Sunset Shimmer's Return?!

by JusSonic

Chapter 3: Hence Comes the Destroyer

Chapter 3: Hence Comes the Destroyer

As nighttime fell in Canterlot, Azure Phoenix accompanied Princess Celestia and Princess Luna back to their home. The conversion involving Sunset Shimmer is still on their mind. They want to believe that Twilight will succeed in befriending...but what would happened if some secrets get exposed too soon, like some that weren't meant to be learnt?

Azure notes on the scared look on Celestia's face. He spoke, up to get her attention, "I know that look of yours. What is it?"

Celestia sighed, "I'm concern of how Ben react... If he found the truth from Sunset Shimmer sooner than before, will I be forgiven?"

"You should have told him the truth when he returned to you. Like Tao had said, the sooner is better than later..."

"I know... But I couldn't bear to do it... As his mother, I was trying to look after him, and even wants him to get and be what he wants. I don't want the truth drive the wedge between me and him."

"Like what happen to Iris?" Azure asks Celestia making her sigh in sadness. She recall the events that led to Iris being taken from her before. If only the Alicorn should've known better...but now? It is since too late.

"Like before; Because of my overprotective of the truth, I've lost her..." Celestia begins to say, getting more sad by the moment. The Alicorn had never forgiven herself for losing Iris before.

"Sister, you can't blame yourself because of your overprotective nature." Luna said, comforting her sister as she patted her on the back. "Beside, as a mother, you are willing to give your best to raise and treat your child. I know that very well. If you are willing to tell Ben the truth, Azure, Tao and I will be there for you to speak the truth."

"Oh Luna... Thank you. You are a very much understanding pony as... as...Sombra and Jack." Celestia said, hugging Luna in relief. Azure cleared his throat causing the mare to giggle. "Of course, I can trust you too, Azure. We've been friends since Megan and I visited you."

"Thank you." Azure said to Celestia with a grunt.

Luna giggled in amusement by the response, "If I didn't know any better, I'd say you're jealous."

"Jea-Jealous; what's that gotta to do with my friendship with your sister? Besides, our relationship had ended a long time ago since Sombra tried to seduce her!"

Celestia giggled in more amusement. She can tell that her former beau is trying to lie. The Alicorn comments, "That means you're jealous."

Azure groaned in annoyance, suspecting that she's messing with him, "I hate your jokes. Honestly, I can't remember of how trouble you and your family really were and I be the one to clean it up 2,000 years ago. Anyhow...Saber Dragoon, Blazefist and Tailtech will be keeping their eyes on Sunset Shimmer. If she planned to speak about your true relationship, they will put her to sleep for a while."

"Indeed. Rest assured that Sunset Shimmer won't betray us. I know... she will be fine as long as Twilight and Flash keep her safe."

"It's not her I'm worried about. It's my Human self. He was... so much like my past... We have to be very careful. And more importantly, your student must not go back to that world unless there's an important mission to deal with..."

"Understood, old love one..." Celestia said with a sigh. She knows that Twilight misses her old friends from the other world but it's not safe to go back to just yet.

"In fact, tomorrow morning, I planned to have an important yet dangerous form with Twilight."

"You mean?"

"Yes. She is ready." Azure said to Celestia sternly.

The princess hesitates, knowing what this means. Azure is about to help Twilight work with the powers of darkness, ways of making sure she doesn't get corrupted and ways that the Alicorn Princess of Friendship can use it in the future, when it comes to fighting evil beings and such...especially those of long ago.

The big question: will the training be enough?


DJ Red groans as he is in a special room used to summoning Devil Destroyer which the Dark Mystic Pony is in the progress of doing right now. The minion hates doing this, especially with the Devil Destroyer's nasty attitude. But if Dark Curse insists that he's summoned, DJ Red will have to do it. He can hope that the Devil Destroyer doesn't kill him right away for this.

Sure enough, an explosion occurs, making DJ Red almost blind. A shadowy figure appears in the room, looking around then glaring angrily at him. The Devil Destroyer know where he's at and who DJ Red is...and he doesn't like him.

Devil Destroyer huffed angrily, "You've got some nerve in summoning me after what you had done to me before, and especially letting that Dark Elf sent me to Arctic!"

