Sunset Shimmer's Return?!

by JusSonic

Chapter 4: Saving Sunset

Chapter 4: Saving Sunset

While his master continue torturing Sunset to get her to talk, Devil Destroyer went out for a while. He huffed in anger as he trotted off at Everfree Forest around. The pony wanted to fight a good fight, not weaklings! What's the point in doing so?!

"Lord Devil..." A voice spoke. Devil turned and found a pinkish Unicorn with a brown mane and tail in a ponytail with a transparent lightish scarf and her Cutie Mark was a blue Butterfly, approaching him. He knew this one, all so well.

"Butterfly Dancer... What are you doing here? Why are you here?" Devil Destroyer ask the one called Butterfly Dancer in a voice of frustration,

"I heard of what had happen, and especially kidnapping this human. Why?"

"Don't know. Don't care. I'm more of a battlefield pony than going into politics and talking about the Human. "

Butterfly sighed as she shakes her head, "Lord Devil. Please, don't be so selfish. If I were her, were you willing to take me for your dark master for the experiment?"

Devil gasped as if she had said something insulting and untrue, "Butterfly; How could you say that?!"

"Will you or not?!"

Devil sighed, shaking his head while insisting, "No... I will never let them take you." The monster had limits...and allowing his allies to get Butterfly Dancer would be crossing them.

Butterfly asks the Devil Destroyer in hopes to get through to him, "Can you return her to the others?"


"How could you? Please, Lord Devil. Can you help her? She has someone she loved."

The villain hesitate a bit then Devil sighed as he spoke, "Fine. I'll do it. But I'll be judge of that."

"Please... Help her... It's all I ask." Butterfly said as she leaves the area.

The Devil Destroyer looks concerned. Butterfly Dancer is asking him to do what is the impossible as well as treasonous to the Dark Mystic Ponies. Would he even consider returning Sunset Shimmer to her friends or remain a monster of destruction? That is yet to be known at this point.


Twilight and her friends had by this time left to find and rescue Sunset. They can only hope that they themselves can rescue her before the Dark Mystic Ponies does something horrible to her or worst! During their departure, the princess had a discussion with Azure, Tao, Firmtact and Golden Heart over this turn of events.

"Hmm... Dark Curse decided to unleash the Demon Warrior to rampage." Azure said seriously. His enemy must be desperate to send in that monster.

Tao nodded while saying, "Yes. The Dragon Strike Force are now with Twilight and her friends in attempt to rescue Sunset Shimmer now."

"Devil Destroyer," Celestia gasps in shock and worry. She heard of him but never thought in her life that the Devil Destroyer would actually attack Ponyville. This could be bad for her son, her student and their friends since they could be unprepared for what's going to happen next!

"Here in Ponyville? He kidnapped Sunset Shimmer for Dark Curse. Why?" Luna ask Tao and Azure seriously. Even the Goddess of the Night is stunned of hearing this.

"He believed that she has information of Humans that Dark Curse wanted."

"Once he has it, he could use it to against us. But if Twilight did manage to rescue Sunset, he will be determined to get her back by means necessary."

Azure nodded while speaking seriously of what's to come, "That is why we must be prepared for them. I'll have my Mystic Soldiers be readied here."

"Agree. Now you understand why she needed to be taken care of from danger." Firmtact said seriously. This whole situation proves her point of earlier of why Sunset must be protected from any dangers from the heroes' enemies.

You seem to don't mind about the safety of Megan and her family." Celestia points out to Firmtact, pointing out how the zebra doesn't seem to be worried about Megan and her family's safely.

"They are fine. After all, we did watch over them for some time. And don't worry; if they were in danger, then we would have sent our army to protect them. But for now, we must prepare for the next wave."

"Agree. Dark Curse will send the beast to attack us. But rest assure, he will be either captured or put to death." Azure said seriously. If the Devil Destroyer were to strike again, the Mystic Ponies' army will show no mercy to anyone, not even him.

"Agreed," Firmtact said, agreeing with Azure's statement.

Celestia decided to have extra insurance. Turning to Golden, she instructs her old friend, "To make sure that Twilight and her friends reach home safely, I need you to follow and be sure that they are safe from danger."

Golden Heart nodded, saying, "Rest assure, your highness. My Company will make sure of that. We'll try to avoid fighting with Devil Destroyer."

Golden Heart have a feeling that there will be more danger to come, especially once the fight with the Devil Destroyer commences that could either spell victory...or the end of the heroes.


Twilight and her friends (the Mane Five, Flash, Ben, Nyx, Dragons, Saber Dragoon, Blazefist and Tailtech) continued heading out and across the plain field in hopes of finding and rescuing Sunset Shimmer from danger before she is seriously harmed; Tailtech; as their only guide and tracker, continued moving to the front while reading his tracking reader device in hopes to find her.

BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! Tailtech looked at his tracking reader; Sunset is getting closer to be found. The reader was beeping loud as he was getting the signal. He turned from the left to the right in searching of the signal's beeping. When he turned to another abandoned ruin factory, Tailtech saw that the signal is coming from in there.

Tailtech nodded, turning to his allies while saying, "I think we found our bad guy's hideout. Sunset Shimmer is definitely somewhere in there."

"Then we gotta go in there and beat that monster to a pulp!" Rainbow said in determination, punching one of her forehooves into her other one.

"Hopefully, the poor darling is safe." Rarity said in concern. "The poor Darling was traumatized when she was send here unfairly."

