A day with 'Lapis Lazuli'

by Lead_Colored_Sky

Chapter 1

Plenty of sun, clear skies, and more sand than most would care to contend with. Pretty much it was the same everyday though there are times now and then where the sun was a little more forgiving and instead of howling winds one might get a light breeze. Due to this a good majority of the worlds population would rather reside within the giant domes with their controlled atmospheres and lush green grass and trees. It tends to take a special (or utterly demented pony) to make a home within the vast wastes. After all, most of the creatures that inhabit the miles upon miles of sand and mountains are one you would not wish to come across at any given point in time. As the sun just managed to break over the mountain ranges in the east an obscure blue unicorn begins to stirr within her bed. Piles of pillows and various blanket covered the bed in question to the point it seemed more like a large pile of what was upon it than an actual bed itself. The unicorn's form rolled to the left in one great heave though she did not stay there but a few moments before rolling back to the right. The mare clenched her jaw, her features contorting briefly before finally opening a single eye. The blue orb looked about the room as the suns rays began to filter in through a few small cracks within the foundation as well as the constantly cloth covered window. A deep sigh escaped the creature as she finally began to sit upright on the mound of pillows and shrugged off one of the blankets from her form while giving a small yawn. Her eyes had settled on the covered window when the sight of amothing by the door caught out of the corner of the unicorns vision caught her attention. Within the doorway peerd a young white pegasus, her silver mane nearly covering her eyes as she stared meekly into the room. The unicorn merely stared back for a longest before finally speaking in a tired voice "Oh, well good morning Treble. I see you have been the first one to wake and I am guessing you have been up for far longer than it appears." Treble nearly sunk back as her head lowered and gave a short nod to the statement, her gaze moving to the floor beneath her when the mare spoke again. "Alright then. Give me but a few proper moments to wake myself and I shall have something made for breakfast. You may do whatever you wish until then dear."

The pegasus gave another nod as a meek voice eminated from the creature "Yes... Miss Lapis...". Her form finally turned and disappeared from the door way. Lapis gave out another yawn before uncurling herself and slid from the bed. Her form teetered back and forth for s plit second as her hooves touched the floor. The mare gave out a small groan as she took a few step before stopping, her body now in a deep stretch as the sound of a few bones cracking and popping echoed throughout the room.

Lapis gave a heavy sigh as her horn began to glow a faint blue, a hair brush covered in the aura moved from a nearby shelf and began to run itself through the ringlets of her long blue mane. The unicorn stretched once more before turning and walking towards the door to the room. Her form stopped just enough to stick her head out into the main room and peered about as the brush continued to move through the mane, her eyes finally stopping to see Treble sitting atop a stool before one of the windows next to the dwellings main entrance. The yellow rays of the sun began to filter through the glass pane slowly illuminating the room. A single table. A karge cushioned couch within the center and large stacks of leather bound books and scrolls making mountains around the comfortable sitting place. Other than a furnace-like stove and a pantry or two the homestead seemed pretty bare of anything entertaining for someone as young as Treble. The aura emitting from Lapis' horn fizzled out with a 'pop' as the brush was tossed back onto its shelf before she fully stepped into the room. The sound of various objects being manipulated by magic filled the room briefly only to be replaced by the sound of a crackling fire fueld by coal in the furnace "I think we shall have oatmeal today. I still have quite a bit left and all. Would you like a dash of cinnamon in yours as well Treble? Or would you rather have it with apple slices."

The Pegasus in question turned her head slowly from the window to gaze towards the stove and gave another nod before returning back to the view of the outside world as she spoke just barely above a whisper "Apples... please." Lapis narrowed a single eye as her head tilted to one side before continuing on with her task of setting out a small pot of water upon the stove as well as a tea kettle.

"Alright then dear, sliced apple and oatmeal it is then. It will take just a bit but the morning air seems to be rather cool this morning. It should be alright for you to go out and play to pass the time if you wish. Just remember not to wander off past the guid posts surrounding the house, understand?"