"Hey, pipe down, will ya? Besides, you want some serious battle. You get one. So, stop screwing up!" DJ Red exclaims to Devil Destroyer nervously. Hopefully he can calm down so that Dark Curse can tell him what must be done. The Mystic Pony hates talking with this guy.

"Enough, DJ; I will have my talk with him."

DJ Red nods then leads Devil Destroyer out of the room, doing his best not to look at the shadowy figure out of fear of provoking him. The leader of the Dark Mystic Ponies was waiting patiently for the two's arrival. Once the Devil Destroyer arrives, DJ Red quickly leaves to left the master talk with him alone (and to avoid madness should this meeting goes south).

Devil Destroyer groaned in anger, "What do you want, Dark Curse? This better hope is not of your errand."

"It will be." Dark Curse said to Devil Destroyer, his eyes glow in darkness and red. "Bring Sunset Shimmer to me. But at the same time, I want you to have... some fun at Ponyville. Defeat and destroy anyone that stands in our way. Kill them if you have to... But leave Ben alive..."

"There's one thing I don't get... Why him being spared and not killed?! There is no way someone like him can be turned to our side!"

Dark Cruse chuckled darkly as if knowing something that the Devil Destroyer doesn't, "Never say never, Devil...Now go; Retrieve her. I need her information."

Devil Destroyer huffed in annoyance but agrees grudgingly, "Fine... Better be worth my time..."

Devil Destroyer turned and left. Dark Curse shakes his head. That creature can be a stubborn freak but he's the most powerful one in the Dark Mystic Pony army. If anyone can get the job done, it's the Devil Destroyer...and woe to any pony who dares gets in the way.

Dark Curse turns to Twilight Moon, who was watching the whole time, as he said, "Tell your leader that the Demon Warrior is on the Hunt."

Twilight Moon bowed before Dark Curse as she said, "At once, Lord Dark Curse."


Sunset was having a good time during the past few days. She was already making friends with some of the Ponyville residents who weren't angry because of what her pony self has done...mainly because Equestria Prime hasn't met them.

Sunset even learned about the Dark Mystic Ponies. She remarks, "Wow, those guys would make their human terrorist selves seem normal."

As Rainbow was eating, she almost choked before asking, "Wait, terrorists; as in humans that hurt other humans?"

"Precisely," Sunset said with a nod. "These Dark terrorists are evil, especially their leader Dark Curse. They want to take over the world by getting rid of 'the filth'."

"Geez and I thought Earth had trouble with their own terrorists." Twilight said, shaking her head a bit. "Oh, BTW, we are always friends with some humans. Did we tell you about a human named Megan Richards?"

"No, but this is a first." Sunset Shimmer said with a light chuckle. She glanced at Chase who is nearby...apparently doing his best to avoid the truth that he is spying on them. Of course, that didn't stop the human turned pony into giving a suspicious look.

Ben saw what Sunset's looking at, saying, "Oh, that's Chase. Don't worry about him...though lately there had been some suspicions on him."

"Don't you have a version of him back home?" Fluttershy asked Sunset curiously.

"Yes...yes I do." Sunset said nodding slowly. She does have a Chase back home...and yet, the mare knew that it isn't a good idea for her version has a secret that he doesn't wish anyone else but his team and Azure to know about.

"So anyway..." Twilight said with a smile. "I know you're going to enjoy it here."

"I am so far." Sunset said. She looked up to see Flash getting two ice cream cones. "Excuse me for a moment."

Sunset got up and trotted over to Flash who is doing his best to hold up the ice cream cones. Upon seeing the mare, he smiles sheepishly while saying, "Oh, hey there, Sunset."

"Well, well, got two ice cream cones, have we?" Sunset teased Flash. "Planning on eating them yourself?"

"Well, not sure if I could by myself." Flash said, chuckling nervously making Sunset laugh a bit. It's so cute the way he does it. "Uh, but if you want an ice cream cone..."

"I'd love to." Sunset giggled, taking one of the cones from Flash. She notes the smile and couldn't help but grin back. "Somehow, you set me up for this, had you?"

"Maybe; did it work?" Flash joked, making the two laughed a bit.

"So are you one of the princess's Royal Guards?" Sunset asked, referring to Twilight.

"Oh no, I am actually a guard for Princess Cadance at the Crystal Empire...but I come by to visit my buddy Ben and his gal Twilight every once in a while." Flash explained to Sunset with a grin. "You should see the empire sometime. It's really nice."

