Life of your average ordinary wild yet tame human

by sci-fi fanatic

The journey

Equestria daily article of the day: Humans are very rare and wild animals. They are so rare, that they're on the brink of extinction. After an interview with miss. Lyra Hlarings, we have learned that over 30 humans are killed each day, either by each other, hunters, or other wild animals. The average male human has been spotted only twice in the past two years,while the average female human is seen about 20 times within that time period. Needless to say, females are way more common than males. It is a mystery as to why there aren't very many males, but many human experts say it is because they fight to the death for dominance. However,humans can also make great pets ( For those who can afford one, as they are one of the most expensive animals in equestria ), after becoming fully trained. This has been yet another great article for the one and only Equestria daily. Yours truly, Blacky Inkwell.

Alessandro was always on the move, from the day he was born, right in one of the great forests of Equestria, well, just a few minutes ago. As of now, he rested his back against a tree, because, he was, as some people say, plum tuckered. He had been traveling to his new home for what seemed like ages now. But, despite all this, he was determined to stay strong. After all, he was used to this by now. Alessandro was a fairly tall, lightly tan sixteen year old human with bright blue eyes, and waved black hair. He also had a small set of muscle, but honestly, he didn't much care, because he had earned that muscle at a price. He had gained it from building and rebuilding homes for himself, moving gigantic logs, and tracking up long mountains. He also had to do all of this very discretely, as not to attract hunters, or any other pony or creature. He knew that he must avoid ponies at all costs, because they were not only dangerous, but they humiliated humans as well. Or so he heard. After a while of rethinking his past, and upcoming decisions, he was on his way again. He would arrive at his destination in a few hours, he contemplated by looking at the sun. He just had to keep on moving. On his way, he stumbled upon something shiny on the path. It was a pocket knife. He decided to keep it just in case he needed it in the future. Now, Alessandro wouldn't use it for violence, but he may use it to help him prepare food, or get him out of a sticky situation. Bottom line, he had a feeling that he would need it. A few hours later, he finally reached his destination. Or so he thought. It had just looked very close. It would really take him another few hours to get there. " Oh such a fool I've been, how could I have not seen the long valley beyond the hill that leads to my new home?", he thought. It was now getting pretty late, as he could tell by the setting sun, and the chirps of the crickets. So, he decided to go to sleep for the night. As he was lying down on the soft grass, however, he heard a noise. He looked around and his eyes came upon something horrible. There, not too far from him, was a bear. Trying to be discreet as possible, he slowly moved away from it, but with his luck, he stepped on a twig. The bear snapped its head to look at him. He then ran as far as he could. Finally,after what seemed like a lifetime, he lost it. He was well out of breath now, and it was way past dark. He looked around and noticed that he was far away from the hill and the valley that lead to the great place that he wanted to call home. He sighed and took out some food he had brought for the journey, and ate his supper. Then, he went to sleep under the nice night black sky full of stars, and everything was peaceful. And the peace lasted about two seconds. He had to use the bathroom. Badly. So, he went behind a tree and relieved himself. After that he laid down and tried to get back to sleep. But he couldn't. No matter how hard he tried, be couldn't. He tried everything. Check,he even tried counting sheep. Nothing worked. So, that's how he spent his night, wide awake.

The next morning, he was very tired. He could barely keep his eyes open. After he finally woke up, he was on the move again. About three hours later he reached his destination. Services,his new home. There would hardly be any ponies there, just zebras, and he doubted that they would bother him, as humans were respected by them, and vice versa. He happily ran threw the grounds, past the watering hole, and to the cave that he would call home. He took off the bag on his shoulder and took out his most prized possessions. A book written in the pony language, which he couldn't understand (He just liked looking at the pictures), a painting he had made himself ,out of mud, of his previous home, and the bottle that he stored water in. He took them and put them on a rock that looked almost like a shelf, and put all of them there. After he admired his work, he laid his back against the wall for some well deserved rest.

The next week went by in a blur, and one day he stumbled upon a little zebra filly. She seemed very nice, but then it turned weird. She put some string around his neck, and took him to her village. She talked to the grown ups, and they gave him a food and water bowl. And that's when he realized it. He was a pet. And he thought the zebras would leave him alone. He sighed. This was going to be a long day.