The Unknown Sanctuary

by fan fantastic

CH1 That what starts

The Unknown Sanctuary

CH1 That what starts

It had been a month since that day her home had been turned into ash not much had been left at the time but now a young sapling grows in where a grate Tree filled with books use to stand. Twilight had just finely got over that her old home was now gone but for today she now sat in her new castle thinking about the last quest that her new magic table had given her until there was a sudden knocking at her bedroom door? broken from her musings she trotted over to see who it was.

"oh hay Twi you have been sitting in here for some time now are you ok?"

Twilight look down to see her number 1 assistant the young drake Spike

"I am ok Spike just going over some recent events. why is something worrying you?"

the yong dragon blinked for a second as Twilight stepped into the hall.

"well I just have this bad feeling nothing much has happened lately except when the mail mare crashed into Discord when he was on top of town hall but that was bound to happen. any way I just feel like some pony is watching us!"

Twilight gave the dragon a soft smile.

"oh Spike what ever comes up I am shore that we can deal with it. now come on we need to move some more books from the Everfree castle"

"ok Twi this just feels big that's all"
Spike said as they pass down the hall.


at Sweet apple akers Applejack was sitting under one of the trees chewing a straw of hay relaxing after a hard days work

"I wonder what Twis doing right now? we haven't had a signal day of-(oofff!)"

"of what big sis?"

a littal yellow filly with a red bow and mane had just tumbled out of the tree Applejack was sitting under and landed in her lap

"I was gonna say strife but it looks like ya just made some littal sis? now Applebloom wat the hay where ya doing up there!"

"I was tryin to see that funny looken cloud up there I never seen one that looks like that before?"

Applejack peered from under her hat out from the trees leaves to see what Applebloom was pointing a hoof at?

"Oh my stars that's no cloud Applebloom!"

Mean wile at carousel bouetique a littal wight filly with a horn and a two tone mane was sitting at a window looking out into the sky pondering

"its shore getting cloudy I hope there's no sudden storms. I haven't herd from scootaloo about no due storms? and we where going to meet later to try for our art cutey mark's."

the youn unicorns face brighten!

"I know I will ask Rarity about the weather"

she sprung up and galloped out the door and fell right down the boutiques stares and landed with a loud Thud!


"Sweetybell how many times have I told you not to run in the house! now whats the rush dear?"

the younger sister got off the floor and run right up to her older sister!

"Rarity do you know if there is any storms today?!"

"hevens no if there was I would not let you to go play out in mud again! last time you did you and your friends dragged it straight into the boutique! if we are going to do that again I want to be well prepared like the time just you and me went out"

the unicorn mare thort what it was the last time she got covered in mud as she lifted her head.

"yes it was kinda fun and Twilight said it was good for my coat but the stuff makes an awful mess."

up at Cantalot castle princess Celestea was taking a walk in the royal gardens.

'hmm some thing doesn't feel right? it feels like some thing is missing "

the alacorn looked at the platform where Discord use to stand in stone.

"I wonder if should we put a bird bath there now that Discord is reformed?"

the sun princess looked to the sky in thort when something court her eye!

"what is that?"

as if to answer her question a gard came galloping up to her!?

"you highness the ponies of Cantalot are starting to panic about the black and perpel crack in the sky! what are your orders?"

the princesses face changed to a frown and looked down at the gard.

"first get every pony inside then wake up my sister we don't know what this is but I have a hunch about it and that our newest princess will know fetch me some parchment and hurry!"