The Girls

by Chelis

Fight (or "How not to ask someone out to Winter Formal")

When I signed Dash for football, I knew the risk of us not shocking the world and actually making it in the finals and killing her 'win at everything' mentality, much less winning a game in the playoffs.

But here we are, and 'here' was the first Monday after losing the semi-finals to a private school called Servite. Rainbow Dash was unbelievably moody that weekend. She acted like there wasn't a problem, even though we all could of tell she was unhappy. Still, we had the wagon whell and humiliated our rivals on national news. So all and all it was our best season ever.

That was... 4 months ago? Time flew with the girls there. Daily life with them became bearable, and at least they it didn't turn into a new season of "bad girls club". Dash, Nas, and I met up with the girls after our 6th period, which officially was our football class but we spend that hour pumping weights and challenging each other to rep with the most weights.

All three of us were in athletic gear when we met the girls, who were trying to not get separated with the entire student body scrambling towards somewhere.

"What the hell is going on!" I screamed out loud.

"Joshua just called out your sister!" Someone yelled back.

We all looked at each other and joined the scramble to the boxing room. It took us a while to get in but eventually people filed into the room. The room was one ring and bleachers surrounding the ring. Naturally, we didn't take the bleachers but crowded Jenna's corner. She was wearing some shorts and a tank top aka she didn't change clothes for the occasion. She looked annoyed as well.

"So what's going on?" I asked Jenna.

She looked back and began to stretch.

"Dunno, one of his boxing team lackeys sent me a official challenge letter, so I had to be here."

Joshua looked nervous. He knew what he was getting himself into which was a lot more painful than walking into a moving buzz saw.

"Hey brotha, you think Aj would go to that winter formal with me?" Nassir whispered to me.

I gave him a dirty look. I worked really hard to make sure that the girls didn't become to attached or be taken advantage of.

It's Nas though. I can trust him with my life, why can't I trust him with AJ?

True, but first we need to bang AJ before they do any type of relationship.


My dirty look turned into a empathetic grin. "You can try, but no guarantee she will say yes."

"Thanks man."

The boxing coach walked in and entered the ring. He made sure both Jenna and Joshua agreed to this and assigned one of his students to man the bell.

With a motion of his hand, the student got the que to ring the bell.

Jenna and Josh circled the ring. Josh was moving his legs like some tap dancer and Jenna walked around like a tiger waiting for its prey to make a mistake.

It seemed like a eternity. Both were looking for a mistake, a split second distraction from the opponent.

When that failed, they ran to each other and met in the center of the ring, exchanging blows. Joshua never broke from his punches only boxing style while Jenna continued her freestyle fighting.

The student body was losing it during the entire match. Cheers for both fighters were loud, intense, and reverent.

They went at it or two minutes, and ended with a risky leg sweep by Jenna that paid off.

Joshua landed had on his back. Before he could of continued the fight, Jenna had her foot to his chest and another fight win in her record book.

"Any last words before I humiliate you in front of everyone?" Jenna asked.

"Want to go to winter formal with me?"

The entire consensus in the room was "Wha?"

"Wait" Jenna asked. "You challenged me to a fight because you wanted to ask me out to the fall formal?"

Josha did not answer but had a huge grin on his face.


"Because when were sophomores you said that 'if anyone can at least give you a challenge in a fight you would let him or her take you out to a dance', so here I am."

"That had to be the stupidest idea you can come up with, but its cute. Sure."

Everyone began to file out of the room while Jenna's foot was still on Joshua's chest.

"So you beat me Jenna, don't I get your 'kiss of defeat'?"

"Josh, you treat me nicely at the formal, you will get more than just a simple kiss," Jenna said as she let Josh go. She made her way out like everyone else, while Joshua still laid there, Hands towards the sky in celebration.

As I began to escort the girls out, I noticed that AJ was way ahead in the crowd.

"Now's my chance!" Nas said as he shoved people out of the way to be next to Applejack.

"Yo, AJ! I got something to ask!"

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