"A Crystal Empire," Sunset asked in amazement.

"Yeah, it used to be ruled by an evil unicorn named Sombra but it was freed. Ironically, Sombra is reformed as well." Flash explained to Sunset with a nod. "Twilight's bro Shining is ruling it with Cadance."

"Well, if I can, I can stop by." Sunset said as she uses her free hoof to rub Flash's mane, making him blush. "Thanks for the ice cream cone."

Flash blushed, chuckling like a dope as he headed out on his way. Sunset got back to the group who was watching the scene. Twilight asked her new friend, "Getting friendly with Flash, are we?"

"A girl doesn't kiss and tell." Sunset teased Twilight.

"That's not what the script said!" Pinkie exclaimed happily, bouncing up and down playfully.

Sunset looked bewildered by that. Rainbow, with a hoof to her face, shook her head saying, "Don't ask...just don't."


Discord was busy in Fluttershy's cottage, humming as he was cleaning in his usual clean-up way. The chimera thought that he could surprise Fluttershy once she gets back.

Just then, the door slammed open, Discord saw a worn down but determined Lorcan who came up, saying, "Discord, I need chicken!"

"And some cake." Michael reminded Lorcan while following. "Don't forget that."

"Oh really? A special order for the princess," Discord teased Lorcan in amusement. "What she couldn't get it herself?"

"Look, I just came up to get an order, now make it already!" Lorcan exclaimed impatiently. "I had to deal with two carriages today and I ain't dealing with anymore!"

"Well, fine. I supposed I could whip something up." Discord said, putting a hand to his chin while looking thoughtful. "Of course, the task will be hard to do alone...mind helping me out, Lorcy?"

"What?! Why," Lorcan demanded to Discord in disbelief. He came here to pick up an order, not make it!

"I don't do this stuff for free. You want it? You pay with it through hard cooking!" Discord exclaimed playfully, turning into a chef, mixing cake mix in a batter.

"For the love of..." Lorcan growled as he gripped the handle of his beam sword, than groaned and put it away. "I hate my life."


Twilight and the family laughed as they came back to the castle with Sunset. Today was so much fun; the group can't wait to do it again.

"I like hanging with my family, especially my Aunt Sunny!" Nyx giggled a bit.

"'Aunt Sunny'," Sunset asked in surprised. "You're referring to me? We ain't related!"

"True, but you like my Uncle Flash who is my honorable uncle...and since you are nice I'm making you one of my honorable aunts." Nyx explains to Sunset playfully. The human felt touched. This is a first time that she was made a honorable member of a family outside her own.

"Oh, Nyx..." Sunset said with a warm smile, "I'd like that very much."

Someone was heard clearing his throat. The group looked up to see Azure, drinking tea at the council table. Ben spoke, "Oh, Azure. I didn't know you were visiting."

"Twilight; the other day, I was planning to have an important lesson to teach but it was delayed due to... unexpected visitor..." Azure said sternly, reminding Twilight of the lesson that he was planning to give Twilight until Sunset's arrival forced him to delay it.

"Sorry." Sunset said in guilt, feeling bad for that.

"Anyway, that's not important. I'm here to train you to perform the powerful and darkest mode: Dark Form." Azure explains to Twilight, much to the group's surprise.

"Dark form," The group asked in unison.

"What is a dark form, mommy?" Nyx ask in concern. "Is it like when Spike and I were turned bad one time by Shendu?"

"Dark Form is another form, but this one is very dangerous and darkest form to use. It require that not only the user to be 100% in using Dark Magic but also in controlling that power or else... you will lose to that form... forever..." Twilight explained seriously to Nyx. Looks like Azure wants to help her control the darkness to use it against the forces of evil. But is she really up to it?

"Darkest form; isn't that bad?" Sunset asked in worry.

"Darkness is bad...but only for those who wish to use it for evil." Azure explained clearly to Twilight and Sunset. "It can be used for good as long as one doesn't fall to the corruption."

"Lord Azure, are you certain that I'm ready for that kind of task?" Twilight asked Azure in concern. "I mean... I know I'm good at using Dark Magic, but I'm not sure about the Dark Form."

"I'm certain... Besides, you are ready to perform that, Twilight." Azure explained to Twilight calmly. "Remember, Twilight, in every life, it requires light and darkness, no matter what. Be calm, gentle and always had positive thoughts no matter what to control that powers. Because without it, you will be lost... forever..."