Treble flicked an ear as the unicorn spoke. Taking a small breath the young pegasus slipped down from the stool and walked a few steps towards the door "Yes... miss Lapis. I won't go to far..."
She seemed to lower her head as she placed a hoof upon the door and pushed the thick wooden object open and stepped out into cool air.

"The door if you please Treble." The unicorn spoke out loud though never bothering to turn from the stove as she began to manipulate and grab various ingredients from the cupboards.

"Sorry Miss Lapis..." The door closed gently as Treble turned to take a few steps within the sand and stone.

Lapis' mind continued to wander to and fro on various thoughts. Topics along the lines of astronomy, theory, alchemy and magic. Nothing out of the ordinary mostly. Day in and day out it was usually the same thoughts and over the years had resulted in many theories being put together but very few of them tested and proven. To her it was the way to pass the time when not reading or napping on her couch. But if not careful these thoughts to her could seem to last minutes only to find that an entire day has gone by. Lapis gave a small sigh as a spoon began to stir one of the pots white a small and thin knife began to peel a plump green apple "I wonder. I think I have a few books on magnets. Or was it magnetics? At any rate I think I may have to find it as I have a few ideas." The mare began to speak to herself and no pony in particula. Not like there was one around for hundreds of miles that would have taken an interest enough to bother to listen to her over such things "Granted I cn even find magnets. Maybe in the the shops that inhabit the slums of the domes. Oh indeed that should be the easiest and the cheapest as well. But first I think I should finish mapping most of the stars and their relative positions as the years wears on. Quite the undertaking especially when I need to correspond them with other various form and tangents based off older magicial wor-" Lapis' musings were finally interrupted by the sound of the tea kettle giving off it's high pitched whistle. The pot containing the oatmeal nearly to the point of wanting to burn. The unicorn gave out a faint grunt as both items were removed from the hottest part of the stove. The oatmeal was placed in a spot to where it could continue to remain warm while the contents of the kettle was eventually poured into a ceramic teapot as a mixture of dried tea leaves and herbs was placed within to steep. "Well I suppose it is not the first time I have nearly ruined breakfast. Treble has only been here I should say, hmm perhaps a year at most. I suppose it takes one awhile to get used to not living alone." Lapis exhaled softly as she turned from the stove, her form finally leaving her chore though a pair of bowls and tea cups followed her as she did so. The unicorn stopped at the dwellings entrance as the untensels continued to move forward and placed themselves at the only table within the house. With a nod of satisfaction and a few adjustments to straighten out the ceramic object to ensure they were centered with each end of the table Lapis pushed open the door and stepped out into the sun to fetch Treble.

Lapis narrowed her eyes. The suns rays outside were brighter in contrast to the dull light she allowed inside the dwelling. In most cases she would only step outside at night or at least have a straw sun hat or cloak when she did. Once her vision had adjuted Lapis did not have to look far to find Treble. The pegasus was only ten or so paces away from the house, her form sitting as both forehooves held a stick as she worked to manipulate its sharpened tip into the dry soil. Lapis approached quietly until she stood directly behind the young pegasus, her head tilting this way and that as she craned to get a good look at the multiple and various drawings etched into the sand. Some of the images seemed rough or crude but as with any young pony learning to draw it was nothing to comment on negativly. Images of a few apples. Next to that was what Lapis surmised to be a winged pony of some sort or perhaps maybe a dragon? A house and some clouds was also there but the biggest drawing there was what appeared to be a three tiered cake. A well decorated one at that. Lapis tilted her head to one side as she eyed the image before finally clearing her throat "Well, You have possibly been here but a year and I must say since you started drawing in the sand you have gotten quite better at it. Well done dear."

The stick came to a sudden stop as the pegasus' body gave a quick jerk and began to tremble briefly before her head turned to see Lapis standing behind her "Th... thank you... Miss Lapis." The unicorn continued to eye the drawing of the cake as her form towered over Treble before finally turning to face the house.