"You think Aunt Sunny would be all right, mommy?" Nyx asked Twilight hopefully.

"We can only hope that's the case." Twilight insisted, nuzzling her daughter a bit.

"This must be a big weapons place, just like the place we went to when the clones got kidnapped and manipulated." Ben said, recalling the clone incident at another factory.

"Well, if I remember correctly, Dark Mystic Ponies require lots of factories and warehouses to store some of their weapons, machines and even experiments." Blazefist said, recalling how his enemies store some of their stuff in factories and warehouses before. "And I bet a scientist is in there."

"So, what's the plan, Blaze? Stealth and Strike," Saber asked his friend, ready for the plan.

Blazefist smirked as he instructs, "Stealth and Strike. Twilight, three of us are gonna take some guards on the outside down. Wait for my signal."

"Alright," Twilight said with a nod.

"And by the way, if you see Devil Destroyer, run and run away from him. Got it?" Tailtech orders Twilight and her friends sternly. The last time didn't end so well. This time may be the last/

"But-!" Flash began to protest but Blazefist held up a hoof to silent and to calm him down. They will get Sunset back but the heroes must do so in precaution.

"We'll get her out. I promise. Alright team, let's move out." Blazefist said. The team prepares for their most dangerous task yet. "We've gotta take the guards out from three entrances. Split up."

Three ponies split up into three directions: Blazefist on the south, Tailtech on the east and Saber Dragoon on the west. Once the task is done, then it's okay for Twilight's group to move in...and hope to Celestia that the Devil Destroyer is nowhere in sight.

On Tailtech's side, five Dark Mystic Soldiers looked around their surroundings while armed with their blasters. Tailtech took an aim on them and blasted his Dart Shooter on the first two Dark Mystic Ponies. They got drugged before the duo turned and started to beat and attacked their own comrades without warning. Tailtech quickly took a blaster and shot them down quickly. Tailtech blew the gun's smoke off. That was intense!

In high speed, Saber Dragoon charged straight at five Dark Mystic Ponies. Before they could start attacking, he stroke and slashed on them for a few times. Behind their backs, he appeared. With his smirk giving, all of the Dark Mystic Ponies yelped and screamed in pain before falling to the ground, dead. They never saw him coming until it was too late.

Blazefist fought and battled with his enemies by using his Fire Punch and Fire Kicks on them one-by-one. He turned and blasted his Fireball up, giving Twilight and her friends the signal to come.

Twilight and her friends gathered at the eastern entrance of the factory. Blazefist arrives, explaining what to do next, "Okay, guys. Listen up; we need to be careful, especially with having a monster like Devil Destroyer around. He won't be easy to defeat. Our objective is simple: find and get Sunset Shimmer, and escape this factory. Lord Azure had his army readied if Devil Destroyer came to Equestria and/or the Mystic Realm."

"But what if the Devil Destroyer were to do so?" Fluttershy asked Blazefister nervously. "You saw how he took us down earlier."

"Right, who knows how nasty that monster is?" Twilight asked in agreement with Fluttershy's question.

"No worries. We have our ways to beat him. He may be the strongest warrior among Dark Mystic Ponies, but he wasn't very clever and cautious." Saber assured his friends of this.

"And not to mention, he got anger issues. It would be good advantage to beat him." Tailtech said with a laugh. The heroes could use the Devil Destroyer's anger against him if need be.

"Alright, let's get in. And be aware of anything." Blazefist warns the others to be ready for anything.

"Right," The others said in unison with a nod.


Within the laboratory, Sunset screamed in pain as she struggled to get out from the chair. Dark Curse, Guildenstern and Crimson Skull watched the videos. They all consisted of various screens of five Autobots battling with Decepticons and especially Optimus Prime and Megatron battling at each other at Mission City. Nothing is what they're looking for though.

It the shifted into the scene where the human version of Azure Phoenix was talking with Optimus Prime, Sam Witwicky and William Lennox about the Autobots-Human Alliance at the Military Gear Camp.

Crimson Skull pauses before turning back to Dark Curse, asking, "Master, what are we looking for? Certainly, these are not the ones we want."

"True... But keep watching, I knew it's somewhere in here." Dark Curse insists to his colleague in determination. Sunset's information about the Transformers must be in here somewhere. "Find anything that is related to our desire."

"It appears that this subject is trying to resist our powers and blocking us from reaching deeper." Guildenstern explains to Dark Curse with a deep frown.

"Do it. Go deeper. It's in there somewhere. I know it." Dark Curse said to Guildenstern wickedly. The leader of the Dark Mystic Ponies isn't giving up easily.

"Yes, master. Putting maximum high-power to seek the objective out, but that will kill her as well." Guildenstern warns his boss that using maximum high-power may end up killing Sunset Shimmer, the human version, once it's all over.

Dark Curse waves a hoof in dismissal, not caring what happens to Sunset. He insists, "She will be meaningless in the end, but be sure that the one we were looking be secured and safe."

"Yes, my master." The minion said as Guildenstern pushed the lever forward, causing the Mind Extraction Machine in absorbing and electrocuting Sunset Shimmer painfully. She screamed in pain.

Dark Curse watches as he was nearly gaining the info from Sunset Shimmer within the metal room by a magic drilling process that phase into the mare's noggin to magically dig out memory particles of what she knows. It has been many moments, the mare was losing the fight; her will was beginning to drop as her screams became lesser and lesser.

"Soon, all you have will be ours, and no one will stop us." Dark Curse smiled in witnessing that this will give the side of evil a grand moment of a boost.

