A Tale of Two Hooves

by Blue Valentine

Chapter 9: An Apple a Year Keeps the Doctor Near

When I woke up, it was the next morning.

"Oh my glob." I said.

Then I noticed he was sitting in a matching velvet chair next to the couch. He was awake.

"You slept well." He said.
"Were you up all night.. watching me?"
"More like watching over you. I just wanted to make sure you were okay."
"I wasn't okay. I mean, ever since I broke up with you."
"Niether was I."
"I know. But now, Im okay- at least I think..."
"Derpy, do you still want to be with me?"
"You don't even want to think about it?"
"Doctor, when you're in love, theres no time to think. And me, you know I don't think." I smiled. So did he.

I got up from under the blanket and walked up to his chair, and sat on his lap. We talked about everything that happened during the time we were apart.

Later, I said goodbye, and went for a walk in Ponyville feeling better than ever. This time I was proud of myself. I was proud of my job. I was proud of the way I flew and walked. I was proud of my eyes. I was proud of my weird voice. I felt beautiful. I accidentally bumped into the girl who ruined my dress.

"Look, Its the messed up mare!" She said, and all her friends laughed.
"I am not messes up. I am clumsy, but I am proud to be me."
"Oh! She knows how to speak!" Her friends laughed again.
"You already know I know how to speak! I remember talking to you when you ruined my dress."

Her friends looked at her but didn't laugh, and then left her. She scowled at me and then sashayed away. I felt good. I went to Sugar Cube Corner to buy a muffin, and then headed to my house. When I got to my door, there was a small box. I opened it. Inside, was a big, shiny zap-apple.