by Blue Valentine

Chapter 2: Dried Raisins

Laelia the pegasus had just gotten hit by the meteor in Canterlot. She died. But she didn't! After the meteor hit her, she UN-died because she is so awesome. But she was still evil. She bought a hamburger and a broomstick and rode back to Manehattan. The Janitor also bought a hamburger. He went outside to see Carla. He put a hamburger into her mouth and she MAGICALLY UN-died! She ate the rest of the hamburger and went home. When she got to her house, she found Laelia in her room.

"What are you doing here Laelia??"
"MWAHAHAHA Im stealing!"

Laelia was stealing everything in her room that said "James." Laelia took the stuff and put it in a moneybag. Then Laelia jumped out the window. But after she jumped out the window was when she realized it was a 50 floor building. She hit the ground and died. She forgot she had wings before she hit the ground. Carla went down the elevator and found Laelia in a bush, along with a G1 Rainbow Dash toy. She took the money bag and made it so that you couldn't see Laelia in the bush.

Later Carla went to the bank to change her name back but the birth-certificate-mare-lady didn't let her because she didn't have any potatoes.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!" shouted Carla and then she died from being overwhelmed.

The mare who worked at the bank got the janitor to throw her out the window. But unluckily, the janitor was too busy doing business, so he/she couldn't come. So she decided to throw a rug over the body because she didn't want her boss to fire her for collecting dead ponies. When the two mares woke up from the dead, they didn't remember anything except for the fact that they loved hamburgers, money bags, and the name James. They decided to become friends again but as they got up from the bush, they saw a tiny, plastic, G1 Rainbow Dash head roll across the land.

"Where's the rest of the body?" said Carla, and then turned around to see Laelia chewing on it. Then a pink, sparkly fish fell from the sky with a note that said, "I am a magical fish. I will grant you three wishes."

Laelia got scared that she would have to share the fish, so she took the fish and used it to slap Carla in the face. Then Carla started to cry and then said,

"I wish I wasn't crying!"

And she stopped crying.


Carla felt so bad that she died. Laelia took that as an opportunity to run away and make her own colony of breezies. So she went to the magical breezies cave and used her super-strength to pick it up and shake it around. She spoke into the little hole and said,


And then...
To Be Continued...

By Layla D. and Carly S.