A Tale of Two Hooves

by Blue Valentine

Chapter 1: The Tomato Vendor

One Saturday morning, I met someone I’ll never forget; Dr. Whooves. I know it probably seems stupid to just be walking down the street and meet someone fabulous, maybe a bit famous. That’s because I’m the opposite of pretty, smart, or talented. I’m weird, stupid, and have deformed eyes. It’s really weird to be cross-eyed, because nothing is what it seems like. Maybe Whooves is really ugly, and wears braces, and always wears cheesy rock shirts, but maybe he’s really cool. Maybe he really likes me.

I was just walking down the street, trying to find Pinkie Pie because I needed to buy a balloon for my mail delivery system (don’t ask why). Then, because of my cross-eyed complexion, I was accidentally talking to a tomato seller.

“Hi Pinkie, umm, I needed a balloon but I wouldn’t find you. So, can I have one of those red ones you seem to have so many of?”

The tomato seller looked at me and raised what I supposed was his eyebrow, and then said,

“Hey kid, you gonna buy a tomato or what?”
“Excuse me? Pinkie, I like your new voice. How come you have tomatoes? They aren’t exactly party stuff.”
“You stupid little mule! Get out, or buy one!”
“Pinkie, don’t-”
“Hey derp, the Mayor is coming right now, and you either buy one and boost my business or I accuse you of stealing all these,” he motions to the tomatoes.
“Pinkie, what’s going on with you? You couldn’t do that!”
“MAYOR! This worthless citizen of Ponyville has stolen half of my tomatoes!”

The Mayor started walking towards me, and asked,

“Is this true?”
“Because this stallion is a senior of this town! If you are lying, I might as well arrest you!”
“She’s not lying!” screamed a voice from behind me.
The Mayor and the tomato vendor were quiet as I heard the stallion behind me stand up for me.

“She didn’t do anything. This stallion just wants you to arrest her for getting confused! She thought this vendor was her friend, and that’s not her fault. Everypony makes mistakes. Now will you please apologize to this fine mare?” he asked the tomato vendor.
The vendor shook his head.

“How do we all know he’s not lying too?”

Now the Mayor knew something was up. She walked away, and gave the vendor a I-have-my-eyes-on-you look. I sighed, and I think I was as pink as Pinkie Pie after the stallion said that. I couldn’t stop blushing. Then he took my hoof and said,

“You okay? I can help you find your friend if you want. I don’t exactly need these tomatoes; especially from these kind of vendors.”
“Thanks. no, really. I just don’t know what went wrong with me. I’m stupid, don’t worry. I don’t need that balloon anyways.”

But he still said,

“Follow me. I have red balloons at my house. It’s right down the street, don’t worry.”

I knew that I was feeling something for him, and maybe vice versa. Then, just as we neared his house, and he opened the door for me, I hugged him and whispered into his ear, “Thank you,”

“No need to say so,”