Night's Blood

by Wishful Fun

The Factory

"The Rainbow Factory?" Wishful says. "Yeah. It's a song created by Glaze. Why would you ask?"

Night replied, "It's more than just a song. It's an actual place. An actual hell! I've been inside. Everything the song says is true. The only thing is that the soul purpose of it is a lot more than just producing Rainbows. A lot of medicines are produced there also. The only thing is how the medicine is produced."

Wishful says to Night, "Night, take me to the factory."

Night spreads his wings. He smirks and says, "Don't mind if I do."

Wishful uses his magic to create temporary wings, & flies with Night to Cloudsdale.

Wishful asks Night, "I'm assuming you told Rainbow about your transformation?"

Night looks down & says, "Not only that...she works at the factory. She's one of the main officers there. She makes sure everything is under control. She supports the place."

They arrive at the factory, as Night gives Wishful a dark hoodie jacket.

"Put it on," Night says, "Your identity must be a secret." Wishful puts on the jacket, & they enter the factory.

"Welcome to the Rainbow Factory!" Wishful was shocked, as what he saw brought tears to his eyes. The sound of gears grinding quickly filled the facility. A dim-lighted place that can be described, as hell itself. Pegasus being stabbed in the chest. Their blood being drained to be used to be converted into Rainbows. Corpses everywhere.

Night starts grinning in an evil way. "Yes, this is what Rainbow wanted me to see!" Wishful was scared, when he sees Night laughing maniacally.

"Night, snap out of it!" Wishful screamed as he smacked Night's face with his hoof. Night realized what just happened. Tears rolled down his face.

Wishful tries to comfort Night. "Night, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to do that. You were starting t-"

"Wishful..." Night interrupts Wishful. "We need to destroy this place!" Night collapses to the ground, crying about what he's become. Wishful feels what Night's going through, as he puts on the hood.

Wishful says, "Alright Night, what's the plan?"