Saiyan of All

by GMD

The void of Space

Saiyan of All
Written by: GMD

"Give up your evil ways, Frieza, and for you're sake, I hope we never meet again." Said the saiyan raised on earth. Frieza stared at Goku blankly as he flew off to the skies to get in the space pod. The most shocking part of everything that just happened was, Goku actually gave him some energy to fly off.

"D-damn... H-How could he make such a fool out of me and just leave me! I, I WON'T ENDURE THIS ANYMORE!" Frieza shouted constantly in his mind. He only had that small amount of power given to him, and like the fool he is, he wastes it in another failed attempt to destroy Goku, the one who made a mockery of him.

"God Damn it Frieza!!!" Goku shouted to the beam sent hurdling to him. He turned back into his new found Super Saiyan form and shot back at the small weak beam of energy. Frieza screamed in agony as his body parts turned to dust, while Goku continued to fly off in an attempt to find the ship.

"Where is it...!" Goku mumbled, he had looked everywhere, and there was no sign of the pod. Well, at least until he eventually finds it.

"There!!" Goku shouted as he headed towards the pod. He ran inside as fast as he could to the control pads. He couldn't understand any of this! Goku became infuriated, as he attempted to push every button. He only had 10 seconds left, if he didn't find it soon he wou-

"AAAAGHHH!!!!!" Uhh, never mind. It's too late.

King Kai's planet

King Kai watched as Planet Namek exploded, with the Saiyan who risked it all to save the others still on it. "Planet Namek... has been destroyed.." King Kai said blankly.

Tien, Chaotsu, and Yamchu all cheered. Their friend has actually done it! "Yehaaa! Goku did it! I always knew he could! Right, King Kai? Uhh... King Kai?" Yamcha said. King Kai gave no answer for, i'd say about 10 seconds, until he spoke.

"I didn't finish... Planet Namek was destroyed... but with Goku still on it."

Pain. Pain was the only word Goku could describe as his entire body was engulfed in the flames. But as if by the magic of luck, his pod soon began to send him to another planet where it knew the inhabitants would help him. See, Saiyan pods are very smart, they know when the are under attack and without order, find a planet to recover the keeper and itself in.

The thing is, it was going to the closest planet with, lets say "nice" inhabitants. And it was only 20 days away. I wouldn't believe Goku can withstand 20 days without eating, but he would be unconscious the entire time. Even if he's hungry or thirsty.

*Earth, 20 days after the Frieza incident.*

Gohan, the son of Goku, was just finishing up his book on the meaning of prevaricate and a dangerous disease called Prion while at the same time using the knowledge to study for the 3000 word test. You know, normal kid stuff. But at the same time, he was worried about his dad.

"Dad, where are you..."

*Equestria/Ponyville Twilights treehouse library*

Twilight, oh Twilight. The only egghead who needs every little thing to be perfect. Right now, she was cleaning up here library since she left to go to the wedding of her brother, Shining Armor, and Princess Cadence, or often called by guards, Mi Amore Cadenza. The changeling's just sabotaged the wedding, and she and her friends stopped them.

She was tired, but she had to keep cleaning up if she wanted to keep living on.

*About 10 minutes later*

Twilight had finally finished cleaning her library, how did it become such a mess in the first place? The changelings attacked Canterlot, not Ponyville! "Phew, all done! Spike, i'm gonna take a nap, it's getting late." Twilight told her little baby dragon assistant known as Spike. (The only dragon in Ponyville.)

"Alright, Twilight, I'll be up with you in a minute, just gotta place this last book anndd.." Spike went on, "There!"


Spike fell off his latter when all the books came crashing down right on him. Twilight laughed silently, making Spike groan.

When Twilight was done giggling, she finally spoke. "You know you're cleaning all this up, right?"

"Ugh, yes, I know." Spike mumbled, making Twilight giggle a little more as she trotted upstairs.

*The next day*

Twilight woke up to see Spike passed out on the floor. Guess he fell asleep trying to put all the books away. She decided not to disturb Spike and trotted to make some tea.

She silently sipped her tea as she read a book, 'Rainbow Dash was suppose to come over to hang out, but I guess she got caught up in cloud duty.' Twilight thought.

As she was drinking and reading, Spike yawned, stretched his arms, and got off the floor. "Ughh... What happened? Why was I sleeping on the floor?" Spike moaned. Making Twilight giggle... again.

"You passed out placing all the books back." Twilight informed Spike.

"Oh, yea, no wonder I have a headache, man, for a small tree, this floor is rock solid."

As Spike was speaking, both Spike and Twilight (And probably all of Ponyville* heard a large *CRASH!* in the Everfree Forest.

Twilight was speechless for a moment, until she finally spoke. "D-Did you hear that..."

"Hear that? I FELT that!" Spike shouted.

"C'mon Spike, we gotta go see what that noise was!"

"B-but, I just woke up!"

"Yea, so did I, now come on!"

Spike groaned as he hopped on Twilight's back.