Applejack remembers.

by Kovy

Were's Apple jack?

Part One (Sweet Apple Acres) 8:16 AM

It was only eight in the morning in PonyVille on a sunny Tuesday. Every pony was starting to open their stores and begin the day, but all was different at sweet apple acres. Big Macintosh And His little sister Applejack was out working in the apple fields Big mac was plowing the fields and Applejack was Bucking Apple trees all was normal for a day at the farm.


" Comon Silly Filly were gonna go eat." Said Grannysmith, She was trying to wake up Applebloom.

" Just five more minutes granny." Said A sleepy Applebloom.

Granny rolled her eyes.

" Oh well, I guess All those fritters will be mine if Ya don't wan em"? said Grannysmith.

" WAIT"!

Applebloom's eyes shot up, And she flew out of bed and ran past granny smith. By the time, granny reached the table Applebloom was set at the table all ready. After about thirty minutes of the two eating, AppleBloom decided to checkup on her Big sister Applejack.

" APPLEJACK WERE ARE YA"? Applebloom shouted as she stood outside the farm house.

Applebloom did not get a response. The only Pony in her sight was BigMacintosh, so the yellow filly trotted over to her big brother.

" Uh, Big Mac"? Said AppleBloom.

" Eeyup"? Said Big Mac.

" Ya know were Applejack is "?

" The store I think." said Big Mac.

" Okie Dokie." Said Apple Bloom.

And Applebloom then proceeded to Ponyville. She passed only a few other ponies in till she reached the town square, and Applebloom looked around for about five minutes. She Spotted Applejack at a celery stand and when up next to her.

" Hey Sis!" Said Applebloom.

" Whoa"! Applejack Became frightened from the jump scare.

But Applejack realized it was Apple Bloom.

" What in tar-nation was that for"? Said Applejack.

" Well, I wanted to know what y'all were doin"? Said Applebloom.

" Well all I was doin was buying something other than apples because I heard if all I eat is that Apples ill get myself poisoned and if I'm sick I can't work " Applejack gave the little filly a stern look as she waited for a response.

Appleblooms Smile turned into a frown, and she pouted a little. Apple jacks stern face when away she smiled and hugged Applebloom.

"Ah shucks Applebloom I ain't mad at yah; I'm just a tad hungry and tired." Said A sorry Applejack.

Applejack Gave the mare behind the stand a small Cloth sack of about five Bits and the two sister earth ponies walked back to the farm.

" So do yah do this all the time Applejack?" Said apple bloom.

" Well No, not really you see that with out the work that I do we would be broke and be forced to sell the farm."

Applebloom took some time to process the information.

" Huh interesting." Thought Applebloom to her self.

The two were about half way back to Sweet Apple Acres when suddenly Applebloom noticed an Old Path that lead into the woods. She decided to take a short walk inside to see what there was.

* Creek.

The sound of a very loud creaking noise and brush moving killed the silence.

" AHHHH"! Apple bloom screamed.

Applejack heard the screaming, and she noticed that Applebloom was missing.

" Oh No"! Said a frightened Applejack. She ran to the noise behind her.

Applebloom saw a large, dead tree fall towards her, and She jumped just missing the tree from hitting her little body.

Applebloom was pinned on her right hind leg and slammed into the dirt face first.

Applejack came into Appleblooms blurry sight.

" This is bad please oh hang on their Applebloom"!

" Mah Leg hurts AJ." Said Apple bloom.

" We need to lift the tree off you."

Applebloom nodded with agreement.

Applejack tried her hardest, but she couldn't lift the heavy tree, and She needed more muscle.

" Ill be right right back don't move." Said Applejack and she ran as fast as her legs could bring her back to the Farm were Big Mac had just finished plowing one of the fields. Applejack Still panting when up to the Big red stallion was sitting drinking water.

" Big Macintosh, AppleBloom got cough under a tree But I can't lift it I need your help "!

Big Macintosh stood up and then he realized the situation and her then agreed with a

" Eeup"!

And then the two ran of back to the sight were AppleBloom was at.

" Alright Apple Jack i got this end get Pull Apple bloom out." Said Big Mac and he then returned with a

" NOW!"

Big Mac used all his energy to make A one foot gap between the ground, and Appleblooms leg that was sunk in the ground and very bruised. Applejack pulled the injured filly out from the tree and then laid Apple bloom on her back. The two older ponies looked over Applebloom and there attention moved over to her hurt leg.

" hold it ," Applejack said.

" Eeup." Said Big Macintosh.

All Applebloom could remember is that everything became blurry, and she dozed off from all the excitement and pain.


Part 2 (Ponyville Hospital) 10:50 AM

The Beeping of a Hart monitor filled the room. A white Hospital room that housed Applebloom and a White earth pony Nurse, who Was Writing down notes on a clipboard. Apple bloom was laid down on her back with her Metal Arm Holding her Right rear leg up which was also In a cast. Applebloom Opened her eyes.

" Were am I?" AppleBloom said as she waited for a response.

But all that she got was Happy Smile from the nurse whom then walked over to her bedside.

" Now Applebloom I'm glad you're awake But I need you to not move your legs. It will hurt if you do." Said A reassuring nurse RedHeart.

Applebloom was still a little hazy, And a bit confused on where she was.

" Now Applebloom I'm going to get your family to talk to you alright?" Said Nurse Redheart.

Redheart opened the walked through the curtain of her room and went to the door and told Applejack, Granny smith, and Big Macintosh to come inside. Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo Tried to Go in afterwards but they were not allowed in. Applejack was the first to see her little sister.

" Apple Bloom Are Ya alright can I get You," Apple Jack said As quickly as quickly as they had come in.

" Well Ah-." Applebloom was then drowned with questions of concern from her family.

This happened for about five minutes in till the nurse settled them down. Applejack then went up next to Applebloom and gave her a kiss on the forehead.

" Apple bloom I could have lost yea back there if that tree hit your body you would be gone." Said Applejack.
*( Apple Jack's thoughts)

" If I lost her I don't know what I would do without her." Apple Jack thought to herself.


Part 3 One week later...


After AppleBloom Had her accident Applejack decided that after she had Went to her sister's bedside and took care of her little sister she wanted a little one of her own to love and take care of. So she went to her doctor the following Sunday, and this is what happened.


Sunday 11:02 AM


Applejack was in the waiting room at Ponyville Hospital. She scheduled an appointment with her doctor she had decided to check if she was healthy enough for a child.

" Applejack, The Doctor will see you now." Said one of the nurses from a door.

Applejack Got up and walked past the nurse who followed her and led to her office. Applejack knocked the door twice, and a muffled voice said,

" Come in."

Applejack opened the wooden door and stepped inside.

" Take a seat will you?" Said the doctor.

Applejack then took a seat, and there conversation began.

After about 20 minutes later.

" I'm very very sorry Applejack but your chances of having a child of your own is extremely slim to none." Said the doctor.

Applejack's eyes teared up as she got the terrible news. She got up and hugged the doctor tightly, and she cried out loud.

"Well, Mrs Applejack have you ever thought about adoption?" Responded the doctor.