A Tale of Two Hooves

by Blue Valentine

Chapter 8: My Shattered Heart and Cutie Mark

The next morning, I woke up with crusty eyes. Which made me feel blind. My head was pounding. I went to the bathroom to wash my face, and then came back to me room, just to look at his gift. It was so beautiful. But how did he pull it off? Wait. Maybe he did it when he went to Canterlot last weekend, and faked that he forgot it just so he could pick it up yesterday! He is the best stallion. And I love him.. But we can't be together. Im just not good enough. And I love him enough to let him make the right choice and forget about me.

Every day when I got home from work, I would just sit in my room with the hourglass and think about him. I missed him so much. So I picked it up and hugged it. It was all I had left of him. Suddenly, I wasn't holding it anymore. That thought was followed by a loud crash.
I looked down and saw the broken bubble with sand all over my floor. I wanted to cry but I didn't have any tears left. I knelt down and found two separate pieces of glass that said, "Whooves" and "Derpy." I picked up the two pieces and put it on my table. I cleaned up the rest, and put it in a drawer. I began to walk.

"Ouch!" I yelped.

"I had stepped in the broken glass, and now my hooves where bleeding. I stepped in alot. I guess I didn't clean it up properly, knowing that I can't see tiny, clear pieces of glass.


I flew out of my house, and went to Twilight.

"Oh Derpy, it might be infected!" Twilight was looking away as she said it.
"You should go see Doctor Whooves."
"...Uhh," I said awkwardly.
"His house is right down the street."
"I know."

Then I thanked her and flew to the entrance of my house.

"What should I do!?" I shouted into the sky.

My hooves were still bleeding and it really stung. I had to go see him. So I used part of a cloud as gauze for a moment to help stop the bleeding, and flew to his house. I knocked on the door with my head. (Note to self: Don't knock on doors with your head). It took a moment, but the door finally opened. There were bags under his eyes like he hadn't slept in a month. He had whiskers on his face. His tie was wrinkled. I'd never seen him like this before, but it felt good to see him.

"Derpy!" he said.
"You're bleeding!" he said and pulled me into his house.

He sat me on the couch and disappeared into a room. It felt good sitting on this nice, velvet couch again. So many memories made on this couch. Our memories went from kissing, talking, and head bumping, to break-ups, mud, and cut hooves. Soon he came out with a bunch of first aid stuff. He put on some weird spray, and a band-aid. The spray stung but I didn't yelp or anything. I didn't want to make it even weirder. When he was done, I thanked him and I stood up and headed for the door. But before I left, I began to speak.

"Are you... okay?" I asked.

There was a silence between us.

"Do I look okay?" He asked me.
"Not really."
"Derpy I haven't been okay ever since you broke up with me."
"It is for the best, Whooves, I love you."
"If you love me, why did you leave me?"
"Because I am not good enough!"
"Yes you are! You are more than 'good enough'!"
"I'm dumb! You're super smart!"
"Im smart?"
"Ok. If Im so smart, I SAY YOU ARE PERFECT for me no matter what you say! I don't care if you move to Cloudsdale, I will go to Twilight every day and ask her to put a spell on me to walk on clouds, and I will pay Cherri Berry to use her balloon! I DONT CARE where you are Derpy Hooves, I will ALWAYS love you!"

I landed. I sat down. I landed and sat down on the cold wooden floor. Then I lay down. I landed, sat down, and lay down on his cold wooden floor.

"..What, are you doing?"

I just lay there and closed my eyes. He carried me to the couch and I fell asleep. I was tired.