"BAM-Boomfruvhmmm," Then without warning, a blasting sound blows through within the metal room that created a dust cloud.

"What the...?" Dark Curse looked back at where the noise came from, but...

"SURPRISE," Then Pinkamena comes out of the cloud, and then does a head bash move. "Bashhhfruvhmmm...Claspowfruvhmmm...." She did that right on Dark Curse’s skull noggin as that force was strong enough to skid him backwards to smash against the opposite metal wall of the room. "Slicefruvhmm...Brashfruvhmmm..." Then two swords on chains were swung off, slicing on the drill and destroying the rest of the Dark Mystic technology along with the storage unit of memory particles extracted from Sunset Shimmer.

At that very moment, Golden Heart came in from where Pinkamena came out along with Jack Zen & Omega to secure the area. Autumn Gem came out afterwards and was helping to untie Sunset Shimmer from her chair while Sombra was near them to protect them. Then a sound of rubble noise made the alert members see Dark Curse come out from where he was sent to glare at those that are here.

"Grrrr....How in Tartarus did you find this place?" Dark Curse snarled off in demanding an answer from these rescuers.

"Easy. We followed your pet and with help with these guys." Pinkamena pointed out to say while looking behind as whose else should come out of the made whole entrance than the Mane Six and the other members of the hero gang. "Sorry to say this, but looks like your chance to gain info is all busted." She proclaimed in seeing they have gotten an edge here.

"I can concur, I have hacked in and have determined that you were only storing memory particles as data, you couldn't transfer them until the process was over." Omega stated from hacking into the destroyed system, and it looks like no data was sent, the Dark Mystics did not gain anything from Sunset Shimmer yet.

"Which means you lost to get any intel from your captive." Jack Zen smiled off in seeing that the foe didn't get all that he wanted after all.

"So, I call this even." Pinkamena smiled off slyly to say this.

Dark Curse began to growl a little in annoyance in seeing what these fools had done, that data was invalid and they cost him what he wanted to know. "For that, you all will pay for this..." He spoke in giving his word of vengeance on those that had cost him the info to learn about the Transformers and their structure for their own evil purposes.

Pinkamena got in a battle stance as she lets off a low growl and she builds up a little power

"I like to see you try.........." Pinkamena snapped off to say, as she got into a battle stance with her Blades of the Pinkie Pie and the Sword of Pinkie Pie on her tail. She was slowly building up her magical strength while giving more words off here. "Even if your one of the mighty Three Lords, it'll be bad news for you when you battle me. You may never know if I am trying or not trying at all!" Her words held a mystery as she had something to both use that was either her current strength or more strength to dish out.

“Foolish disfigured pony, you are no match for me!” Dark Curse declared in seeing that this pony stands no chance.

“Oh yeah; we shall see about that, Darky-Warky!" Pinkamena taunted the major powerful villain with a cutie nickname that sorta made the others chuckle in hearing that.

Dark Curse growled in hearing that as he should be the most terrifying creature that even the Mystics were cautious of yet this moment wes not showing up. At that same moment, a few Dark Mystic Soldiers were appearing by their portals to enter behind their leader to back him up.

"Your orders, Lord Dark Curse," One trooper bowed as he asked what his master wants.

"You soldiers deal with all of them Equestrians. This pink pony shall be mine to deal with." Dark Curse gave the order, as the one he shall face would be the pink pony lookalike.

"Oh goodie, that will make it fun. You and me, one on one, I like your style. Hehehehee...." Pinkamena spoke in sounding very certain of herself in what sounded like she wasn't afraid while giggling.

Then Dark Curse charged forth while Pinkamena braced herself as she and Dark Curse were soon crashed outside another metal wall of the room to take the fight elsewhere. During which Pinkamena summoned her Birds Of Prey Armor that gave her more protection to then push the Dark Mystic leader off while they begin their battle within the darkness. The others, however, saw they were gonna have trouble with some attacking Dark Mystics while Sombra & Autumn Gem was getting Sunset Shimmer over to the Mane Six party.

"Stay safe, little sister. Alright, let's take out these guys, the others will take care and get Sunset Shimmer out of here!” Goldie softly whispered this out for his sister while he told Twilight’s group to get Sunset out now before the enemy recaptured her.

With that in mind, the one party group took Sunset Shimmer to head out while some of Goldie's group held off some Dark Mystic Soldiers by Omega's fire-power, Jack Zen’s barriers; even Sombra's Gem Eruption was knocking back the foes. The important thing right now is keeping the enemies away from Sunset Shimmer and gets her to where there are some Mystics in the area to get their help if things look grim.

"How did these imbeciles got into my lab, Dark Curse demanded in frustration.

"Never mind that, creep! Let go of Sunset!" Flash demanded furiously to Dark Curse.

"Right; As Princess of the Rainbow Friendship Kingdom, I demand her release!" Twilight exclaimed sternly.

"You dare make demands?! You all shall pay for your insolence and disrespect! All shall feel the wrath of Crimson Skull!" Crimson Skull exclaimed, furious over the demands being made here. No one does that to him!

"You have no idea of whom you are dealing with. Bow before Dark Curse, the Dark Lord and Founder of the Dark Mystic Ponies." Dark Curse boomed to his enemies while introducing himself. "All who dares to challenge me shall die! And none can survive my powers."