Twilight nodded her head, saying, "I understand."

"Good. Watch and learn. Remember, Darkness is part of everything and it is Light's brother. Calm and unleash the power within." Azure said, breathing in and out.

Ben, Spike, Nyx, Phobos and Sunset move to give the two some room. Azure Phoenix had his eyes closed for a moment. His body glowed in black and white mixed glowing for a moment as well. He opened his eyes, filled with greenish eyes then a green beam appeared. For the moment that had passed, the greenish beam disappeared soon after. Everyone looks surprised as Azure Phoenix had Demonic armored, darker horseshoes, black cape and a Demonic Emperor's helmet and his eyes was filled with crimson and pupils were golden Demonic.

Azure Phoenix spoke in a normal voice despite his change, "Behold...My Dark Form."

Phobos whistled in amazement, "Got to admit. For a Dark Form, that was amazing."

"Yeah...the question is will Twilight's form be like that?" Spike asked getting concerned.

"We can only hope for the best." Ben said in concern.

"Your turn, Twilight," Azure said to Twilight. The Alicorn nodded as she began to focus. The mare hoped for the best.

Twilight's eyes are covered by a pure green light. The circle was formed on here. BOOM! The greenish beam appeared and surrounded her. Her body slowly grew tall inch as Princess Celestia, followed by her wearing dark and blackish armor with her darken Cutie Mark and a two horned helmet. Twilight Sparkle Dark Form was created.

"Wow, that's" Sunset said, her eyes widen in amazement yet concern.

"Mommy; You all right," Nyx asked Twilight. The mare was cringing, groaning some for reason. Something's wrong.

Twilight groaned painfully as she laid down on the ground, hard, "Too much... Dark Energy...Too painful... Too much..."

"Shut it down now, Twilight!" Azure urged Twilight in alarm. Something had indeed gone wrong!

With a grunt sounding, a purplish circle appeared and blasted up. It transformed her Dark Form back to normal. Twilight breathed heavily and panted. That transformation almost killed her or worst!

"Twilight," Applejack exclaimed in concern as she and the rest of the Mane Five head up to Twilight in concern.

The girls were coming into the castle to see how their friend was doing when they saw this scene, the gang ran up to check as Fluttershy asked, "Oh dear, what happened?!"

"Azure was teaching her to have a Dark Form." Ben explained in concern to the girls. "Something must've gone wrong."

"Dark Form," Rainbow asked, a bit disturbed.

"We will explain later." Spike said as he came up to help his mother/big sister up, "Twilight? You okay?"

"I'm fine. I was almost taken." Twilight said with a groan and a sigh.

"Twilight, did you have some negative thoughts within your head?" Azure asked Twilight seriously. Perhaps negative thoughts were the reason the first try didn't go so well.

"Well...I thought about Starlight's death...and the monster who took him called Lorcan." Twilight explained with a deep frown, recalling her brother's death...and that monster Lorcan who took him. "I felt guilty for not saving him...and angry because of Lorcan."

"Lorcan..." Spike said, remembering his own brother too well, back from that war against him.

"You should make peace at some point." Fluttershy said gently, "Like you did with Discord."

"Discord didn't kill anyone...Lorcan did." Twilight said, looking down. She hasn't got to be at peace with Starlight's well as with Lorcan.

Azure sighed, "Perhaps, it was too soon... Because of your brother's death, you won't able to achieve that power. For now, you'll figure it out on how to control that form or it will control you."

Azure's right. Until Twilight can control her Dark Form, she can't risk transforming into it anytime...not with the negative thoughts still there...


Pinkamena's group, during the past 3 days, was able to meet up with Sunset and introduce herself. Although the former human was creep out by Pinkamena's appearance, she calm down and accepted her.

The group is in the secret dungeon right. Pinkamena got a thought as she spoke up, "I am beginning to feel like the foes think that Sunset has great info and I think she does. It makes me worry about her being in danger; they might be even planning to create powerful cyber robots to use here and Shadow Dragon may try to fool Sunset."

"Together, we can overcome any foe." Golden Heart assured his sister, hugging her a bit.

The others nodded to that as Pinkamena calms down and said, "Thanks, brother, but let's be ready if they try to get Sunset; be ready for any planned surprises."

The others were puzzled but lightly nodded as they headed off to be ready.


