Badger, the Hippogriff

by Solar Eclipse

The team

Take one for it

The sound blocking expertise of the ear phones was amazing, though I could still hear some sort of shouting, though extremely muffled. In fact, it's said muffled shouts that woke me up.. Plus the feeling of my hooves and talons being tied together.

I opened my eyes slowly, blinking away the blurriness. A lot of faces came into view. They all looked at me, as if they were sad. All of the faces were male. Must be new comers, arriving from last night or something... I turned my head to see what was going on Shadow was looking at me and took the ear phones out of my ears, and said, "Sorry, brother. Gilda didn't rest at all last night, and she will only stop if she gets you. That's also the only reason the others are here, she's only stopping so we can send you out. She promised to leave us alone after. You're going to have to take one for the team." My eyes opened in horror, and my mind cleared quickly.

I tried to open my beak to respond, but it was tied shut with duct tape. no no no,nonononononononono! NOOOO!!! I tried to wiggle my out of what binded my legs together but couldn't. I looked down to see it was both chains and ropes. My wings were roped to my sides. I looked back to Shadow. IF I GET OUT OF THIS, I AM GOING TO KILL YOU. He smiled sickly at me, and nodded to a nearby unicorn. I felt the greenish aura engulf me, and slowly lift me up above the floor.

I struggled more, trying to make my out of the aura, of which kept following me or pulling me back into it. The entire barricade was almost down, save for the lockers. I turned back to everyone, pleading with my eyes. The lockers moved to the side revealing the door, and Fire Storm couldn't meet my eyes. "Sorry Badger" Traitor. I stared at him, hoping he could feel my thought burn into his skin. The door opened, revealing mares. MARES. MARES EVERYWHERE. Oh, and Gilda, and a shit ton of female griffons. The second my body cleared the doorway, the door slammed shut and everything was moved back into place.

I hit the ground hard on my beak at the talons of Gilda. I looked up to her. She had not a bruise on her, though she had been beating the door all night long. I tried my best to smile awkwardly, but the tape had stopped that. She leaned down a little bit, putting her beak an inch or so away from my ear and said, "We are going to have... Sooo much fun today.." She then kissed my ear. Loading... Loading.... Done. NO CELESTIA, NO! HELP MEEEEE SOMEONEEEEEEEE HELP MEEE!!!!!

"Excuse me, but the Great and Powerful Trixie thinks that since he is the only male out and about, we should all have a turn." A light blueish unicorn from the corner of my vision said, getting agreements from other females. Gilda let our a low growl.

"I said he was mine. Got a problem with that?"

"Why yes, the Great and Powerful Trixe DOES indeed have a problem with that!"

Gilda flexed her talons. "Want to fight about it?"

"On second thought maybe not-"

"INDEED WE DO!" Came an extremely loud shout from down the hall. The females parted way for a large dark blue coated female. I turned a little to get a better view. An alicorn. "WE DEEM IT NECESSARY TO FIGHT, AS WE ONCE DID A THOUSAND YEARS AGO, OVER MALES!!!!!"

FUCK NO! PRINCESS LUNA TOO!?!?!? WHY CELESTIA!? WHY HAVE YOU FORSAKEN ME!?!? Suddenly a small burst of green flame appeared by my head with the royal seal. It opened itself up, and I read off of it:
Cause it's funny. ~PC


Another scroll randomly generated itself: Yes it is.

I looked back to the Gilda and Princess Luna, who were arguing. Maybe I can sneak away... I slwoly start to inchworm myself from the two, down the hall in the opposite direction. Things were going good, until the light blueish pony stepped in my way, and engulfing me in her aura. I went flying down the hall with her leading me and where I gone. SOMEONE HELP MEEEEEE!!!!

Then off in the distance, "WHERE HAS HE GONE!? WE MUST FIND HIM AT ONCE!"



The heat-induced unicorn laughed maniacally as she ran with me, catching the attention of the other females."THE GREAT AND POWERFUL TRIXE IS VICTORIOUS!!" The resulting sound was that of a Calvary charge, and a griffon air raid mixed. OH NO! ITS A FUCKING ARMY!!! THEY ALL WANT THE DICK!! The constant jarring of being moving by magic was loosening the bindings on my legs and wings. The tape on my beak was painstakingly-slowly sliding off.

Just as the unicorn was passing a room that had a window, said window broke in, and Gilda ran into the unicorn, knocking the unicorn out instantaneously. I dropped to the ground from hovering a good three feet in the air. OW! Shit that hurt! I looked up in time to see Gilda grabbing onto me and flying back out the large window she had broke in.

Just like the unicorn, she too was more affected by heat then before, for being in such close proximity of her *ahem* 'chosen one', that she too did not notice the binding coming loos, and eventually falling off. I put my beak as close as I could to her ears, and let out the loudest screech I could possibly make. The surprised griffon instantly let go and covered her ears, letting me free fall. I snapped out my wings and made the fastest trip I had ever made, to the nearby forest. I landed running into the tree's, and hid like a little hippogriff would if there were dragons overhead.

I looked up, seeing Gilda making large circles about the forest. Periodically she would let out a screech of loss and sadness as she looked for me. I looked around me to make sure there were no other females- And saw Victory. She was looking at me. "What's wrong Badger?" she said, her head tilting to the side Inquisitively.

I looked back up to the now darkening sky. "You have to help me, every female is in heat, and the guys kicked me out of the safehouse and-"





I looked to Victory, who somehow ninja'd her way to me and stood less then a foot away, and still approaching me. I could see the heat in her eyes. WHY DOES THIS HAPPEN TO ME!! I took off, deeper into the woods, and Victory was following, flapping her wings every now and again, to get closer and closer to her prey, me. Suddenly out of no where, the tell tell sign of a griffon diving, a loud whistle, was heading straight down at us. Suddenly Gilda crashed into Victory.

The two females were battling it out in the evening, but I stayed close, close enough to stop the fight if needed to. As the sun gone down, Gilda had pretty much won the fight. She flew her way over to me and asked, "Do you finally accept me?"
I looked at where the sun was, and decided to have a little fun. "Yes."

She leaned in and kissed me, just as the sun disappeared and into the night. Gilda's eyes fluttered for a second, as the day ended, ending the Heat as well. She stared at me long and hard and broke the kiss awakwardly. "Did I just kiss you?"


"Did I chase you?"


"Did i try and-"