A Tale of Two Hooves

by Blue Valentine

Chapter 2: Just a Balloon

Whooves's house was a mess. The entrance to his house was filled with millions of coats hanged on an ancient-looking coat rack. There were hats on the coat rack too. But the funny thing is that they all looked the same. When you came in, there was a sofa which you couldn't tell what color it was because there were so many things thrown over it. There were newspapers, unused boxes, blankets,and a great amount of pillows.

"Mind those," he said with a cheeky grin (or what I thought was a cheeky grin).

He lead me through the mess of documents, bottles of something, and what looked like CDs. then he lead me through his kitchen (which you can only guess how messy it was) with pots and pans in the sink, opened cabinets and closed ones oozing strange things. The floor was dirty and the table was missing a leg. There was what looked like frosting spread on the table, and the walls were covered in cake mix and multicolored cooking errors. He looked ashamed of such a mess.

"Sooooo.... I'm Derpy. It's nice to meet you, but I don't really need to go into your house for the balloon; I'm pretty sure Pinkie Pie had some-"
"Derpy, I'm Dr. Whooves. Whooves, for short. And I know, we're not in here for a balloon."
"Then what are we here for?"
"Because I like you."

I was quiet for a while, and then I said,

"I like you too."

And then something marvelous happened; something I didn't think would ever happen to a run-down and stupid, crazy ugly pegasus like me.

He kissed me.

I melted.