Twilight gasped in horror, "The second Lord of Equestria? This is bad! We are dealing with the most powerful and dangerous Dark Mystic Pony to face off with." Twilight had indeed heard of him but never confronted Dark Curse until now. "I'd never thought that you decide to come and capture Sunset Shimmer's Human Version. What do you want with Sunset Shimmer?!"

"Twilight, look up! Giant Robots," Pinkie yelped as she pointed to the scenes being shown on the monitors.

Twilight and her friends witnessed the scenes of Autobots, Decepticons and Humans. They were battling and fighting with each other.

"So... These are the Autobots?" Twilight asked, glancing at the robots, the good ones, in surprise.

"No way; Hasbro couldn't possibly do actual crossovers of us and these guys!" Nyx exclaimed in amazement.

"That's why fan-fiction was invented, duh!" Pinkie exclaimed to Nyx randomly.

"What mission are you trying to accomplish?!" Blazefist demanded furiously to the evil Dark Mystic Pony.

"That is classified information. And none of you will leave. Sunset Shimmer will give what I'm looking for while you will DIED!" Dark Curse exclaimed wickedly. Looks like he can kill two birds with one stone, "Capture Ben! Guildenstern, leave! Find the one we are looking for! I shall teach these fools a lesson."

"Attack," Crimson Skull ordered the Dark Mystic Ponies who are preparing themselves for battle.

Twilight and her friends charged in and battled against the Dark Mystic Ponies. Twilight and Nyx dodged the attacks and blasts from their enemies while firing back their Unicorn Bursts at them. Rarity and Pinkie blasted their Eternal Styles and Party Canon at their enemies. In high speed, Rainbow Dash charged in and attacked them one-by-one, with the help of her Mystic Magical Spear Mode. Applejack punched and kicked on the bad guys one-by-one hard and quick. Using her Animal Potion, Fluttershy launched her spiky Porcupine needles at them hard while screaming her Bat's sonic wave at them and punching her enemies down with her Bear's strength.

Ben and Flash swung, thrust and struck their Master Sword and Spear at their enemies quickly and hard. They helped each other by blocking and striking them back hard, determined to get to Sunset no matter what. Omega fired his guns at his enemies. Jack, Sombra and Autumn kept Sunset Shimmer safe with them while battling their enemies. Tailtech blasted his Typhoon Blaster at his enemies.

Saber jumped and struck his swords at Crimson Skull, who quickly grabbed him and threw the mystic Pony to the ground. Crimson Skull approached him and gave a hard punch on Saber, but dodged the attack before kicking on his jaws hard. Crimson Skull shook his head hard before putting his jaws back up. He growled in anger as the Crimson Skull slammed his fists hard right onto Saber, but the hero quickly slide back and got up before charging in and swung his swords at him. Crimson Skull dodged to the front. He took his sword out and turned and attacked Saber Dragoon as both continued attacking and blocking each other's attacks.

Blazefist jumped and blasted his Fireballs at Dark Curse, who waved the attacks aside gently. Pinkamena thrust her sword at his stomach hard before pushing it hard. She smirked, though Dark Curse chuckled evilly.

He gently put his hoof on Pinkamena's forehead and gently pushed her. Instead of a gentle blow, a harden force pushed her to the walls hard. Blazefist charged in and used his Fire Punches and Fire Kicks at Dark Curse, who swiftly, calmly and patiently dodged the attacks while blocking them for few times. Pinkamena charged in and slammed Dark Curse right onto the walls. But instead of him getting slammed, he disappeared in black smoke and reappeared ear her back. Dark Curse gently pushed her right on the walls hard by force. This villain isn't taking her seriously at all!

Blazefist launched his Phoenix Firestorm at Dark Curse, burning him to the ground. As soon as the fire dispersed, Dark Curse was nowhere to be seen. Before Blazefist could do anything, he was grabbed from his back by the Dark Mystic Pony. Dark Curse held and strangled Blazefist tightly and painfully for the moment. He threw him right at Pinkamena, sending him hard onto the walls.

Twilight and her friends had manage to finish and defeat their enemies. They turned and charged right at Dark Curse and Crimson Skull, both villains stood their guard. These foolish heroes think that they could take them that easily?

Rainbow Dash, Rarity and Pinkie fired their Magical Nunchuk Gun Mode, Eternal Style and Party Canon at Dark Curse for a few times. Dark Curse gently and swiftly dodged the blasts while moving to the front. He punched their chests and threw the three mares onto Pinkamena and Blazefist one-by-one. Applejack charged right at Dark Curse. She was about to slam him, only for the Earth Pony to get slammed onto the walls when he disappeared in black smoke. Dark Curse turned and levitated Fluttershy and slammed her right on Saber Dragoon, Golden Heart and Omega down hard.

In high speed, Crimson Skull dodged the attacks and blasts from his remaining enemies. After dodging the attacks, he charged in and punched and kicked Ben, Flash, Twilight and Nyx hard and quick right at Sombra and Autumn Gem who were protecting Sunset Shimmer from being attacked.

Dark Curse turned and glared at Twilight, Ben, Nyx, Dragons, Flash, Sombra and Autumn Gem in defending and protecting Sunset Shimmer. Her friends moaned and groaned painfully as they got up slowly and approached to their allies as they readied to fight. Despite what happened, these heroes are actually still wanting to fight him!

Dark Curse sighed in irritation at the pointlessness that the good guys are doing, "You never learn; Mortals and Immortals allies? Who gave an idea like that?"

"Well, there's such a thing like DC Comics when Orion helped Justice League in defeating Darkseid when he told a lie." Pinkie explained, random as ever. "And not to mention, the mortal saved Orion's people from danger and death. There was good example to make."

