Sunset Shimmer's Return?!

by JusSonic

Chapter 2: The Trial of Sunset

Chapter 2: The Trial of Sunset

As the secret dungeon gang returned to Ponyville, Pinkamena's body shakes and she says, "Seems the enemy knows about what's going down."

"It is strange that they already know about the newcomer." Golden Heart said, puzzled that the enemy knew about the newcomer already.

"Well they might have some dark magic viewing pool or mirror that allows them to watch us."

The group is surprised lightly by that as Sombra says letting out a sigh, "They are weak."

Everypony is shocked upon hearing that as Pinkamena says, "I have to admit, that's a little bit nuts saying that."

"Why did you say this love? You're still upset about what they've done to you?" Autumn Gem asks, wondering why Sombra would say about their enemies.

"Pnly cowards hide and watch things unfold when only in the end it will do nothing." Sombra explains his reason to the others. "They sit and wait; they let us become stronger and in the end that will be their downfall."

Everyone takes those words. Sombra may be right but sometimes even the enemy cannot be underestimated. Pinkamena nods as she comments, "I have to say that's bold but for now we have to be moving along."

The gang nods and head off.


Sunset and Twilight walked around and saw a familiar pony. Sunset gasped, "Flare Tiger?!?"

Flare Tiger looked around and saw them until she sense something wrong. The mare realized from an e-mail from her close secret friend who told her about a missing girl due to sensing something about an used portal.

Flare Tiger smiled as she spoke, "Well, Howdy Sunset, how ya doing?"

Sunset asked, "I'm fine! But what about you; How did you get here?"

Flare Tiger sighed, "Ah don't want to speak of it..... However, Ah'm glad to see ya here and safe! Ah know ya met the other me and Ah'm would glad to inform her of ya' whereabouts!"

Twilight asked, "Wait a minute... You know about the Human world?"

Flare Tiger groaned, "Ah'm Alicorn of the Dimension. Ah can't speak about me and get ya back into ya' world, however ya need to learn about here."

Sunset sighed, "Why me?"

Flare Tiger looked up at the sky as she explains, "Because of the Chief Commander Azure Phoenix was worried about the Canterlot School since the incident happened, remember Twilight Sparkle?"

Twilight nodded while answering, "Yes, I remember, I told her about it."

Sunset nodded while speaking, "Yea, but I don't understand...."

Flare Tiger explained, "Listen carefully, the Chief isn't very friendly since he lost his parents to the 'aliens'. That's why he's very cautious and ensured to keep everything safely from the dangers."

Twilight gasped, "Wait... That meant..."

Sunset realized while saying, "He thinks that this world is his world's enemies..."

Flare Tiger nodded while continuing, "That's why Ah want ya to accept this mission by the other me from ya' world, she want ya to learn about this world and see what ya understand of."

Sunset asked, "That's... meant for me to stay here for two and half years to be learning... Is that's okay for me doing it?"

Twilight smiled as she said to her new friend, "That is okay! After all, we don't want war since we always wish to befriend others!"

Flare Tiger nodded then said, "Twilight's right, Sunset Shimmer, ya need to know that this world is a bit similar with ya' world but a bit different. And this world is filled of Friendship and Love."

Sunset think deeply and sighed, "I accept. I want to understand about this world...For my sake and my kind's sake to understand."

Flare Tiger smiled as she said, "Ah'm glad ya understand, Ah better head out and inform the other me!"

Flare Tiger trotted away as they watched her go and looked at each other then smiled and realized that's a new step for a relationship between Human and Pony by used Friendship.


Michael Trotter was in the middle of cleaning up Lorcan's room when the door slams open. The guard said Lorcan coming in, looking ticked off and annoyed. He had a hard time due to a fight with Big Mac.

"Michael, that bucking carriage blocked me again!" Lorcan exclaims to Michael angrily.

"Well, just take deep breaths." Michael advises his friend. The Dragon did so...for a few seconds. Then he rants like crazy.

"Ugh! That carriage is in the way! I can't complete my stupid mission and get Discord! What dumb pony would leave a carriage in the road; if I had my way...blah, blah, blah...

"...Buck. Well, we can go into Ponyville and tried again."

"I want to get this stupid job done...and Tartartus to the pony whose blocks me again." Lorcan said, scoffing angrily. Michael nods a bit.

His friend is in need of some major help.


At the Mystic Jade Palace, the Mystic Council, Princess Celestia and Princess Luna had been gathered at the Throne Chamber. Mystic Council were sitting in their council chairs while Princess Celestia and Princess Luna stood before them. The Alicorns suspect that this meeting had something to do with EG Sunset's presence. They were correct.

