The Sparkle Academy

by Blue Valentine

Chapter 4: Spike's Army

When Trixie woke up, Sunset Shimmer was in front of her.

"Sunset! You're okay!"

Trixie got up to give her a hug, but Sunset Shimmer backed away.

"I purpose is not to give affection, it is to serve Princess Twilight on her mission."
"...You're... gone."
"I am standing in front of you."
"Wait. What mission?"
"I am not to tell you about Princess Twilight's plans until you have become part of her army."

Later, when Trixie was alone, she thought of a plan. She would do something called role playing. Since she can control her amulet's power, she would pretend she couldn't, and act like a 'soldier' or whatever they wanna call it. Trixie got up and accidentally bumped into one of the hypnosis ponies.

"Hey, its you! I need to make you one of us-"
"UMM, Twilight knows best, Twilight knows best, heheh?"
"Oh, you're already one of us. I apologize."

For the next few months, Trixie played along. It was like living in Tarturus. But she had to gain Twilight's trust. She did exactly that. Soon enough, Trixie had been through all four classes, and so did the other unicorns. She had mastered many types of magic, and was Twilights favorite student. Since everypony was supposed to be brainwashed by now, everypony had already been able to see the Unibots. (the machines that the unicorns were turned into).

One day Trixie walked up to Twilight.

"Master Twilight, may I speak?"
"Yes Trixie, of course."
"As a soldier I ask... who exactly are we planning to fight against?"

There was a pause.

"As you being my best student, I will tell you. I will tell you everything."
"I give you my gratitude Master."
"As you know, Spike has passed away many years ago. So has Fluttershy. They were my best friends. Somepony killed Spike while I was away. The same happened with Fluttershy. Everypony was mean to them, and treated them like they were nothing. NOTHING!... But they meant everything to me. Now, I will go after Everypony. They will know what it feels like to be smaller than the world around them. They will pay for everything they did. Every single one of those stupid ponies. The only ones I wish not to kill are those in the Crystal Empire, and my other best friends. Everpony else, will pay the price."

Then Twilight ran into a room, shutting the door behind her. Wow. Thats sad. But this whole army, and everypony dying, all because of two deaths? Twilights head must be pretty banged up.

Trixie noticed that there were four small buttons on Twilight's armor. It probably controlled all four groups. Suddenly Twilight came out of the room.

"I HAVE AN ANNOUNCEMENT." Twilight shouted.
"Our army leaves tomorrow, to start our mission."


"Trixie and I will be leading you all."

Twilight wanted Trixie to lead the army of unicorns to kill all the ones she loved. And what the hay could she do about it.