"At any rate, breakfast is ready and the tea should be fully steeped and done in short order no doubt." Lapis began to move towards the dwelling as Treble watched a few moments longer before letting out a soft sigh as though it was in relief and stood from her place and followed behind though at a distance.

The pair entered though Treble was the last inside. She stopped as she remembered the door and turned to close it as gently and quietly as possible before continuing on towards the table. Lapis moved about the room, her mind once again elsewhere as she manipulated a few itsem and would bring them to the table as the pegasus sat at one of the ends of the table. Treble's gaze remained lowered as if she was trying to make herself as small as possible. Actually it seemed like she tried such in everything she did or so that is what Lapis would surmise. The unicorn aproached the table for the finale time as a good majority of the oatmeal was scooped into Treble's bowl, the freshley peeled apples followed suit. Treble blinked at seeing the food fill her bowl then looked up to Lapis with a questioning look before quickly averting her gaze knowing that the unicorn had easily caught the expression and was already in the process of addressing it "At times I do not eat much anyways dear. Besides, you are still quite young and have a ways to grow yet. It is only propper you get a good majority of the portion." Lapis gave a nod in a matter of fact like manner as she placed what was left of the meal within her own bowl and topped it with ground cinnamon. Giving a small and pleased sigh she took her seat at the table and worked to fill both cups with hot tea. Lapis continued to use her magic as she raised her own up to her lips and inhaled the steam coming from the hot liquid before taking a long sip of the cups contents. As she did so she watched as the pegasus scross from her worked to gently take up her own cup with her own fore hooves.

Though it was a slow process, Lapis could still recall the first time she ever tried to pick up a glass of water the same way. It goes without saying it resulted in a small mess but since that time Treble has gotten better at manipulating objects in such a way with a little help from Lapis. Though she had gotten better, Treble still taks it slow and cautiously. Lapis' features remained imapassive as she watched before finally taking a bite or two of her own meal. Treble took a few sips of her own tea and just as she brought up the cup she had put it down, slow and steady. The pegasus exhaled softly as if relieved she had managed another day without spilling something before moving on to her portion of the meal and began to eat. Treble had been up since the sun barely began to peer over the mountains so it went without saying she was more or less hungry. Lapis took her time with her own oatmeal and took a few sips of tea before taking another bite. She watched Treble for a few long moments before finally breaking the silence "So dear Treble, what have you planned for yourself today? Perhaps you would like to take up a book this time? Or will you wander around outside and draw in the sand?" Lapis's head tilted to one side as she asked the question. A good majority of the time Treble would go outside or simply sit by the window or take a nap within Lapis' bed. More than once has the pegasus buried herself within the pillows as if trying to hide herself entirely. Granted Lapis mostly spent her days and at times, nights merely reading or putting quill to parchement for some reason or other. Lapis was not ready to willingly admit it, but she had spent a good time living on her own so the prospect of having another in her dwelling and care still seemed new to her given the time Treble had been there.

Treble ceased eating and swallowed as she peered up to Lapis across the table, her silver eyes shimmering with a fe specks of ruby within the mix "Um... I dont... really know yet miss Lapis." Her eyes cast back to the table as she continued to finish her meal. Lapis gave a small nod.

"Alright then dear, do feel free to let me know if something comes up. I will have a bit of work to do today. But if I can I shall try to keep you some decent company if you wish it." Lapis sipped her tea once more before refilling the cup from the kettle as her mind began to wander back to the drawings within the sand. In most cases of ponies in todays and older societies symbols were an easy way to convey something when one did not know how to read or write. At times pictures were also a way for a pony to make what they think into an actual image that one can see out of the mind. The unicorn gave brief nods to herself as her thoughts went on and on before finally forcing herself to a stopping point to finish her meal, though by the time she did as much she caught sight of Treble watching her across the table, her bowl and tea cup empty. Once spotted Treble lowered her eyes back to the table and sat stark still before Lapis' voice brought her attention back "I will handle the dishes Treble, no need to concern yourself with them today. You may run along and play as you like. But do be careful."