"Your highness, there's a human among us. We need to be careful with this one." Azure said seriously to the Alicorns.

The Mystic Council gasped in concern as they mumbled and whispered with each other. While some humans like Megan are good, there are those...well...not so good, like Scott of the Total Drama series.

"Council, rest assured that this human Sunset Shimmer won't cause trouble; she seemed to be frightened and concern of this world." Celestia explained to the council calmly. "All she need is some friends to guide and help her. Twilight is the perfect pony to help her."

Susano hummed gently and thoughtfully, "True... Perhaps we can give her chance. I can only hope that she will not be corrupted and manipulated by our enemies."

Lightning Wisdom nodded while saying, "Yes... That is our most concern. Since Scott from Earth fell to our enemies' trickery easily, Equestria and other worlds would have been fallen easily. We were so lucky."

"We should keep an eye on her. The last thing we want is a war between us and our Human Version." Smartscar said seriously. Sunset Shimmer may have reformed, but who knows what the Human version would do?

Virtue Dragon, a green Earth Pony with a black Mane in a bun and short tail and his Cutie Mark a was golden Dragon and Peach Blossom, nodded. He spoke, "Yes... Even though that world was saved and secured from danger, the humans remained vigilant, concerned and feared of aliens. If she proved herself well and went along with our culture, then our world will be safe."

Celestia sighed in relief, "Thank you, Council." She doesn't wish to make the same mistake like she herself did with her own Sunset Shimmer.

"Not so fast!" A voice spoke up. The Mystic Council and Royal Sisters turned to their right. They found a zebra dressed in a blue formal suit, her Cutie Mark was a fist, notes and quill. They already knew who it is.

"Firmtact Waller. What a surprise to see you here." Luna remarked dryly to the zebra. The Alicorn knows of her...and doesn't like her.

Firmtact smiled while taunting, "A surprise to see you here as well, Nightmare Moon."

"My name is Luna! You will show some respect to me!" Luna growled in annoyance at Firmtact. The zebra always called her by her former name just to hit her while she's down.

"If I want to," Firmtact said with a chuckle. Luna fumed in annoyance.

"That's enough, Firmtact. What do you want?" Azure asked, wanting Firmtact to get to the point of her visit before she causes any unnecessary trouble.

"Just having some discussion, of course, Council; while this is an opportunity for us to make peace with our Human Version friend, there is a flaw that you had missed out." Firmtact said. The Council looks puzzled. What is this flaw that the zebra spoke of?

"What would that be?" Celestia asked Firmtact, having a bad feeling about this.

Firmtact smiled as she explained to the princess, "I think you know too well, Celestia; your true secret relationship with your son and his father."

Everyone in the Throne Chamber gasped in shock and concern. They knew what she's talking about. Celestia had yet to tell her son the truth...and it could be a major problem indeed.

"Not good... If Sunset exposed the truth..." Azure said seriously and worried.

"I hate to see both mother and son relationship breaking. But that's not only her concern, but ours as well. As you can see, what if Sunset Shimmer was a spy for humans?" Firmtact asked, suggesting a possibility. If she was really a spy for the humans, it could be trouble for all of Equestria Prime. "If she gets the information from us..."

"They would invade us, especially attacking Grimmore and others as well." The Jade Emperor said seriously, knowing that the humans will not stand a chance against Grimmore, the Dark Mystic Ponies and the Apocalypse Ponies should they try to invade.

"Surely, they can't do that. They should know that fighting with Grimmore would be a mistake." Celestia said in concern. The humans will be fighting a suicidal battle!

"Unfortunately, our Human Versions are too proud and egotistical to reconsider about challenging Grimmore. It's because there was no Grimmore in that world." Azure said seriously. It's true, there is no hint or trace of Grimmore in the Human world. "They don't believe in gods. And their main concern is aliens."

"What can be done?" Luna asked in worry. There cannot be a war that will be disastrous for two universes.

"And no bloodshed; Sunset Shimmer is too innocent and scared to be a spy." Celestia said in concern. She doesn't want to lose this Sunset like she lost hers.

"Like you said, Celestia, we need to befriend her as well as win her heart and mind. If she 'managed' to return home, she will inform them about us. But also, we need to make sure that Sunset Shimmer exposed nothing of our secrets and classified information. Do you understand the consequences if Twilight failed?" Firmtact asked sternly to the princess. If Twilight fails...well, it's best not to even think about it at all!

