Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why're we in Equestria!?! Book One

by TheLightning

Chapter Eleven: Saving Princess Celestia Part2/3

The Battlefield was splattered with the bodies of the Gunthers. Finn stared down his dark form. "Is this all the Ice King has to protect himself?" Finn said still having a staring contest with his dark form. "I don't think Ice King created these" Jake said. Everypony stood still for a moment before charging at eachother's dark forms.
Finn swinged at his dark form, but the shadow form dodged and used it's magic to manifest a sword and teleported behind Finn and stabbed him. "Gah!" Finn yelled. His eyesight dimmed a little. 'Please don't let my friends die, Glob' He thought before he blacked out.
Jake turned to see Finn being stabbed. He gasped, then he got furious. Jake grabbed his dark clone and ripped it in half. Twilight saw Finn get stabbed also. She used her magic to vaporize her dark form. Her and Jake helped the others with their dark forms.
After the battle was won. Jake and the others walked over to Finn's body. Twilight began to cry. Jake lowered his head. Then he noticed something out of the corner of his eyes. He turned around to see the rest of their friends. "Did we miss anything, perchance?" Luna asked. Jake stepped out of the way to show them. "No! It can't be possi-" Luna began to say before she noticed Finn move. "Wait, I saw him move!" She said pointing at Finn. Everypony saw Finn open his eyes a little. He got up and only was bleeding a little. "Don't worry, guys. I'm okay. I've been hurt worse than that. Let's go" He said running towards the castle. Jake looked at everypony and shrugged before running towards the Castle as well. Everypony ran towards it as well

---Cryicestal Castle---

--It's almost complete--
"Yes it is" The Ice King said looking at the dark sky. "You'll never get away with this!" Celestia yelled. The Ice King just grinned. A Dark Minion ran into the Ice King's Throne Room. "Sir!" It said saluting. Ice King turned around. "What, Minion?" He said annoyed. "They got past the defenses" It said. "WHAT!?" Ice King yelled. Suddenly, the Throne Room doors burst open. "Oops" Jake said stretching his hand back to normal size. The Ice King scowled. "Your reign is over, Ice King" Finn said walking forward with Jake. "Not true" Ice King said smiling. He snapped his fingers and a powerful magical barrier was formed around them. Twilight saw this and tried using her magic on it, but got pushed back by the power of it. The group gasped at this. Finn and Jake looked at the Ice King. He formed Dark Ice Crystals and shot them at Finn and Jake. Finn took out his sword and deflected them. Jake swooped around at hit the Ice King in the back. The Ice King got up and shot a Dark Ice Crystal at Finn. Finn wasn't fast enough to react and got hit by it. "GAH!" Finn screamed. The Dark Ice Crystal left a huge gash where it was. "Finn!" Jake yelled. He growled at Ice King before grabbing him and slamming him on a Ice Shard that was pointing out of the wall. "Payback, jerk" Jake said before slamming Ice King to the ground. The Ice King breathed his last breath before passing away right there. "Enjoy the Nightosphere, you sick freak" Jake said before running towards Finn. "You okay, buddy?" Jake asked him. "Y-yeah" Finn said.
--You're not gonna win that easily--
A Dark Form emergered from the Ice King. "Who are you?" Finn said grabbing his sword.
--That's not important. Because now you must be killed--
The Dark Figure formed dark magic into it's hoof.
Finn looked at Jake, and Jake nodded. "Actually, you'll be the one dying here" Finn said.
The Final Battle was about to begin.