The pegasus gave a quick nod as she stood slowly from the table and quietly turned to walk towards the entrance. Lapis watched until she had made her way into the outside world to give out a small sigh before pushing her bowl and cup across the table to where Treble's resided. The unicorn's gaze looked to the ceiling in deep thought before finally tamping a hoof lightly upon the floor in satisfaction as her horn began to glow once more. Within moments a blank piece of parchement, bottle of ink, and a quill cam floating across the room and sat upon the table before her. The tip of the feather dipped itself within the ink and began to scribble across the paper "He should be up and around at this hour I do believe so I best put in another order for something I will need before he gets swamped with customers and runs out of stock." Lapis spoke softly to herself once again as the quill continued to glide before finally stopping. The unicorn eyed the writing to make sure it was to her satisfaction before rolling the and binding it with a black ribbon. A deep breath taken and eyes closed, Lapis began to concentrate as the scroll made its way from the table, the blue aura around it began to intensify in color and contrast and in the blink of an eye and an audible 'pop' it was gone. Having been to the domes many time, Lapis had a few ponies there in the slums that she would visit for supplies or rare items or books she would need so it was easier just to teleport a message ahead of time before going herself to pick it up. At least then the store owners would know well in advance she was coming even if they did not have the object in question but it did leave time for them to check out elsewhere and merely give her the information as to whom had what. Lapis sighed heavily as she finished the task and looked about the room for a long moments before standing, the dishes making their way across to the room to a small wash bin near the stove as she stood and walked to the couch and nestled her form into its comfortable confines as the dishes began to wash within the basin. One last glance around the room and Lapis seemed to narrow an eye. Perhaps now since another pony was living within her home that she was beginning to notice really how empty the place was. Then again why did she have more than one set of bowls, plates, and cups when it was just her? And for sure it was not just in case one broke when she could just as easily buy another in time and as careful as she generally is. Lapis sighed as she shook her head briefly and brought a rough bound book before her view and settled witnin the confines of the couch and proceeded to lose herself it its obscure writings and symbols.

Lapis has always lost track when it came to immersing herself within books and scrolls or even her on writing and works. The unicorns attention was finally snatched from her material by the image of Treble sitting on the floor before the couch. Lapis lowered her scroll to see the pegasus just sitting and watching and could not help bt to tilt her head to one side as if confused, though when she began to look about the room she could see the light coming through the window had taken on an orange hue. Lapis blinked once or twice then looked to her, a small pile of reference books and scrolls took up the end of the couch when they had not been there from the start " 'Twould seem I have lost track of the time. How long have you been there Treble?" Treble broke her gaze and lowered it to the floor as her ears lowered briefly.

"About... three hours maybe miss Lapis."

The unicorn blinked in surprise as she tossed the book she was reading off to the side "Oh my, I see. I do apologize then. I shall make you something for dinner then." At the mention of food Treble shook her head in a quick manner as her head lowered a bit more.

"No... it is alright. I had a few apples... and cheese awhile ago... I am sorry for not asking." Lapis slipped from the couch, taking care not to collide with the pegasus and exhaled heavily.

"No no. 'Tis fine dear. You were hungry and I was not paying attention. Not even to myself. It is starting to become late so I shall see you to bed." Lapis motioned a hoof towards the room before starting off in the direction pointed. Treble could only nod as she stood and followed far behind though as soon as she entered the door Treble found herself engulfed in a blue aura as her body was lifted from the ground and eventually placed atop the bed. The pegasus gave out a small cry at the action but once seeing where she was as well as the pillows and blankets being arranged around her was when her body ceased shaking "Nothing to be afraid of Treble, you are fine. At any rate I imagine you had a fun filled day. I will be to bed shortly myself but I have some business to attend. A few items I have requested need to be picked up. If anything happens just call for me and I shall be here." Treble gave another nody as she tried to meld herself in the blankets as if to sink in and become one with the objects. Lapis leaned in and brushed a hoof over her mane before turning towards the door as her horn began to glow once more. In an instant a candle near the bed was lit "I shall leave you a spot of light so you do not have to worry much about the dark. Sleep well now, tomorrow will be a better day I am sure."

