Saiyan of All

by GMD

Clearing Thing's Up

Saiyan of All
Written by: GMD

"Why have thee cometh to our land, foul saiyan?" The dark tall horse said. It looks like these 2 are different from the species i've met so far.

"Well, it wasn't my intention to come here. See, after my fight, my pod sent me here on this planet! i don't know why..." I informed the dark one with a weak smile. Just as she was about to speak, the door behind us opened, revealing the six I met earlier. The dark purple one, who apparently was the only one who trusts me, (kind of) the yellow one, who was very nice to me, the rainbow one, who is filled with a huge Vegeta ego, yet leaves others disappointed, and the other three I never really met.

Just as she caught her breathe, the dark magenta one spoke. "Princess! Wait!" She said weakly. She stopped wheezing, and spoke once more.

"This one told us he fought a very powerful enemy that has troubled Equestria for generations!" She spoke. Both the princess alicorn's looked at the magenta one with confusion, and shock.

"What do you mean, Twilight?" The white (Princess) asked in confusion.

"I mean, as we just met this guy, he spoke to us about a few things about how he got here. But then, he said he fought, Frieza! But hasn't told us much about what he ment by it!" She said, just as both the princess' gasped, Goku smiled.

"Saiyan, explain this!" The white one said one said. I simply nodded.

Ya see, my name's Goku. I am a saiyan raised on Earth. I am nothing like the saiyan's you know of, I learned of their existence after my saiyan brother came to Earth to try to make me join him in his terror. Along the way, I fought many battles just to keep my planet safe, Even the prince of the saiyan's! As more time went on, my friends, Krillin, and Bulma, including my son Gohan, went to collect dragons balls on this planet called Namek. Dragon balls are mystical orbs, all the same color of orange, there is dragon balls from 1 to 7 stars on them. But enough on that, let's get on to Frieza.

(I recommend listening to this while reading the next lines.)

See, on Namek, Frieza wanted the dragon balls too, so he could have immortality and rule the cosmos and worlds. My friends tried to stop him... but... they almost died... I wasn't with them when it all happened, I was still in a pod, coming to help. But when I got there, they were all beaten by the Ginyu Force. I managed to stop them, but I needed time to heal as my friends fought off Frieza. They were all beaten, even my small son, Gohan. That awakened much fury into me, and I went after Frieza. We were actually toe to toe, but... then I found out, he wasn't going his full strength! When he did, I nearly would'a died if I didn't use the spirit bomb. Which is an ancient attack that has a lot of energy packed into it. When we hit him with it, we thought he had died, but we were wrong.

He... he killed my friends, Vegeta, Krillin, and Piccolo. And that's when... it happened. Blinded by fury, my power began to rise... and I became, the legendary Super Saiyan! He blew up Planet Namek, with me and him still on it. He was defeated, but I... wasn't very lucky either. That's all I remember before I was in some cottage. Luckily my son made it, and I hope he's doing okay with Piccolo.

(End of song)

I looked all around me, all the ponies were crying inside, while others cried on the outside. The one who was crying the most, was the yellow one. And also the pink one. Couldn't tell. Everyone began to quiet down when the white princess raised her hoof and lowered it. She opened her mouth to speak, but nothing came out, she was speechless. But there was one pony who wasn't, and that was the orange one.

"Naow, I may be teh element of Honesty, buht i'm not shure if he's tehlin the truth er not. Even if Twilight tohld us he's on ouhr side." She said, as she walked up to me. Her eyes were piercing right in my soul. I didn't know if it was scary, or cute over the fact she looks like a 6 year old cartoon for girls.

"Show us it."

"Umm, excuse me, what?" I asked. What does she mean by, *It?*

"I mean, show us dis, Super Sayin thing!" I nodded.

"Sure, but, we can't do it in here, it might blow up the whole castle!" I chuckled. The white one nodded and put that same forcefield around me that was in the cell.

"Now do it. You have a huge forcefield that can withstand ANY amount of power." The white one said. I looked around.

"Well, i'm not sure if this will help, but I guess I can try." I stretched my arms into the air, got into position, and began the transformation. The way I do this is unique, ya see, I think about all the horrible things Frieza did, my rage takes over, and BOOM,, Super Saiyan! The massive energy flowed all around me, as my hair began to flicker the color of Black and Gold. My KI consumed my visions as some of the interior around the castle began to catch fire. (Don't ask how!) All the ponies and the royalty ponies shielded their eyes with a hoof as the transformation was almost complete.

"hy, hyg... HYAAAA!" I grunted.

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That's what I thought in my head when it was done.

Smoke, smoke was all I managed to see saw as the transformation was complete. When that smoke faded, they saw shattered forcefield magic with ashes, and a few broken items. And also a guard that passed out right then and there. But what there eyes focused on, was a golden haired saiyan, with the purest heart. I don't mean to brag, but that was me! :pinkiehappy:

I opened my eyes, to see 8 baffled ponies, 2 that looked like horses, staring right into my eyes. Why do they do that so much?

There was complete silence.

Until a pink pony with possible ADHD broke it.


"Uhh... sorry, but I did not understand a WORD you just said." I said with a weak smile. Just as she opened her mouth to speak once more, the orange one put a hoof on it. Is this gonna be a running gag or something?

"Dahts enough, Pinkeh." She said. Daja vu much? Sheesh.

"My my, you're mane just looks, outstanding!" The white one (who hasn't spoken since I got here) said.

"Heh, it's just a lousy mane color change! Nothing too special." Miss Disappointing said. Boy, was she in for a huge surprise!