"Pinkie! For once, stop being random!" Rainbow exclaimed in annoyance. The heroes are in a life and death battle here, and she's being random at a wrong time!

Dark Curse chuckled, "Yes, Pinkie; Stop being random when you had someone who is using DARK TERROR BEAM!"

Dark Curse opened his mouth and launched his long powerful darkening beam at his enemies. Twilight, Rarity, Golden Heart, Nyx and Tailtech casts a force field in blocking the attacks for a moment. The shield had a crack, and slowly followed by creating more cracks."

"We can't hold it much longer!" Twilight strained.

"It won't be long before these guys end up breaking through." Golden Heart said seriously.

"We have to teleport and escape. There is no way we can beat the Dark Lord. He's too powerful and strong for us to handle." Blazefist said seriously. Dark Curse is too powerful to fight now, the heroes must escape. They came to rescue Sunset, that's all that matters.

"Alright; Hang on! Unicorns and Alicorns! Let's do it together!" Twilight exclaimed to the others as she and the ones who could use magic are about to teleport.

Twilight and her magical friends gathered their energies as they blasted their magic out. The light blinded Dark Curse's eyes as he ceased from firing his Dark Terror Beam. As soon as the light dispersed, he opened his eyes and found his enemies gone, much to his rage.

Crimson Skull growled in anger, "They escaped! Unbelievable! First they challenge you, and now they run away!"

Dark Curse huffed as he activated his hologram device, "Guildenstern, Report!"

Guildenstern in the hologram reported, "The information is still here. And master, I have found it. The very place has the answer we had been looking for."

Dark Curse smirked while commenting, "Excellent. But I need more information from her, just in case. Send Devil Destroyer to Ponyville. Let him went on a rampage. This will give the warning to them and to whoever dares to challenge the Dark Lord of Dark Mystic Ponies."

"At once, sir," Crimson Skull said.


The ponies appeared almost near the factory. Twilight spoke, "Okay, it will take them long for them to realize that we're gone but we should get away for a while."

"Wait, where's Pinkamena?" Pinkie asked, noticing that her other self was gone now.


Crimson Skull had headed off while Dark Curse turns the hologram off. Just then, he sensed something and moved to dodge an attack. There's Pinkamena smiling while saying, "Not done with you yet."

"Well, so you aren't." Dark Curse remarked wickedly. "I suppose I can finish you off now!"


"Where's Pinkamena?" Nyx asked while looking around for any sign of Pinkamena.

"Oh no; don't tell me she's still in there." Ben said with a frown, glancing at the factory, "And is trying to fight Dark Curse still!"

"Relax, my sister knows when to fight or flee. She will do fine." Golden Heart said to Ben, patting his shoulder. "At least, I hope so."


Meanwhile, Pinkamena was nearly up to her toes in her long fight against Dark Curse as he was living up to his claim of being one of the second strongest villains in all of Equestria. The pink pony may have her weapons, she may have live longer in being semi-immortal, her experience, and even her armor, but at this moment and time, it's showing to not be enough it seems. As they have battle in what seem like a lot of hours, and Golden Heart’s group has surely gotten out and that Twilight’s band is keeping Sunset Shimmer safe now, now Pinkamena's gotten end this. Course, that’s easier said than done, right?

"I must say, you have given me a little workout. It’s been ages since I had a nice warm up." Dark Curse spoke off to say this in how this battle has gone.

"Heh, then you must have had weak opponents to deal with." Pinkamena pants a bit to make a sly comeback.

"You were a fool to challenge the most powerful force of the Dark Mystics. We are the creatures that shall bring darkness to the Mystic Realm and the Equestrian Realm." Dark Curse declared this forth in what shall happen that none can escape.

"Hugh. You know, you may be tough, and you may act tough, but you know what?” Pinkamena was speaking off something that has earn her attention.

"What?" Dark Curse raised an eyebrow in being slightly curious.

"Heheh, it’s funny because....YOU'RE ONLY SECOND RATE IN THE TOP THREE CHART OF VILLAINS!” Pinkamena chuckled before she shouted off this message for the villain did not get; and be annoyed by her attitude tone.

"I'd watch it; you're going to have your grave dug sooner than later here!" Dark Curse spoke in showing some slight anger building up inside in what this pony was stating about him.

"I mean, sure, you guys are over the Apocalypse Ponies, who rank 3rd on the chart, but so what? You can't do anything as terrifying as the worse of the worse who, even if locked away, Grimmore is more terrifying and evil than you'll ever know.” Pinkamena was making some dry remarks about the Dark Mystic Ponies aren't as bad or as scary as they claim, they fell in compassion to Grimmore and his forces that were scary even if they are locked away.

"You have some nerve to utter that nonsense to which I can slice your tongue forever to silence." Dark Curse gritted his teeth in about to reach his final patience with this pony.

“Oh, big deal; Does a really scary and powerful lord think of that, no, real villains probably do scheming that’s even more complicated and that simple-heads like you can’t figure out.” Pinkamena rolled her eyes in stating that such threats aren't what truly evil and powerful villains do, yet Dark Curse doesn't even know that. "Admit it, you might think you’re becoming better than Grimmore, but news flash...YOU AREN'T EVEN CLOSE!” She issued to say and give the final push of buttons on Dark Curse.

Silence filled the air at this time as Dark Curse was slowly building up large dark magic from his body. Then he glares at the pink pony in looking extra scary at this time.

