The Sparkle Academy

by Blue Valentine

Chapter 3: Forgotten

Trixie didn't want any more punishment than she already had, so she hurried to her dark magic class.

"Everypony, this is Trixie. The now magicless unicorn." said Twilight.
"But not all hope is lost for you Trixie."

Trixie turned around.

"What do you mean?"
"When you where the alicorn amulet, you can use dark magic."

Trixie stopped. This was risky. If she put it on, Twilight could take her over, because she wouldn't have control. But, she has wore one before. Maybe if she was careful enough, she could learn to control it, all on her own. Trixie stepped forward and Twilight equipped the amulet around Trixie's neck. Her eyes turned red. Trixie turned to a table and used magic to slide out the chair. Trixie was scared, but so happy to have magic back. Twilight passed out amulets to the whole class, and everyponies eyes turned red. It looked like an army of dark magic... Then it hit her. Thats what Twilight was trying to do. Create a unicorn army. Trixie removed the amulet quickly.

I can do this. Im stronger now.

Trixie put the amulet back on, as her eyes turned red.

"You don't take these off, my students. Act as if they were part of you."

"YES, MA'AM." The class responded. They sounded like robots. Except for Trixie. She was controlling her power. But if she had it o for too long, she might become like the others. She had to stay strong.

Later, she saw Sunset Shimmer.

"Hi Sunset."
"Hello Trixie."
"Uh, Sunset? I just wanted to warn you about Twilight and this school-"
"You must trust Twilight. Twilight knows best. Twilight knows best. Twilight knows best."
"!?! Is that what you learned? Your hypnosis group?"

Then the whole hypnosis group crowded around Sunset Shimmer and repeated the phrase,

"Twilight knows best. Twilight knows best."

They, where hypnotized.

Then all of the dark magic unicorns were in a line behind Trixie, all red-eyed and robotic looking. The memory loss group was the only normal one. Twilight was probably saving them up for something later. Then, when the craziness stopped, Trixie was starting to think. What about the fourth group? She hadn't seen them, or even known what they learned. She wanted to find out. At the end of the mess hall, was a small, silver door. Trixie used magic, and teleported through it, careful not to set off an alarm or something. There was another door that was already cracked open. Slowly, Trixie peeked her head through the door. She couldn't believe what she saw. Each unicorn stood on a small table, while some ponies dressed in black suits and shades covered them in metal armor. But with each piece the pony put on, it would actually be connected to the unicorn's body. They were turning the unicorns into machines. And on each suit of armor, they equipped a hoof-held gun that seemed to never run out of bullets. She turned around, hoping to run away from this night mare, but instead, she ran into Twilight. This time, she was gonna get it.

"UNICORNS!" she shouted, when they got back to the mess hall.

One unicorn from the memory loss group came up to Princess Twilight and Trixie.

"I want you to cast a spell to make Trixie forget everything, including magic."

The unicorns aura started to glow. Then he cast the spell. But before it hit Trixie, Sunset Shimmer moved her out of the way and got hit by the beam.

"YOU IDIOT!" Yelled Twilight. She lifted Trixie and threw her against the wall. Both blood and tears fell from her face. There was pain and sadness, all in one place.