"I understand. I assure you that Twilight will win and befriend Sunset Shimmer. There won't be any war between us and them." Celestia assured the zebra. She has confidence that her fellow princess will succeed in making a friend with Sunset and make sure no secrets get leaked out by accident.

"Then, it is settled. We'll send Blazefist, Saber Dragoon and Tailtech to keep an eye on Sunset Shimmer from betraying us, giving the information about your son's true heritage and from our enemies. That is final." The Jade Emperor said sternly.

"My Lord," Almost everyone in the room exclaimed while saluting the Jade Emperor.


Dark Curse was talking with Shadow Dragon through a portal, in the middle of a conversion when Twilight Moon appeared before the both of them. She then informed both about Sunset this case, the human version from the EG world.

"A human; from our Human Version; Interesting..." Dark Curse asked Twilight Moon in amusement. Somehow, it does explain how Celestia's former student got around while keeping her human self out of the way but who could've guessed that she would be here in Equestria Prime?

"Planning to capture her alive?" Twilight Moon asked Dark Curse darkly.

"Perhaps... But for now, Shadow Dragon, keep an eye on her. But remember, do not make too suspicious for her or any of your 'friends'. She might be... the human government's spy." Dark Curse said to Shadow Dragon in precaution. It's best not to let her figure out who she really is just yet. The Dark Mystic Ponies still need time to get that portal down.

"Do not worry, master... I have many ways to deal with this problem. After all, this Sunset Shimmer will be easily fooled by me." Shadow Dragon assured his master, bowing to Dark Curse. After all, he managed to fool Ben Mare and most of Ponyville. A human version of Sunset Shimmer will not be any problem.

"Good enough..." Dark Curse said. He's confident that his apprentice will succeed.

"What mission do you hope to accomplish, Master Dark Curse?" Twilight Moon asked Dark Curse curiously.

Dark Curse smirked as he explained to his two allies, "A friend of mine refused to reveal the endoskeleton and biology of Cybertronians. But if I am correct, she will provide the information that we need."

"What would that be?" Twilight Moon asked Dark Curse. What information that Dark Curse is seeking, involving the Cybertonians.

"Their designs of Transformers; they are the perfect war machines to destroy anything that stands in our way. We'll use them to against our enemies." Dark Curse explains, getting a bit insane over each second that he explains it. The machines will be perfect. No pony can stand against them!

"I see... Even if she doesn't have that information, what can you do?" Shadow Dragon asked Dark Curse. If it turns out that Sunset Shimmer doesn't got the information need, he pondered what his master would do to her.

"I have my own ways to achieve it. Make sure she doesn't suspect you, or else... you won't able to find that shield's power." Dark Curse ordered Shadow Dragon darkly.

Shadow Dragon bowed once more as he said, "Yes my lord."

The Portal disappeared. Dark Curse called over another minion, "DJ Red."

DJ came into the room, looking at the high and mighty as he answered, "Yeah, Big D?"

"Bring me Devil Destroyer... It is time for him to go on a rampage..." Dark Curse ordered wickedly. DJ yelped a bit as if the leader is asking him to do something insane and crazy...which, to the Dark Mystic Pony, it is!

"What; You wanna send that...That Demon Warrior to Ponyville?!" DJ asked Dark Curse in alarm.

"Yes...But not yet until I get the confirmation from Shadow Dragon. I need to know if she was really from the human government." Dark Curse explained. He wanted to make sure of Sunset Shimmer's true motives before making any rash decisions that may end up backfiring.

DJ gulped, "Hope you're right, Big D." The Dark Mystic Pony headed off to get the task ready, though it makes him nervous big time.

"Very interesting; I've always wanted to see this Demon Warrior of yours. The Superior claimed that he always wanted to see the power of Devil Destroyer." Twilight Moon said, recalling the Superior's desire to see the Devil Destroyer in action.

Dark Curse chuckled as he said, "Rest assured, Princess. Smaug will get to see his might and powers. I've restrain that monster for too long..."

Dark Curse made a wicked laugh. Devil Destroyer will get his chance to cause rampages soon enough...


Michael decided to go with Lorcan on the next attempt to get to Discord and ask him to make a meal for Celestia. The duo arrives in Ponyville, right out of the passageway without being seen. It looks like Big Macintosh and his carriage are now gone. It's amazing!

"Well, looks like Big Mac decided to take his business elsewhere!" Lorcan exclaims with a pleased look on his face. He then begins to run off. "That means I can do this without any dumb pony getting in my way! No offense."

