Night's Blood

by Wishful Fun

The Healing

Night opens his eyes. "Dang, it's bright in here...speaking of "here," where the heck am I?"

Wishful & Rainbow are sitting in the waiting room, hoping Night will be ok.

"I don't understand." Rainbow said. "How did you find out about the Factory?"

Wishful takes a deep breath & explains to Rainbow. "Night told me everything. He helped you escape from the vampire ponies. He showed me his vampire form. He showed me the factory & the horrors that happened in there. I know, you mean well. You helped Night by giving him the medicine thst helps him control his transformation, but he needed my help to destroy the factory."

Night looks around the room. "I'm in a hospital..." Night thought.

One of the doctors enters the room. "Ah, Night, you're awake."

Night was confused. "Um, you mind telling me how I got here?"

"Your friends brought you here." The doctor explained.

"Is that so?" Night says.

"Yes," said the doctor. "Now I have a few things to talk to you about. It seems you lost a lot of blood from your hooves, as they appear to be cut & pierced. However, the charts say that you will make an unnaturally quick recovery. You will be released, tomorrow."

"Thanks, doctor." Night says. "May I have a word with my friends?"

"Sure thing." The doctor said.

"I'm sure that Night probably hates me." Rainbow says, as tears start coming out.

"I wouldn't say that." Wishful says.

Rainbow responds, "Why is that?"

Wishful answers, "Because he loves you." Rainbow gives a me a smile.

The doctor approaches to them. "Wishful, Rainbow, Night's awake now. He wishes to speak with you two."

"I see." Wishful says.

"Thanks Doctor." Rainbow says to the doctor.

Night sees Wishful & Rainbow enter through the door. Tears start coming out of Night's eyes.

"Words cannot express how I feel......If it weren't for you two, I would have been dead..." Night smiles with tears in his eyes.

"Oh, Night..." Rainbow says, as she hugs Night, while crying. "I'm so sorry for putting you through all this."

Night holds Rainbow tight. "It wasn't your fault...Don't think that. None of this is your fault..."

Night looks at Wishful. Night lips at him, "Thank you."

Wishful lips back at Night. "You're welcome."

Night looks at Rainbow with her hooves around him. "The doctor said I'm gonna be released tomorrow."

"That's great news." Rainbow said. "There's one thing I want to do before you leave."

"And what would that be?" Night asked.

"This." Rainbow kisses Night on the lips. Night was shocked of what's happening, yet he lulled her closer to him. The whole universe went silent for Night. For once in his life, Night felt a surge of happiness.

"I knew those two would make up." Wishful thought.

Rainbow slowly backs out of the kiss, as Night speaks, "Rainbow, while I was sitting in that control room, one of the only regrets I had, was me not telling you...I love you."

Rainbow starts crying tears of joy. "I love you too, Night." Rainbow says, as she hugs Night again. Night smiles, with tears as well.

Hours passed, as they had a conversation. Night suggested Rainbow to leave, so she can rest. Wishful insisted to stay the night over.

"What a day, huh?" Wishful says.

"Indeed." Night answers.

Wishful had to ask Night a question. "Hey Night, how were you able to pull through? You lost a lot of blood at the factory."

It was night..." Night said, as he answers. "...The only way I withstand all that blood loss, was because I was in vampire form. I can regenerate to perfect state faster than an average pony..." Night looks down. "But that's the thing! I don't wanna be a blood thirsty monster. I may have these powerful abilities...but the things I wanted to do in that factory...were truly monstrous thoughts."

"Well that explains why Night was laughing maniacally when he looked at the Pegasi suffer." Wishful thought to himself.

Night sits up on the bed & asks Wishful, "Where do we need to go to reverse this curse?"

Wishful just thought of a solution. "I know just the pony who can help us."

"Who?" Night asks.

"While I was leaving to attend the Gala, I met a zebra, named Zecora. She's known for creating cures for curses, most commonly, for ponies affected by Poison Joke. Maybe she can help you."

Night stands up. "Alright. Where does she live?"

Wishful answers Night's question. "She lives a hut in the Everfree Forest."

Night starts seeing flashbacks about the forest. "You ok, Night?" Wishful asks.

Night looks down. "The Everfree Forest...was the same place Rainbow & I were ambushed by those Vampire Ponies. Wishful, I don't want to go back to that forest, but I have no other choice. This curse must be lifted."

Wishful looks outside. "The sun's starting to set, so we must hurry up." Wishful says.

Night smirks & says, "You lead the way."