"Alright, have you spoken your final words; good. Because...." Dark Curse spoke in sounding extra malicious at the moment, as his eyes glowed with a scary feature. “You are about to see how much of a terror I am when angered! RAUUOOORRGHH,” He roared off to say this in looking ready to explode.

Then in a flash, Dark Curse charged like a nova blur, and was about to hit the pony. But in the slow motion of it all, the one that showed some calmness was...the pink pony in seeing this.

"Heh, gotcha,” Pinkamena made a sly smile on her face; she wanted for this. "Brisisfruvhmmm..." Then without warning, a glow escaped from her body that blinded all.

"What's this?” Dark Curse yelps from the light; that couldn't be.

"Element Evolution – Aging," Yes, now standing against Dark Curse was a transformed Pinkamena now known as Aging. "Endless Decay!/BROUWFRUUVHMMM...." Then the mare unleashed her element’s strongest attack, as dust blew forth to now touch the charging enemy.

"WAAAAUUUAAAGGHHHHHH," Dark Curse screamed, unable to protect himself in time, as the element of aging had now covered him, and was...degenerating his very self. "YOOOOOUUUU....TRIIICKED MMEEEEE!" He screeched out against the pony that fooled him into charging blindly to get caught up in that one attack.

"Sure did! I knew hearing about Grimmore being better than you fluffed your fur, and that gave me the opening to hit you, with a move even you might get out of alive." Aging responded forth in explaining her tactic to trick this Dark Mystic leader to get hit by something without recalling her element. "Course, I wanted to make sure my friends are away so they don’t get hit with this, I wanted to use this on creeps like you." She explained that this was a move she wanted to use when she sense her friends are far away from her, which they are...

"EEEHHH…Eeeeehhh!" Dark Curse yelped in feeling much of himself was aging, his hooves were showing his bones and they began to degenerate.

"And now with this, they’ll be one less Lord of Equestria to deal with." Aging smiled off to say in seeing this shall bring them a step closer to peace.

"Kehhhh...Heeh-heeehhh, I wouldn't celebrate just yet." Dark Curse suddenly did the unexpected, instead of panicking in fear he chuckled as if finding something funny.

"Hmmm," Aging looked to the guy in confusion, for one who's slowly dying and nothing he could do could save him, he seemed awfully calm.

"Do you believe I would come here personally when I have kept myself so undetected by the Mystics for many years of passing decades that I wouldn't have thought ahead?" Dark Curse issued a reminder that he's been well hidden by the Mystics that have been after him, even after a 1000 years, they haven’t been able to get to him because he’s been kept out of sight. "What is here and being killed is nothing more than a dark clone of myself, the real me is still alive, and out of both your reach and the Mystics.” This guy explained that he’s not the real Dark Curse but a clone of the real one.

"Grrrr..." Aging growled in frustration, she really thought she and the real one were fighting.

"I knew that Tao, Azure Phoenix, and one of them and more would have sent their best to capture me and end my organization. But too bad, I still have much to plan, much to do." The Dark Curse clone explained of who are here and that those Mystics would come after him, so the real one sent in a close to allow the real one to be kept hidden from the major issue. "Just wait, we of the Three Lords will rule, and you shall all bow before us all." He spoke these last few words while looking about to pass away now.

Then with his final breath, the Dark Curse lookalike gave a maniacal laughter while his entire existence was age out of existence and was nothing but dust in the wind. At that time, Aging stared at where the close of one of the Three Lords was, as she reverted back to being just Pinkamena.

"Hugh, well, so much for this being easy. Better get back to Goldie and the others and tell the gang of what happened. They must be worried by now." Pinkamena sighed to say this in having seen what had happened, so one major evil is not gone for good, but for now, she has to find her buds.

With that, Pinkamena turns to begin her way out of the area that was slowly beginning to crumble from the weak structure hold as the Endless Decay effect had weaken much of it. And outside of where the kidnapping of Sunset Shimmer took place, the building had shown signs of aging that soon had its figure collapse on itself. But coming out of it was Pinkamena, alive and well while joining up with Goldie’s group that was outside in seeing her, and welcoming her back while wanting the details of what happened. The pink pony only said 'I’ll explain later', as she promised to them...


Twilight's group manages to escape back to the Friendship Rainbow Kingdom castle. As Rainbow and Fluttershy put Sunset onto the couch, Flash in concern ask, "Is she all right?"

"Sunset is fine." Ben assures his best friend. "But she won't for long! It won't be long before Dark Curse will send the Devil Destroyer after her again."

"Then we must be prepared." Twilight said seriously to everyone else. "It won't be long before he gets here."

"Oh, and I was hoping to get my mane done before his arrival!" Rarity whines a bit, checking out her mane which is a huge mess. That battle with the Crimson Skull and Dark Curse really messed it up.

"Loosen it up, Rare." Applejack remarks with a grunt. Honestly, Rarity and her mane is going to be the death of every pony if need be.


The army is preparing for the Devil Destroyer's arrival in Ponyville as the Mane Six, their allies, the Royal Princesses and more join them. This battle will not be an easy one as this guy may be another tough warrior to face that could destroy them all in mere seconds unless the Devil Destroyer's stopped.

"All units, listen up! Devil is on his way to here to get Sunset Shimmer back. Whatever happens, we must not let that beast in." Azure said to his troops and allies in determination. If the Devil Destroyer makes it through, it's all over!

"If you can hurt him, make him more suffer! This monster must be terminated." Firmtact exclaims sternly to the soldiers who salute her and Azure.