"None taken but we better stay together!" Michael calls out to Lorcan as the Royal Guard does his best to catch up to the disguised Dragon. "You are still in hiding."

"Oh come on. What else can hap..." Lorcan ends up getting cut off the hard way when another carriage appears, blocking his way again. "OH, COME ON!"

"Lorcan, maybe I should just-"

"No, no! This guy thinks he can just stop in front of us, huh?! Not on my watch!" Lorcan roars in fury as he run around the carriage, preparing to confront the driver. "Listen, jerk! Get out of my way or..."

Lorcan stop as he finds himself confronting a glaring Maxin Talos is pulling a carriage that Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon are riding in. The leader smirks wickedly while asking, "Or you would do what, shorty?"

"Oh come on!"

Michael cringes as Lorcan got beaten up by the annoyed Maxin Talos. If it wasn't for the fact that the scarred Dragon is supposed to be in hiding and can't use his powers that would give himself away, Lorcan would've taken down Maxin Talos in no time! Instead, Spike's brother got thrown into a nearby trash can after the bodyguard was done with him.

As Michael rush over to the trash can, Diamond Tiara laughs as Maxin Talos pulls the carriage away. The Royal Guard helps his friend out while asking, "You okay, buddy?"

"Never again," Lorcan exclaims in a daze before falling to the ground. Yep, he's okay.


Merluck is in the chamber having a private meeting with his dad. Although he has confidence in his father's decisions, the unicorn's puzzled that the leader of the Apocalypse Ponies isn't trying to try to manipulative Sunset like he did with the Equestria Prime years ago.

"Father, I don't understand... Why do you choose not to manipulate her, instead of relying on Dark Mystic Ponies to do it?" Merluck ask the Superior puzzled.

"Simple, son; The Mystic Ponies are keeping an eye on her too. It means we would’ve fallen into their traps since they do not want the same mistake as before." The Superior explains to his son simply. He knew that the Mystic Ponies wouldn't want Sunset Shimmer to fall to the darkness...just like what happened with Dragon Hope. Plus, the Superior himself does not wish to expose himself too soon.

"True... But what else Dark Curse wants from her? Surely you and him have some private discussion."

"Indeed. He's creating and buildinga e powerful secret weapon that the Flim-Flam brothers could not compete. Our own Transformers Army. This is something that the Decepticons refused to give us."

Merluck, getting the idea, chuckles cruelly, "By getting the information from her, we will have the Humans' design of creating our biological Transformers Army. Dark Curse did mention that from the Human Realm when he returned to us." Dark Curse somehow visited the other world and told his allies of what he knew so far. A biological Transformers Army will make the villains unstoppable!

"Precisely," The Superior said with a pleased look.

And if it turns out that Sunset doesn't got the information, the Dark Mystic Ponies may have to dispose of her....


Sunset smiles as Twilight gave her lessons on the history of Equestria/Ponyland since its foundation and what happened during the years Twilight was in Ponyville, from being a student of the princess to being a princess herself! Her friends help their new friend in getting used to her new home for the next 2.5 years or less.

Twilight decides to get back to the subject of Sunset's home, especially her connections with Azure Phoenix. The Alicorn ask, "Sunset, how did you know about Azure Phoenix? It's not just books, newspaper or media you get right?"

"That is correct, Twilight. I'm Azure Phoenix's first prized student." Sunset explains to Twilight, much to her surprise.


"Wow! Never knew Azure Phoenix had a student in your world. I mean if it was Shadow Dragon..." Ben begins to say, making Sunset gasp in surprise. "I take it he exists in your world."

" a way." Sunset said in hesitation. The truth be told, the mare has a Shadow Dragon back home...but his history and background is something that she cannot explain to everyone, not now or ever.

"So, wait, hang on. You really know about Azure Phoenix and that he taught you a lot?" Fluttershy ask Azure, arching an eyebrow in curiosity.

Sunset nodded as she explains, "In fact, I know about... 'Mystic Ponies’ and even their enemies as well, even about Azure Phoenix's relationship to Celestia and Ben's father."

Twilight thought of the moment, turning to her friends as he spoke to them, "Girls, do you know what this mean?"

"We could find out more about our other selves' world this way!" Rarity exclaims with a happy glee. "Oooh, imagine the fashion!"

"Shucks, 'dis could be more fun than a better full o' monkeys." Applejack exclaims with a smile, agreeing with Rarity's POV, minus the fashion part.

"What does this mean?" Pinkie asks, bouncing up and down wanting to know a lot. "Does this mean that the same stuff of our world has a meaning in hers?"

