A Wandering Soul

by An0nym0us Br0ny

The Attack

It began immediately, Griffons flooded out, confused and surprised, they had not suspected a thing. The Air Force began its assault on the other three bases, taking out soldiers along with communications. The inner city was in the dark. Sevron spread his wings, flapping, and begun his own airborne assault on the base. The soldiers were weak and defenseless. They were being beat in every direction, in every way. They were doomed. Within minutes, the screams of the Griffons, and Ponies alike had faded. It was a blood bath. But now, it made way for a new kind of monster. A Dragon, a raging Dragon, no less, that would go to any length to destroy the Griffons. And he would succeed. With each of the four bases destroyed, the inner city, was defenseless. The city would muster up their last few hundred soldiers, in a final attempt to defend themselves. But Sevron would not allow it, he would rather die than let the Griffons win. They had come thus far, and they would not be stopped.

Sevron rammed the heavily armored gates open. Soldiers lined every street, there were only about 1,000 of them, and about 2,000 ponies. They were dangerously outnumbered. But, what surprised the ponies, was that their King was fighting for them. Sevron was not surprised, in fact, he would take it as a provocation that the King was just asking to die. Each army stood still for a minute, only until Sevron let out a deafening roar, he spread his wings and began to ascend into the air, his eyes, were on the prize. The King. Sevron took out many on his way to King, but the King stood, waiting for his executioner. Sevron continued onward, the ponies were easily overcoming the weak Griffons. The King shout something that was inaudible to Sevron. The Griffons were conceding, gathering around the King.

“You are pathetic! You hide behind your soldiers like a coward!” Sevron yelled. The king had no response, but, to Sevrons surprise, half of the inner griffons were now headed towards him. Adding to that Sevron could hear the Air Force, coming in right behind him. They were going to fight off the Griffons so that Sevron could get to the King. He swooped below and landed in a clear area, right beside the Griffon King. They both snarled, before charging each other. The King was clearly a good fighter, he made several swift moves with his sword, only a couple of them actually hit Sevron. Sevron could see fear in the King's eyes. He knew he was going to die, but he was going out fighting. Sevron parried the Kings slash at his abdomen, knocking aside his sword. The King was defenseless. Sevron pinned him to the ground with a claw.

“You can surrender now, and live, or, you could die ,and give your Kingdom up. Those are our only negotiations.” Sevron was at his peak of annoyance, his voice was deep, an unforgiving. But it did not sway the King, not one bit.

“NEVER!” The King had the same tone, cold, and unforgiving.

“Then may the Gods have mercy.” Sevron gave little remorse to the King. He dragged the King across the ground, and threw his body into a nearby wall. The sound of his cracking bones was satisfying to Sevron. But just to make sure, he made his way, to the Kings broken body. He wasn’t moving, nor breathing. Sevron roared in triumph, every living creature stopped. The Griffons knew they were done. Celestia emerge from the crowd, and flew up to balcony, and stood atop it. She surveyed the crowd for only a minute before speaking.

“Your King is dead. But we are not monsters. We do not wish to kill you, much less, hurt you. We only wish to come to a neutral comprise. We will send all the necessary supplies to rebuild your Kingdom and more. We will do all of this, but only if we have your cooperation, to prevent future wars. You all know, and we also know, that neither of us would survive another war. So, please, if you will, raise your claw if you agree to our terms.” Celestia, spoke as if every Griffon below her, were her equal, as if they were all representatives of their nation. Slowly but surely, one by one, the Griffons raised a claw, until they all had their claws up. A smile crept onto Celestia’s face.

“Then let the reunion begin!” Celestia ordered. The Soldiers and Griffons cheered, and immediately got to work. Everypony was hooked up to a cart and made their way to Canterlot, and many other provinces in Equestria. Everypony was glad to help.

Over the few years that it took to get the Griffons back to their former state, they grew to like each other, and finally made an alliance. As for Sevron, he stayed in Equestria, helping whenever possible, and wherever possible. It gave him a purpose, a drive to keep going. Even the smallest things Sevron would help out with. Equestria, was peaceful, except for the daily troubles of course. The Griffons were accepted into the pony society, and vice versa. Everyone was happy.