Blazefist's group was on top of another building, keeping an eye on Sunset. It's getting boring by the minute, especially since they are told not to ask unless anything bad happens.

Blazefist groaned, upset, "I can't believe this. Not only do we had to baby sit and spy on Sunset Shimmer, I'm actually spying on my own lord?! That's stupid and rude much!"

Saber Dragon, a light yellow Earth Pony with a black mane in bun-shaped and short tail and his Cutie Mark was Twin Swords and a Dragon Symbol, spoke up to his colleague, "Hey, we don't have a choice. We've got our orders, especially since it was from our Emperor."

Tailtech, an orange fox-Unicorn and his Cutie Mark was a wrench and communication device, nodded while holding the binoculars. He spoke, "He's right about it. Besides, we need to keep an eye on Sunset Shimmer from being caught and abused by our unwanted guests."

Blazefist groaned in annoyance, "Fine... Just don't make me regret what I'm doing. Spying on Lord Azure means high treason against the Phoenix Kingdom."

Unknown to the group, Flare Tiger was also watching Sunset when she noticed the Mystic Ponies who kept spying on Sunset then she groaned in anger and trotted over to them

Flare Tiger walked behind them, growling, "Blazefist, Saber Dragoon, and Tailtech..."

They yelped in fear as they pop out their hideout and Sunset and Twilight saw them laying around as they're worried about it. Not good!

Twilight asked, "Are you okay?"

Blazefist groaned, "We're fine...Flare Tiger, Why're you doing this to us!?!"

Flare Tiger stepped out of the hideout and smiled, explaining, "Ah can telling what's Lord Jade thinking, and then no, Ah'm not letting ya spy on Sunset."

Everyone, but Sunset and Twilight, gasp, "What!?!"

Flare Tiger chuckled, "That meant ya had to get know to her, not spy."

Tailtech groaned, "Lord Jade will kill us for this..."

Flare Tiger turned to Sunset with a smile, asking, "Do ya remember the Secret Agents?"

Sunset gasped, "Then they're Blazefist, Saber Dragoon, and Tailtech?"

Flare Tiger nodded while confirming, "Eeyup, then tell them the Humans' Secret Code's names."

"Okay, Flare Tiger," Sunset nodded, "Then Blazefist is Fire Falcon, Saber Dragoon's Arsenal Blades, and finally, Techtail is Techbuild."

The trio spoke in awe, "Cool..."

Techtail wondered as he said, "I was wondering about Flare Tiger..."

Sunset answers, "Easy, she's Inferno Tora."

They look baffled, staring at Flare Tiger who whistled innocently, looking at them with a confused look as she asked, "What?"

They mumbled around then Blazefist sighed, "So, Flare Tiger...What brings you here?"

Flare Tiger pulled out a box that's filled with files with a smile, she spoke, "Ah figure ya need lots of information in here in order for Sunset to learn about this world as mah counter-human knew of this world and kept secret along with Twilight Sparkle's counter-humans friends. The names are in the file are ones who promise to kept secret about the portal. Please take them to Lord Jade and tell him it's impossible for him to escape from mah senses. Mah senses did gone crazy as Ah need bit of more Mystic Guards around Ponyville for good reasons."

Sunset gasped, "Wow... You're one mystery Alicorn!"

Flare Tiger grinned while admitting, "Eeyup, Ah'm random!"

They laughed at her comment as Blazefist vote to take the box and carried it to Lord Jade and inform him about it as Saber Dragoon and Tailtech promise to never spy and kept tabs on Sunset for safely reasons. Flare Tiger looked back to Sunset and smiled as she adds, "Before Ah leave, Don't listen to Chase for a while until Ah said it's safe to say it. Nor listen to who came from outside of Ponyville unless it's their friends or families."

Sunset nodded, confused, but she said in understanding, "I understand, but why?"

Flare Tiger sighed, "Mah sense warning about the future and Ah'm worried about the fate of ya' life, it's really in the balance right now."

Sunset nodded while continuing, "Oh, I see. I will do my best."

Flare Tiger smiled while taking her leave, saying, "See ya!"

They watched Flare Tiger trotted away as they looked at each other.


Azure Phoenix, Blazefist, Saber and Tailtech had a private conversation after telling Twilight to move out. The lord wasn't pleased to hear of him being spied on but he wasn't too angry. It's for safety reasons after all.

