Posh-ing Cherry, working Crème.

by EPP

Chapter 1 - Getting started.

Getting started.

Red June swayed nervously on her hooves right before the entrance of Sweet Apple Acres, she turned around thinking about turning back but that wasn’t an option.

After all she was going a date with the stallion of her dreams, handsome and noble Valiant Heart, he was her pen pal friend for a long time and in her eyes he was perfect.

He is handsome, chivalrous, funny, compassionate, handsome, brave, strong, he’s in the guard and on top of all of that, he’s a prince of Crystal Empire, A PRINCE.

Also did I mention he’s handsome?

And that’s why June never before tried anything, he was just too perfect, she didn’t find herself worthy of him, after all she was just a simple farm pony and even though her friends didn’t agree with her, she never was really too fond of her looks.

But she didn’t really care about them until now.

Crème De La Crème, close friend of her cousin Del, came to help and “Make June look even prettier then she already is.”

And so here she was, standing on the harsh ground of her home, legs shaking under her threating to collapse.

If somepony who knows her saw her right now, he probably wouldn’t recognize her, instead of normally brave, hardworking, confident pony with ruffled mane he would see a stunningly beautiful mare, who looks like she’s about to faint.

Which really wasn’t so far from truth and she didn’t even leave boundaries of her home.

This is ridiculous! I work my hooves off every single day, I even once fought timberwolf but I can’t get myself to go on a date I always wished for? Come on June you can do it! Violet mare thought to herself and bravely lifted her foreleg, after few more moments of hesitation she pushed it forward and planted steadily on earth.

Red June continued walking like she never did it before for next fifteen minutes until finally calming herself to the point where here hooves were positively finding their way forward.

Soon enough she arrived at train station, she was supposed to be here for around ten minutes before train would even arrive, but because of her problems with walking she managed to make it perfectly on time, train would departure in few quick moments.

Red June trotted up to the entrance and stopped there simply looking inside, after few moments the conductor who stood right next to her tipped his hat and coughed getting her attention.

“Excuse me Miss, but are you going in or not?”

“Oh, of course I’m going in.” June said and stood in same place smiling.

“All right, then perhaps you should enter the train?”

“Yes of course there’s just one problem.”

“What is it?”

“My legs don’t want to move for some reason.”

He stood there with confused expression for few moments thinking before he finally manage to stammer out. “D-Do you maybe want me to, I don’t know, push you in or something?”

“I-I think I can manage just give me a second.”

“Sorry miss but we ain’t got no seconds left.”

June sighed and gathered her whole brave that was left, somehow she managed to walk inside, she passed the boundaries behind which there was no returning.

And she suddenly started to regret that decision.

“Sorry I think I changed my mind may I….”

Red June was cut off by we loud noise of conductor’s whistle, seconds later doors closed and train started to move.

Which meant that by every second now she was closer to Canterlot.

Her heart rate was raising proportionally to traveled distance, she tried everything to somehow calm herself down, remembering that this is a double date and she won’t be alone with him, or thinking about him, how amazing he is, how handsome and noble he is…

This didn’t help at all.

Sweet Apple Acres – Few seconds after June left the house.

“Oh she looked so beautiful in this necklace, don’t you think Del?” Crème asked smiling widely, slightly proud of herself.

“Yeah, indeed, thanks for help by the way, I’m not sure she would find the courage to leave without you being here.”

“Ohh, that’s sweet, no problem Del.” Crème answered and they both just stood there for looking each other in the eyes, in her case Crème was pondering about what kind of activities will they be doing here on the farm.

In Del’s case, he was thinking how beautiful her eyes are and was wondering if this is one of these romantic moments he heard about.

“Hey Delly! Are you here?”

They both flinched surprised slightly as they turned around and noticed small filly standing on top of the stairs, who smiled widely upon seeing her cousin and immediately run downstairs.

“Ohh, who’s this adorable little filly.”

“Hey, mah name is Api, and Ah am Del’s cousin.” She answered proudly and puffed out her tiny chest, a gesture Crème classified as “Adorableness that defies logic.

“Hey there cous, I didn’t know you where here today, actually how did ya even got upstairs without me noticing that you walked in?”

Api sat on her haunches and smiled proudly “Ah got in through a window!”

“You did what?!” Del asked nervously.

“Ah walked on that big tree that’s close to the house and jumped from one of it’s branches!”

Del facehoofed and frowned “Api! How many times am I supposed to tell ya to stop all these crazy and dangerous, well things!”

“But Starburst said that ya have to be brave and…”

“I’ll have to do something about this influence that Star has on you.”

“Oh Del, calm down, she’s completely fine right? Don’t be mad at her.” Crème added making what you would call, puppy eyes with a smallest little bit of seduction.

“Ohh all right.” Api suddenly smiled and nodded her head towards Crème silently thanking her who also nodded in response.

“So Del, what are we going to do today?”

“Your marefriend is going to work with us today couz?”

Crème chuckled as Del blushed slightly but calmly responded “Yes, Crème will be working with us today, but she’s not my marefriend yet, she’s just a good friend.”

Api nodded and left the building all excited about doing chores with her newly found friend, Crème swiftly followed her before turning over to Del and smiling.


“She’s not my marefriend, yet?" She said emphasizing last word making Del blush madly.

“W-Well I-I’m umm sorry I-I…” He stammered as his brain tried to arrange propel sentences but to no avail, Crème on the other hoof chuckled and left the building leaving embarrassed stallion all by himself.

Del and June, one of them was on her way towards Canterlot, other one was standing in his own living room but surprisingly they managed to say the exactly same thing.

“This is going to be a loooong day.”