"Yes, sir," The soldiers exclaims in determination.

"I just hope we get better luck this time." Spike mumbles a bit, recalling the last battle.

"That was our first battle. We can't be unlucky all the time...can we?" Pinkie ask her friends who gave awkward looks to her. "What?"

A Mystic Soldier, who was checking the front through his binoculars, calls out to Azure, "Sir! Enemy Devil Destroyer is on his way! Repeat! Devil Destroyer is on his way!"

Azure nodded, knowing that this would be coming. The Lord of Ma gave out the orders as fast as he could, "One-Eyed Anger! Bladestrike! Prepare the army! Whatever it takes, full frontal assault until Schemetrick came up with strategy to overcome him."

Schemetrick nodded, saying in agreement, "Yes, whatever it takes. Fighting with Devil Destroyer is hard, but tricking him will be easy."

One-Eyed Anger, Bladestrike and Phoenix Mystic Soldiers headed to the outskirt of Ponyville. They armed themselves with their bows and arrows, and blasters before aiming at the front of themselves. Twilight and her friends headed to the front as they prepared to battle with their enemies once more.

At the far distance, Devil Destroyer was riding on his Black Blaze Dragon as he was charging straight right on his enemies. Bladestrike had his eyes narrowed in determination while giving out the orders, "Warriors! Be prepared! Devil Destroyer will not get Sunset Shimmer, not without a fight; CHARGE!"

Bladestrike and One-Eyed Anger charged in, with their Dragons that they were riding right at Devil Destroyer. They both swung their both axes and scimitar at him. He lowered from his back before turning and charging at them. These fools will not get in his way! The Devil Destroyer swung his halberd at both, who quickly swung their weapons back at him. Both them and him continued swinging and attacking their weapons at each other while dodging for a few times.

Bladestrike gave the first strike on the top, followed by the bottom. Devil threw his halberd up before grabbing both axes. He then pulled them hard before throwing Bladestrike onto One-Eyed Anger to the ground hard. Devil roared in anger as his halberd glowed in blackish colors before slamming it on them both to the back of their units.

The Mystic Soldiers armed and aimed their weapons at Devil Destroyer. Rarity and Pinkie are armed with their Eternal Gatling Blaster and Party Launcher as they aimed their weapons at him as well.

BANG! Rarity, Pinkie and Mystic Soldiers fired their blasters and arrows at Devil Destroyer for a several times in attacking and defeating him. He quickly whirling his halberd in deflecting and blocking the arrows and blasts from them while charging straight at the heroes. They quickly keep firing at him. The mad monster then jumped off from his dragon and slammed his halberd onto the ground, causing an earthquake, causing them to be shaken and dropped to the ground hard.

Devil Destroyer glared at both Rarity and Pinkie as he was about to kill them. The Mystic Soldiers and Royal Guards charged in as they attacked him, not about to give the Devil Destroyer a chance to make any casualties. He turned to them then roared in anger as he swung, stroke and thrust his halberd at them hard and quick while dodging the attacks from them. The Demon Warrior roared wildly and loudly.

Applejack threw and whipped her Mind Whiplash at him on his face for ten times. He quickly grabbed it tight hard while she pulled it back. Saber Dragoon came in and help Applejack in pulling the lasso hard.

Devil Destroyer held his halberd in preparing to strike at them but Rainbow Dash charged as she stroke her spear on his face for a few times on his front while Blazefist punched and kicked on his back through his Fire Punch and Fire Kicks. Fluttershy, Golden Heart, Pinkamena and Omega came and slammed onto his body hard, sending the monster to the ground hard.

Devil Destroyer got up as he prepared to attack. Twilight, Nyx, Rarity and Pinkie launched their full attacks: Unicorn Bursts, Eternal Blasters and Party Canon at him to the walls hard for a moment. Needless to say, all it did was ticked him off. Devil growled in anger as he came out. He swung, thrust, stroke and slammed his halberd at his enemies hard and quick. Twilight and her friends continued moving and dodging the attacks, making him missed and slammed onto the ground and walls.

Anger threw his scimitar at Devil's head but he deflected to his right. Anger then charged and punched right on Devil's head hard before kicking on his chin hard and then slammed him onto the ground hard. Anger was about to move again but had his front left hoof grabbed. Devil slammed him onto the ground hard and harder than before. Bladestrike grabbed and pulled Devil's head back hard and harder. Anger quickly gave a hard head butt onto Devil's head. Bladestrike had both his hooves to slammed Devil onto the ground hard. Both Bladestrike and Anger continued stomping and punching on his hard for five times. Looks like the heroes are doing better than the last time.

Of course, Devil growled in anger as he throws both Anger and Bladestrike back. Ben charged and slammed his sword onto Devil's halberd hard then tried to push him hard back. Devil pushed hard and harder as Ben was forced to push all the way back of his. Ben gulped in worry. This is turning into a big win for the Devil Destroyer!

Flash charged in and pushed Devil's halberd back hard. Devil continued pushing back. Twilight, the Mane Five, Golden Heart, Pinkamena, Anger, Bladestrike, Blazefist and Saber Dragoon came and helped Ben and Flash in pushing Devil all the way back as hard and quick as they can. Spike, Phobos, Tailtech, Omega, Jack Zen and Nyx launched their blasts at his back hard, they got to keep this up in hopes to defeat this monster!

