Night's Blood

by Wishful Fun

The Cure

"Here we are. Zecora's Hut." Wishful says as the two made it.

Night says to Wishful, "Let's hope she has a remedy for this curse..."

Wishful knocks on the door, as a zebra, with a mohawk, answers the door.

"Oh, hello, fellow Night & Wish. What brings you here from such a mist?"

Night thinks to himself. I suppose we did choose a weird time to come."

"Hello there, Zecora." Wishful says. "Night has been turned into a vampire pony, & he needs a cure."

Zecora tells the two. "Well I may have something in store. Please come in and tell me more."

As they come inside the hut, Wishful explains the story to Zecora. She was intrigued with the story.

She responds to Wishful. "Ah, a brave move. You have nothing to prove."

Wishful & Night watch as Zecora mixes all sorts of potions, & weird things.

"Drink this, and you shall feel a slight bliss!" Zecora says as she gives Night the potion.

Night's look of disgust made Wishful chuckle a bit. "...This doesn't look too good, but this looks like it's the only way." Night drinks the potion and, of course, he did not like the taste. " head's spinning."

Zecora tells Night. "You may feel very dizzy. So just relax, and don't be busy."

The potion was able to turn Night back into a normal pegasus, but the dizziness causes Night to pass out.

Zecora tells Wishful, "Wishful, you should take him home. Just make sure he is not left alone."

Wishful responds. "Alright. Thanks for the help Zecora. I owe you."

Wishful uses his magic to teleport himself & Night. To Night's house.