"We can learn our enemies' profiles and abilities from Sunset Shimmer. We will be more prepared and readied to against our enemies." Twilight explains to her friends in determination. If Sunset could give out some info, who knows? It will keep the enemy at bay if the heroes knew about them before hoof!

"Yes...though I got a weird feeling that somepony else may do it for us." Ben said, scratching his mane in a puzzled and concerned matter. "Don't ask me how I know that though. It's just a weird feeling."

"And right during Jus's pal nigel is making a story that turns daddy evil that doesn't even happen yet!" Nyx exclaims in happiness, though she notice the confused and/or uneasy looks on the others' faces. "What?"

"Nyx, lesson in fourth wall making; never reveal future stories." Pinkie explains to Nyx in concern. "It will make the timeline confusing than that of the X-Men films."

"Wow; Easy, Twilight. I may have known my enemies from my world, but this world could be different..." Sunset points out to Twilight with a worried look. The villains of Equestria Prime may not be the same as the ones from her own.

"It doesn't matter. But as long we understand our enemies' profile, we should be aware and ready for them." Twilight said to Sunset in confidence. "The Three Lords of Equestria had been attacking us lately and been trying to weakened us. We had to be ready, no matter what. Can you help us?"

"Besides, I really need to know more about my dad. Besides, this will be your first step to become good friends with us." Ben said to Sunset hopefully. He could finally find out about his own father since his EG self may have one of his own!

Sunset Shimmer thought for the moment before she smiled, saying, "Okay... I can try."

"No try, but do...or do not." Pinkie said in a Yoda like voice. "There is no try."

"Oh boy, you are always so random." Rainbow remarked, causing the gang to laugh merrily at this.

Unknown to everyone however, Shadow Dragon is on the top of tree, watching the event through a window. He smirked while saying to himself, "So... she really is the Humans' Spy. But I better watch and see what else she has stored..."

Shadow Dragon turned back while transforming his body to his Chase the Warrior form. He landed on the ground and headed off in watching Twilight and her friends...


Sunset took some time off from her new friends, heading out to the park and sitting on the bench. The mare sighs as she looks out to the water in wonder. Sunset can't believe how many new friends she's making. They already made friends with her Equestria Prime self, the one who exiled her years ago. Perhaps she doesn't have to be in a hurry to get back to her own world. Sunset Shimmer can wait. She can only hope that Azure Phoenix won't get freaked out or paranoid enough to try to invade this world.

"Hey, all right if I sit here?" A familiar voice spoke up. Sunset saw Flash Sentry, the one who've mistaken her for his own Sunset Shimmer back at Canterlot.

"Sure, go ahead, sit down." Sunset said to Flash who smiles and sat down next to her. "Listen, I'm sorry that I am not your Sunset Shimmer. I hope you aren't too disappointed."

"I am not really. For a moment, I felt like she is really back...and I'm sorry for scaring you before."

"Apology accepted. Tell me: what was she like? This other me you used to date?"

Flash pauses, doing some thinking. Looking up ahead, the Pegasus guard said, "She was the greatest nicest unicorn that I had ever known. When we had first met, we were good friends...and eventually, over the past few weeks, even before I met Ben, it turned into love. I felt terrible when I couldn't stop her from leaving."

"Why did she leave?" Sunset ask Flash in concern. She felt...worried and wanted to comfort this Pegasus pony for his lost.

"She met the Superior and he corrupted her. The filly that I loved turned into a bully, harming fillies and playing nasty tricks on them when she couldn't get her own way. It came to a point that I broke up with her...but had I known what was really going on...

Sunset looks at Flash who looks down, shedding tears for his loss. The human turned pony felt even terrible. This pony loved her other self and EP Sunset Shimmer turned into a jerk whose would escaped into the Human Sunset's world and cause a lot of trouble...trouble that the human herself regretted even though she wasn't the one doing them. And now; Flash looks like he is getting worst especially when he'd mistaken this newcomer for the one that he once lost.

Sunset put a hoof on Flash's, smiling as she said, "Listen, I may not be your Sunset Shimmer...and I don't know if I would ever replace her or not. But I will do my best to help you get over your loss. I don't know where we could go from here...but I want to be friends with you like she started with you if you don't mind."

Flash looks at Sunset, looking at her feels like looking at his own version. She may not be his own Sunset Shimmer but the stallion wants her to have a chance in fixing the mistakes that the Equestria Prime had done.

Flash smiles, nuzzling Sunset while saying gently, "Thanks."