

"It's ok, Rarity. I don't blame you," Superman assured her, "I just wish I could find Luthor and give him a knock upside the head for it."

Suddenly falling down from the sky were bigger fragments of kryptonite. The bigger pieces were causing Superman to get a bigger seizure.

"It's raining kryptonite." Flash gasped.

"Try and catch them on your tongue!" Pinkie ordered, before sticking her tongue out, only for Rarity to close her mouth for her.

"Where are they coming from?" Fluttershy gasped.

"One guess." Diana said, as they looked up seeing some changelings were dropping them from above while carrying the fragments in sacks.

"Changelings." Twilight firmed her eyes.

"We got to get Superman away from this kryptonite." Hawk Girl called.

"I got it." Flash grabbed Superman and and tried running with him, but the changelings flew up and tried dropping more fragments of kryptonite all around Ponyville making it almost impossible to get Superman somewhere safe.

"We got to take out those Changelings." Batman instructed.

"On it!" Rainbow flew up, with Diana, Hawk Girl,and Lantern following.

The changelings were flying around avoiding their enemies, while still dropping kryptonite all around, "We don't want you littering in our town!" Rainbow called, as she tackled one changeling.

"Get those sacks from them!" Hawk Girl called to Lantern and Diana who flew at the changelings nabbing the sacks off their person.

Back on the ground, Superman was getting weaker and weaker, "Can't take much more." Superman groaned.

"Hang on, Supes, I'll take care of this." Flash started running all around collecting the fragments to bring back to the ponies.

Superman watched, feeling relieved the kryptonite was gone, until he saw three figures approaching that were dog like, "Well, look what we have here." Rover began.

"So much for the man of steel." Spot laughed mockingly.

"Who're you?" he groaned.

"We're the Diamond Dogs, and I see you got a little treat from our changeling friends." Rover answered.

"So those kryptonite fragments Rarity unearthed, you planted them there." Superman called it.

"Hey, he guessed it." Spot cheered, only for Rover to hush him.

"Well, you've lost," Superman said, "The changelings don't stand a chance against my friends. And I have more than enough energy to fight you three."

"Oh, really?" Rover asked, as they opened their vests revealing they still had kryptonite on them.

"UGH!" Superman recoiled, and the Diamond Dogs started piling on him like they were wrestling.

Back in the sky, Rainbow, Diana, Lantern, and Hawk Girl collected the sacks of kryptonite, and the changelings fled, "This should be all of it." Lantern said.

Hawk girl looked down seeing Superman's condition, "Oh, no!"

When they saw the Diamond dogs piling on him, they swooped down to rescue him. Hawk Girl swung her mace back and knocked the dog trio right off Superman. The dogs rolled across the ground while rubbing the spot where they were hammered. When the ponies arrived and saw them Rarity frowned.

"You three again?"

"That's right, and don't come any closer or your friend here's gonna have an accident." Rover warned them, as they threatened to approach Superman with their kryptonite, only for Rarity to levitate them out of their pockets and away from them.

"Hey, give those back!" Fido demanded.

"Sorry, but no." she replied with a wave of her mane.

"Surely, you knew with her being a unicorn she could do that?" J'onn asked the Diamond Dogs in a dry tone.

"We forgot." Fido admitted, as the three looked sheepish.

"Retreat!" Rover cried, as the three burrowed into the ground to escape.

"Yeah, all bark and no bite, doggies." Flash chuckled with Pinkie.

Superman finally free from the close contact with all kryptonite was able to recover, "Is that all of them?"

"All kryptonite present and accounted for." Diana explained.

"But not for long." Lantern launched the fragments the changelings and the dogs had into the sun.

"Will you be all right, Superman?" Fluttershy asked in worry.

"Yeah, you were exposed to plenty of kryptonite today." Twilight added.

"Don't worry, with a little rest I should be back to full strength." Superman admitted.

"Then let's get you back." Applejack said, as the others helped Superman back to Twilight's castle.

Meanwhile at the changeling lair, the dogs and the changelings were kneeling before Chryslais and Luthor, "Words cannot describe my utmost disappointment in the lot of you," Luthor began, "You had plenty of kryptonite to use against Superman and yet you failed to kill him!"

"Please, give us another chance!" Spot pleaded, "We won't fail you next time. We swear!"

"Quiet!" Luthor barked, causing the dogs to tense up.

Chrysalis spoke, "You'll get another chance soon enough, but for now remain on standby."

"Yes, your highness." Rover answered, as he and his partners took their leave.

A day later at Rarity's shop, the unicorn was about to unveil something to Superman, "Superman, in light of what happened to you all because of me. I wish to give this to you as a token of my sincerest apologies." she said, as she used her magic to remove a screen to reveal a tuxedo decorated in blue and red gems.

"Rarity, you made this for me?"

"Yes. It was Batman who gave me the idea." she admitted.

Superman smiled and thought to himself, 'Good old, Bruce,' he then noticed the gems on the suit, "Uh, are these?"

"One hundred percent gems without a hint of kryptonite." Rarity assured him.

Superman approached the tux and wasn't getting any seizures from being in close contact with the gems, "Rarity, I don't know what to say."

"You don't have to say anything. After all generosity is what defines me." she answered.

"And I'm glad it does." Superman said, as he lowered himself down to her level and embraced her.