by Blue Valentine

Chapter 2: pRUNE jUICE

There once was a mare named Laelia destined to rule breezies. Her best friend was killed by overwhelming-ness which happened cause of potatoes. Hey, it was a magical fish which made it happen! Tun tun tuuun! Laelia goes to the breezies cave and meets the leader of the breezies. He really requires that she goes away. But Carla is a weird pony and she makes Laelia unemployed. Laelia's necklace was then eaten by a breezie! Laelia broke her back from carrying the giant cave, and now Carla went missing! Laelia could be in mortal danger.

The janitor then comes along and takes the broom from Laelia and hides it in his room made out of piggy banks. Suddenly, out of anger, the janitor blew up Laelia and she became fat like a balloon and floated off to space, leaving the breezies safe and sound. Then the breezies flew out of their cave and screamed to Laelia, "Now we're taking charge!". But then the breezies turned into wolves and rats. Out of the corner of the eye of one breezie, Carla is hiding behind a bush, and the breezie screams because she thinks Carla is a monster dog. So the magical breezies use time travel to escape Carla. Then. Carla screams at the breezies just as they leave, "I am your godfather!". It was confusing.

Laelia, floating away, gets caught in a hot air balloon race with Cherry Berry. Cherry Berry painted her balloon with dragons and mermaids. Laelia thought they were real, so she died. But she's back! Carla was getting so very scared for Laelia, but she was still angry at her for stealing the name James. When Laelia came back down, Carla used some James Tape to shut her mouth. Then Laelia boarded a truck which took her somewhere far away. But the truck driver was stupid so Laelia came right back. Carla screamed in James Rage. Laelia breaks out of her James Tape box and dies for no particular reason. Then Carla says, "Finally James!!!!!!" But she said it too loud, so she just died!!!!!!! Then Carla and Laelia both took their last breaths, and died thinking of James, and each other.

To Be Continued...
By Carly S.
(Proofread by Layla :D)