Treble tossed and turned a majority of the night. At some point she was sure she felt Lapis return to bed and thus had moved her own body around so as to take up as little room as possible. The pegasus refused to wake and only wanted to sleep for as long as possible. Since she had followed Lapis home on her own a year ago most of her days was filled with staring out at the barren waste or finding a game to play on her own since Lapis tended to lose herself within her work and never once could she even muster the courage to even say 'hello' when she entered the room to retrieve something so simple as a glass of water so all she would do is sit and stare at the unicorn when nothing else was to be had during the day. Treble tossed a bit more as she began to hear a familiar voice in the back of her mind and over time it became louder and clearer until the pegasus finally startled awake and sat bolt upright in a fright. Silver eyes darted around the room before taking notice that she was the only one within the bed. Usually she would be the first to wake unless Lapis spent the whole night reading and forgot to go to sleep.

"Treble dear, I take it you are awake then. Sorry to startle you thus but would you please come have a look at this? Do take your time." Treble flicked her ears as she calmed down once noticing that it was Lapis' voice she had been hearing and sighed softly as she replied in a tired voice.

"Yes... miss Lapis." Treble stretched briefly upon the pillows before hopping down from the bed, her hooves moving slowly over the floor. She had no idea what it could be and just the fact it was an unknown object she was to observe seemed to scare her to a degree. Her body stopped at the door way and taking in a deep breath she slowly stepped out of the bedroom to see what the blue unicorn was wanting her to look at.

Lapis paced over the floor of the front room though she eventually came to a halt upon seeing Treble stand within the center of the room. The pegasus had a look that Lapis could guess was confusion and surprise. Lapis took note of this, the expression was mostly in Treble's eyes. The pegasus stood stark still as her gaze was fixated upon a three tiered cake that sat on the table. The object in question was well decorated showing that whoever made it was no novice baker "Glad you could join me dear. It has been what I surmise to be a year or so since you came here and all. So I wanted to get you something. Actually, more than that. I know not the day of your birth but I have taken it upon myself since I have been mapping the stars and moon. So from this day forward is your birthday. Happy birthday Treble Clef." Lapis gave a small nod while Treble continued to stare before finlly breaking her gaze. Every word sank into her mind nd before long emotion began to cath up with her as she moved forward a few steps and stopped infront of the unicorn. A few moments of silence passed before a familiar sound broke it. The sound of a sniffle.

Treble sat before Lapis and sniffled again and in a move she would normally had thought unthinkable she leaned forward and wrapped her hooves around the mare and shivered "Th... thank you... miss Lapis."

Lapis blinked briefly at the action before giving a small sigh, a faint smile playing across her features and possibly the first in many years as she wrapped a hoof around the pegasus to return the hug "You can just call me Lapis dear. You can call me dirt if you want for all I care."

Treble could not help but give a small chuckle at the remark as she used a hoof to dry one of her eyes "Thank you Lapis... This is the nicest thing ever." It was possibly the most she had really spoke of her own feelings since she had lived with the unicorn. Even the chuckle was a first and had practically caught Lapis off guard.

"You are very welcome dear. Think nothing of it. It is your birthday today so we may do whatever you wish and will make myself available thus." Treble gave a small nod as she sat back, her gaze downcast as she began to fidget briefly.

"Um..um... can we play, tag? And draw pictures together?"

Lapis gave a small nod as she smiled briefly "Of course we can Treble, but first I think we have some cake to attend to. Doth thou not agree?" Treble brought her gaze back to the unicorn as her eyes began to shimmer as every part of her expression showed a form of happiness and gave a nod. With Lapis' aid Treble stood from the floor and this time instead of staying back quite a few paces the pegasus approached the table by Lapis' side.