"When the Emperor mentioned spying, it doesn't mean you had to spy on her." Azure scolded the trio sternly. "You had to be friends with her, got it?" The lord sighed while shaking his head, "Somehow, I really wish he was here for you."

"Sorry, sir. It won't happen again." Blazefist apologized, bowing to Azure in apology.

"I'm not the one you should be worry about." Azure said sternly as he held up a device. A holographic form of Firmtact Waller appeared in front of four ponies...and she doesn't look none too pleased.

"Care to tell me of what is going on?! And especially why you're stopping from spying on that Human," Firmtact snapped angrily to the trio, making them a bit nervous.

"We had some troubles with someone else." Saber explained, referring to the problem with Flare Tiger.

"Flare Tiger knew what we were doing. She stopped and informed us that the Human Version of Main Six and Flare Tiger kept the secrets about the portal to here." Tailtech explained seriously.

"Does that stop you from working? No? Get to work!" Firmtact snapped in annoyance, not wanting to hear another word of it, "If that Tiger wants to interfere, ignore her and continue your work no matter what! I don't care who she was and where she was! She is no threat to me! So, get out of there and find out more about this human. And more importantly; whatever that tiger said, don't believe it. I don't buy what she had said. Got it?" The trio of spies nods, not wanting to get on her bad side. "Good. Now get the job done! And make sure that the enemy gets no information from her or not even Ben gets his. Nothing must inform to any of them!"

The trio saluted as Azure turned the hologram off, sighing in irritation. That Firmtact is one pain in the flank!


The ponies of Ponyville are doing their activities like buying stuff, selling, talking, eating, skateboarding, pulling carts. It appears to be a normal like day when..

THUMP! THUMP! THUMP! The Town begins to be shaken like an earthquake, startling everyone, especially the heroes and Sunset Shimmer.

"What's going on," Cheerilee asks in shock and worry as the ground shakes some more.

"An Equestrian-quake," Caramel exclaims, shaking in worry. Earthquakes aren't always good, especially since it could be a natural disaster...or worst!

THUMP! Everyone turned to the center. They found blackish smoke engulfing the area and soon a shadow figure appears, sitting on something big. As the smoke dispersed, it is revealed to be the Devil Destroyer riding on a Black Blaze Dragon. And trust me, folks, his appearance is enough to freak the ponies and others out!

"Whoa, who are you?!" Rainbow demands in alarm as the Mane Six's group are a bit alarmed by the appearance of this newcomer.

"He doesn't look nice!" Fluttershy exclaims, shivering a bit in fear of the Black Blaze Dragon.

Devil Destroyer huffed as he booms out, "I am Devil Destroyer! And you must be the pest that Dark Curse wanted!"

Sunset gasped in terror as she recognize his name from talking with Tao, especially since the name is something from back home, "Devil Destroyer the Demon Warrior; Oh no!"

"Ah done take it yew heard o' 'dis feller?" Applejack asks Sunset, arching an eyebrow in concern.

"Tell us because we need to know." Ben insists to Sunset in concert.

"Devil Destroyer is one of the strongest and dangerous of the Fearsome Four." Sunset explains seriously to her friends. "Trust me, everyone. He was never ever beaten by his enemies. And you can't even injure his armor. This monster will shred you to pieces. And when I mean it, I seriously meant it. There is no way you can beat him. We have to run from the fight now!"

"No way! If he run off, this guy would tear the other villagers!" Pinkie protests to Sunset in alarm. It's true. The Devil Destroyer might rip through the other ponies just to get to Sunset no matter what!

"As the Princess of Friendship, I cannot allow Devil Destroyer to get his way." Twilight remarks in agreement. She won't allow Devil Destroyer to get away with what he it is he is doing.

Devil Destroyer chuckled in amusement, "You're either brave or stupid to challenge me... Then again, it makes things interesting. Who wants to challenge me?"

"Bring it on, pal!" Rainbow exclaims in determination.

Rainbow Dash flew and charged straight at Devil Destroyer. She took out her Magical Nunchuks Gun Mode and begins firing at him for a few times. He remained standing much to her concern. As soon as she's closed to him, the Devil Destroyer quickly swung his halberd on her, sending the Pegasus pony to the clock-tower's bell hard and painful!

"Ouch! Something about this fight rings a bell!" Pinkie exclaims, making a joke to brighten the fight up.

