A Tale of Two Hooves

by Blue Valentine

Chapter 4: Klutzy But Lovely

Dr. Whooves and I were there for a while, just doing nothing and acting stupid. We would just like, tell a dumb joke and laugh like dumb ponies. Then one of us would roll off the sofa and hit our head on something on the floor, and the other would laugh, and then the other would laugh too. I know, it was weird. But it was... I don't want to sound all gushy and girly, but, it it was also... it felt good. It felt good to have Whooves right there, kissing me, loving me. Nobody had ever loved me as much as he had before, even if this crazy relationship had been around only a day old. I mean, I didn't exactly remember my parents, cause when I was small, I had my eyes too crossed, and I don't remember what they looked like. When I got eye surgery to make them a bit better, my mom was already dead, and my father had left us when I was still a filly. But they hadn't exactly loved me anyways, since they left me and died. I mean, my mom didn't have the power to keep living, but she could have at least lived until I got my eye surgery!!!!!

"Derpy," Whooves muttered. Well, that's what it sounded like he said. My head was feeling hazy.
"Whooves..." I gasped between a kiss.

Whooves stopped, and stroked my mane. I was feeling girly and I thought I was going to go crazy for Whooves, and not be able to do anything else. But I just laid back down on the sofa, and Whooves kissed me as I laughed at something stupid he had just said. I think he had said, "Chicken fence," or something dumb. I just laughed and rolled off the sofa.

"Ouch!" I cried, hitting my head with a table leg. I rubbed my head. Then Whooves helped me up.

"Thanks," I said.
"I'm a big klutz, as you can see." and I laughed a little to lighten the mood.
"Derpy, I don't think you understand."
"Understand what?"
"Derpy, you may have deformed eyes, and you may be a little clumsy, but thats what I like about you."
"So....... if I was normal you wouldn't like me?" Derpy giggled.
"Derpy! You are beautiful! Even if you don't look like every pony else you are beautiful. Inside and out."

Derpy had no words. She had no response for the words that had just been said to her.

"Derpy, I love you."