The Sparkle Academy

by Blue Valentine

Chapter 6: Her Sacrificial Duty

"EVERYPONY UP!" Twilight shouted across the school.

Quickly, everypony stomped into the main room, with all the armor on. They walked in sync. *left* *right* *left* *right*.


The crowd of unicorns were quiet.

"Umm, cheer!" Trixie mouthed to them.

Then they all cheered like they agreed.


For the first time in what felt like for ever, huge doors opened. Twilight flew out, and the troop followed. Trixie flew alongside Twilight with her mechanical wings.

"I'll take Ponyville, you can head to Manehattan." Twilight said.
"W-What!? We're going to split up?"

Oh no. This would ruin everything. If Trixie wasn't there to lead the ponies, how would she complete her plan?

"Uh. I think it would be best to do it all together."
"No, Trixie."
"NO! Go and "take Manehattan" just like Rarity, and do it fast! We only have all day!"

Trixie was hesitating to decide what to do. This was one of the most risky things she would ever do, but she had to. Trixie flew to the ground. Just like she had planned, Twilight followed, in confusion.

"Trixie! What are you-"

Suddenly Twilight was being surrounded by the unicorns. Twilight's confused facial expression slowly turned into a smirk.

"Huh. You unicorns think you can beat me? I thought I taught you better than to fight some pony like me with no leader at all, haha-"
"I," Trixie stood up tall and said,
"Am their leader."

Twilight's smirk just turned into a chuckle.

"Oh! It seems like The Great and Powerful Trixie wants to lose at yet another duel."
"You're wrong Twilight."
"Oh am I? You think you can win?"
"I don't know. But this won't be a duel. I have all these unicorns fighting beside me."
"Hmm. Well of course I'll lose to The Great and Cooperative Trixie eh?" She chuckled again.

Suddenly, Sweater Vest used her hoof-held gun and shot at Twilight's front leg, which was covered by a thin cape. Twilight turned and looked at Ves. She completely removed the cape, revealing a full suit of armor. Ves removed her helmet in shock.



Twilight shot Sweater Vest right in the head. The look of shock and fear struck Sweater Vest's face, as she collapsed.

"FOR VES!" Trixie shouted.
"FOR VES!" The unicorns repeated.

Then, Trixie flew high up into the sky, and all the unicorns charged at Twilight. Trixie heard gunshots coming from below. Trixie activated the jetpacks and soared downwards as fast as she could. She aimed herself directly at Twilight, head first. Trixie activated the protective system and slammed into Twilight. There was a huge bang. The remaining unicorns could see Trixie and Twilight lie on the ground. Twilight's hair was burned, and she looked- it wasn't describable. And Trixie? You couldn't even think.

Trixie woke up in a hospital bed. She moved.

"AH!" she yelped in pain. Trixie removed the blanket slowly. She gasped. Her hind legs were replaced with metal legs, exactly matching her armor. Half of her face was all materialized.

"Did.. did we win?" She asked.
"Twilight is in her library upstairs."

Trixie limped upstairs of the school. In the library was Sunset Shimmer and Twilight. Trixie activated her self-destruct system. She walked in.

"Trixie, what are you doing?!"
"Making justice and freeing the survivors of this little tartarus you own." She responded to Twilight.
"Trixie, you would be killing me too! and yourself and your master!" Sunset said.
"I know.. and she's not my master."
"And Sunset, your life isn't worth living anymore."

Didn't let a single tear fall as everypony heard the loud boom. She had finally taken the life of Twilight. But also two people she cared about.

The Great and Powerful Trixie was happy.
The Great and Powerful Trixie was gone.