"Who's next?" Devil Destroyer demands in confidence and determination.

"Pinkie, let's blast him off!" Rarity exclaims as she and Pinkie stood their ground. No monster would get away with harming her friends and get away with it!

"Bring it on!" Pinkie exclaims as the two ponies brought their weapons out.

Rarity and Pinkie blasted their Eternal Style and Party Canon at Devil Destroyer for a few times. While not damaged and hurt by the blast, he approached them. As soon as the Devil Destroyer's closed to his enemies, he roared in anger as he himself had thrust his halberd in front and unleashed a powerful vortex blast: Dark Nexus at them, sending both mares away. The Devil Destroyer approached them as he's prepared to finish them off.

Applejack threw her Diamond Lasso on Devil Destroyer's hoof hard. She pulled as hard as she herself can, with the help of her powerful Ribbon Strength. He continued resisted the pulling while glaring at her. For once the moment had passed, Devil Destroyer roared in anger then he pulled his hoof hard; bringing Applejack right o to him. The villain punched her muzzle hard.

He turned and found a scary and frightened Fluttershy covering herself up. Devil Destroyer snarled in anger, causing her screamed in fear and ran off. No surprise there.

His back got blasted for a few times, Devil Destroyer turned and glared at both Twilight and Nyx who is now in her adult form, who had their horns glowed. He turned and charged at them both. They quickly dodged and moved back as quickly as they themselves can from his swinging, striking and thrusting his halberd at them. The two continued blasting their Unicorn Bursts at him for a few times. He quickly slammed his halberd onto the ground hard causing them to flew up and unleashed their Hyper Rainbow Ball at him.

BOOM! The smoke engulfed him up. For once the moment had passed, Twilight and Nyx landed onto the ground gently. They were about to check when the Devil Destroyer roared in anger as he came out from the smoke. The villain charged straight them to the walls hard. He then punched and kicked them hard and quick for a few times. The Devil Destroyer then grabbed Twilight's head tightly. His hoof glowed darkly as it burnt her head painfully. He then slammed her onto the ground hard. The Devil Destroyer turned to Nyx who was about to fly out but got slammed by his powerful halberd to the ground hard.

Devil Destroyer turned and glared at both Ben and Flash. Spike and Phobos were guarding and protecting Sunset Shimmer, knowing that they're the only ones left standing.

"You are not getting her from us, Devil!" Ben exclaims, waving his Master Sword in determination.

Devil chuckled, "Try me, spoiled swine."

"Hey! That's my best friend you insulted!" Flash exclaims furiously at the villain.

Flash and Ben charged in. They swung their Master Sword and Spear at Devil Destroyer onto his head, chest and limbs but he quickly moved back while blocking and deflecting the attacks quickly for a few times. They both slammed their weapons onto him but the two stallions are blocked by his Halberd. He pushed it up and slammed his hoof on the ground hard, pushing both Ben and Flash back.

Devil Destroyer roared in anger as he charged in. The villain swung, stroke and slammed his halberd onto Ben, who quickly moved back from the attacks twice before kicking his head twice and then punched him to the ground. Ben jumped and slammed his sword onto Devil's head, but was grabbed by his hoof tightly. The Earth Pony gasped. And before he could do anything, Devil punched him on his chest for five times before slamming him down onto the ground for ten times. He then slammed him to the ground hard for the last time. Ben is down!

Devil turned and battled against Flash as they swung each other halberd and spear for a few times over their heads, chests and limbs. Flash thrust his spear at Devil's chest, but the villain moved to his right. He then punched on his chest hard and painful. Flash swung his spear onto Devil's head hard, then kicked on his face twice before kicking on his chest hard. Flash quickly slammed his head onto Devil's head hard. Devil roared in anger as he slammed him onto the ground hard before the Pegasus got stomped by him for three times.

Devil Destroyer chuckled darkly. He turned and looked at the frightened Sunset Shimmer, only the Dragons are left. Spike and Phobos armed themselves in fighting position. He roared in anger as the villain swung them aside hard. The Devil Destroyer was about to grab Sunset Shimmer, but his back legs were grabbed by injured Flash. He can't allow her to be taken; the Pegasus pony can't lose another Sunset Shimmer!

Flash groaned, "You're not... getting her... away... from ME!"

Devil huffed in amusement, "I liked your determination. But it's useless to fight back, brat!" The monster kicked Flash's head hard; knocking him unconscious. "You're next."