Devil screamed in pain before Ben launched his Sword Beam at full power on him, sending the villain to the distance and away from him. Mystic Soldiers and Royal Guards charged in and attacked on him. Everyone breathed heavily and panted as they were all tired from the battle. But sadly, it isn't over just yet.

Devil Destroyer growled in anger as his body glowed in crimson. He roared in anger and wild as the monster launched very powerful blazing blackish blasts, shooting the Mystic Soldiers and Royal Guards down. They all are thrown up and fell to the ground hard. The heroes moaned and groaned painfully.

"Ouch, that would hurt." Jack Zen said in concern.

"At this rate, we may need a miracle to beat him." Omega remarked, glancing at the battlefield and the outraged Devil Destroyer. All their attacks are doing is ticking him off!

"A miracle we don't afford yet!" Phobos exclaims frantically. Devil Destroyer is recovering and he is more peeved off than ever!

"I shall destroy you all! Feel my Wrath! Terror Wrath Destroyer,” The villain exclaims in rage. Devil Destroyer's body glowed in crimson as he jumped up to the sky. He growled in anger as he slammed straight on the ground hard, causing the very powerful shocking waves and blasts in pushing everyone away from him.

Everyone moaned and groaned painfully from the battling against him.

"Ugh, is it just me or are we getting our flanks kicked more and more often than ever?" Rainbow asks her friends while doing her best to get back up.

"It's just you." Her friends said dryly to the mare.

The Devil Destroyer heads over to the castle where the princesses' group are waiting preparing to defend Sunset who is watching from the balcony of the castle, looking frighten and worried. With the first wave taken down, the villain proceeds in firing a blast at the balcony, causing it to break and for Sunset to fall off screaming. Luckily she survived the fall but the Devil Destroyer is still coming at her!

"He doesn't call himself Demon Warrior for nothing. I can give him that. He's one tough opponent to deal with." Firmtact comments as she and the others prepare to get ready to do conflict next.

"I agree. But we can't let him win and get Sunset Shimmer!" Azure exclaims sternly. Devil Destroyer must be stopped no matter what or Sunset will be the enemy's again!

"I agree. I'm not willing to let him get her, not without a fight!" Celestia exclaims sternly as she prepares herself as well. The princess had already lost one Sunset Shimmer who is in the other world; she won't let that happen again!

"We won't!" Luna exclaims in agreement with her sister. The Goddess of the Night will fight to the last threat to put an end to Devil Destroyer once and for all!

"To battle," Tao exclaims in determination.

Devil Destroyer approached the frightened and worried Sunset Shimmer. Flash came towards her, despite his injuries. He armed with his spear, causing the villain, who looks at the Pegasus pony as if he's the most dumbest pony in Equestria for going against despite his injuries, to snap, "Give up. You're going to lose."

"Over my dead body, freak," Flash exclaims in defiance.

"Our dead body," Twilight exclaims as she Twilight and her friends gotten up from their injuries and wounds, armed with their weapons and are aiming at Devil Destroyer. Azure, Celestia, Luna, Tao and Firmtact met up with them and are readied for battle. Flash hugged Sunset Shimmer closed and gently to him. This battle could be the most biggest one ever, even at the expense of their own lives.

Devil Destroyer armed himself with his halberd, but before he could, a familiar mare suddenly appears in front, pleading to him, "Lord Devil! Please stop. You promise me. Are you willing to break that promise? Do you want to break those two lovers? Both of them were lost and pain after so many years from separation. Please, don't do it. Don't do what had happen years ago..."

Devil thought for the moment, the villain wishes to end this now but he doesn't wish to break his promise to Butterfly. Devil Destroyer finally sighed in annoyance, "What a waste of time and effort! You fools better be more prepared! Coz next time we fight... You better be prepared for death."

Devil Destroyer turned and headed to his Black Blaze Dragon. Butterfly turned to her enemies and gave them a gentle smile before heading off and meeting up with Devil. They both rode the Dragon and flew up. The group looks amazed yet bewildered. The Devil Destroyer was preparing to finish them off and looks like he could finish...but it took one interference from the unknown mare to convince him to reconsider.

"Who is 'dat mare?" Applejack ask her friends in amazement.

"The way that the Devil Destroyer looks at sounded like she is a lover to him," Rarity said to her friends in amazement.

"That's...Butterfly Dancer." Tao said, recognizing the mare that stopped the Devil Destroyer. "She, surprisingly, is his lover."

"I remember this tale before." Twilight said, recalling the tale of Devil Destroyer and Butterfly Dancer. "It happened during the Reign of Terror from the Land of Ma. After the dealt with tyranny Prime Minister Cruez, both Devil and Butterfly got separated when his remaining army rebelled and attacked them. They will never see each other again before they've been chosen as Mystic Ponies, or in term: Dark Mystic."

"So Dark Mystic Ponies can find love." Phobos remarks with an amusing laugh. "Who knew?"

"Yeah, I'm impressed." Nyx said thoughtfully. "It took a reminder of two lovers that were separated, or meeting again in this case, to save the day for us."

"Thanks to Flash and Sunset," Ben said, giving a nod to Flash and Sunset. It was thanks to them that the Devil Destroyer was beaten for now.

Flash and Sunset smile at Ben's words, saying, "Thanks." Despite Flash being injured and Sunset not doing much of anything, they managed to make a difference after all!

Twilight giggled at the two while commenting, "You both made a great couple, like Ben had said."

Flash and Sunset blush then laughs a bit along with the others. Funny, because it's so darn true! Love can conquer all, no matter what; At least the day have ended on a bright note.