"No! Don't take me! Please! I'm too fragile to do it! Don't!" Sunset screams as the Devil Destroyer grabs her.

As most of the gang got back up, they can only watch the Devil Destroyer being engulfed in smoke while holding Sunset. And when all is clear, both are gone! Hoo boy. Not good.


The Mane Six, Ben, Nyx and the Dragons came back to the castle to recover. Tao, Jade, and the team ordered to keep an eye on Sunset came by; the heroes informed them about Sunset Shimmer's abduction by the Devil Destroyer. Tao's usual response; He hits them on the head hard for doing something reckless and foolish while scolding them like they are foals (ironically since Nyx is still one!).

"What were you thinking?! How can you fight and battle with Devil Destroyer?! You're getting more reckless and irresponsible than before!" Tao scolds at the group angrily.

Rainbow moaned painfully while rubbing her head, "Tell me about it. I guess why you purposely tested me about Devil Destroyer. You never told me about him."

"You never asked." Jade admits, making her friends groan a bit.

"We're sorry, Tao. We were guard unprepared." Twilight explains to Tao, apologizing.

"Right; so we lost the first fight, but at least we learned from it, right?" Ben asks Tao sheepishly.

"Yes, and almost died! Next time you confronted a new foe, run away!" Tao scolds Ben, hitting him on the head once more, causing the colt to yelp. "Honestly, you are just like your parents!"

"We had to get her back now!" Flash exclaims frantically and scared. Sunset may not be his Sunset but he's scared of losing her! Who knows what the Devil Destroyer would do to her?!

"Why would the Dark Mystic Ponies be after her?" Twilight ask, concerned by Sunset's abduction. "I mean, yes, she is a Human. But what's so special about her?"

"Firmtact was right from the beginning. Because of her being one of the government; she has lots of information that Dark Mystic Ponies were after." Blazefist explains seriously to the group.

"Question remains... which one was important? And why?" Saber Dragoon ask seriously as well. Whatever the Dark Mystic Ponies are after, they believed that Sunset got what they themselves wanted.

"Whatever it was, we can't wait. We have to find her now!" Twilight exclaims seriously. She refused to let Sunset be tortured for something that she may not know about!

Tailtech smirked while speaking, pointing to a hoof computer, "Lucky for you. I've got what you need. I had her tracked on my screen."

"Then, let's go! It's personal." Flash exclaims, holding his spear sternly and furiously.

"Got it; But I'll keep an eye on you from going berserk." Ben said in concern. The last thing he wants is for his best friend to lose it.


Sunset woke up a few minutes later, finding herself in some sort of metal room. The last thing that the former Human remembered was the Devil Destroyer kidnapping her before she passed. Sunset was tied to a chair. And hanging over the top of her was a drilling-like device.

Dark Curse appears, smiling wickedly to Sunset as he spoke, "You are going to tell me... of what I want, Sunset Shimmer."

"What do you want? Whatever you're looking for, Dark Curse; I will never betray my friends!" Sunset insists to Dark Curse in worry. Whatever he wants, the girl is certain that she doesn't have it! "You can't make me! I won't make my mistake as my pony counterpart!"

Dark Curse chuckled, shaking his head as he explains, "You misinformed. I don't want your loyalty. I want information; Information involving the Transformers."

Sunset gasped in shock, "I... I don't know what you're talking about!"

Dark Curse chuckled as if believing her to be lying to him, "Don't lie, little girl. You know me too well. And you should know that... I don't take no for an answer."

"No! I really don't know! I was banished here! I have no knowledge of any electrical device!"

"Not device, extraterrestrial beings. And I know. You had one. Let the mind extraction begins. Show me what I need to see...."

Dark Curse brought the drilling down towards her head. It glow crimson. As it touched on her head, burning hissed noises are heard, Sunset gasped and hissed in pain before she screamed in pain. Her body glowed in red and cyan mixed colors. They were absorbed and now entered the drilling progress.

"Noooooooooo," Sunset screams in pain.

Dark Curse chuckled darkly, "You will tell me... of what I need to know, Human Sunset. Your kind will bring apocalypse to this world. If that happen, the Three Lords of Equestria shall bring fought the new age; The Age of Darkness."

Unless Sunset's friends can get to her first, she may not even live to return to her own world, if that's still a possibility!