Badger, the Hippogriff

by Solar Eclipse

Old friends, new freinds, and even-WAIT WAT

From leader to teacher, a Friend to.. Wait what just happened?

The class had gone by quick, since it was being taught by a certain hippogriff I had experience with in both training, and in the field. The six hour class (Oh yeah, did I mention? Each class takes up a day! FUCK MY LIFE!) felt more like five hours, literally. Maybe the nap I took helped. The bell rang announcing the end of the class. I ran up to Shadow and gave him a hug. "Its been to long, sir!"

"Yes it has Badger, yes it has." He let out a deep laugh. (a/n: The best way to describe his voice is like the Jarl of whiterun in Skyrim) "So how have you been, Badger?"

"Could be better, first day wasn't exactly.. Prime." I looked behind where Gilda was waking up from a nap and shook her head to clear her thoughts. I looked back to Shadow, "How about you? How have you been?"

"Couldn't be doing better myself, retirement got to boring so I signed up as a teacher. The bond-mate is happy I'm finally doing something and out of her feathers for a couple of hours out of the day." We both chuckled, followed by silence. A silence that a was broken as Gilda purposefully bumped into my side with her hips, and walked to the door, turning back to wait for me.

"You know, we need to talk about the Battle of the Everfree.."

My gaze moved to him, and I said sadly, "Yes sir... I know." I looked back to Gilda, who was waiting impatiently for me to get done with the conversation and move on to the cafeteria for dinner Lunch gets delivered to the class rooms. Fucking high-horse shit here. "I'll speak to you about it soon, okay sir?" I saw that he nodded, and I made my way to Gilda. She 'bumped into me... Lets see how she reacts to this..."Where too, hot stuff?" She was caught off guard and turned away, blushing. SUCCESS!

"We-well um.. Which b-bell was that again?"

"Time to go home." I started to smile, listening to her stutter awkwardly.

"Stop Smileing! I'm uhh.. Sick, yeah, sick." She added in a few fake coughs to back herself up.

"Oh well in that case, you better make you way to the infirmary, I'll meet up with you tomorrow then." I started to walk off in the opposite direction.

"No wait! Fuck.. " She ran up beside me. "I hate you."

"Keep telling your self that, one day you might actually believe it." I looked over to her. If stares could kill, I would be dead. "C'mon, Gilda, lets go hunting." She perked up at that and smiled. She took off to the air and headed to the forest nearby. I took off and followed her, enjoying the veiw... Of the ground.
You sick perverts!

She led me to a small clearing in the forest, with a small creek running down the middle. We landed and sat on a rock over looking the creek and most of the clearing. She leaned over and whispered softly,"Pretend to be tired, the animals on the side of the clearing will slowly approach to drink. I'll be high up and I'll dive onto one, when I do, hit it from the side." I nodded.

She took off to the sky heading to the school grounds, but my vision can tell she was making an extremely big circle. I looked to the water beneath me, and spread out my wings as wide as I could, a damn good sixteen feet, and laid down on the warm rock. I looked up to the sound of steps, and saw a herd of ten or so deer run out of the forest, followed by a griffon chasing them. They looked behind themselves at the griffon, and ran by me, by six feet. The griffon on the ground looked up, and stopped giving chase, as Gilda rammed into a large buck full force. I jumped up and pounced on the same target after her, my beak sinking into the base of the skull, killing it instantly. The rest of the deer ran off as fast as they could, and watched from the wood line. The third griffon kind of stood around, waiting for the body to stop twitching.

I looked over to the newcomer. "Who are you? I haven't seen you around the school." I noticed how small the newcomer was and its stature. Female. Smaller muscles for one around the school's age... Maybe smarter then she looks? Soft yellow wings but dark brown everywhere else... Interesting color's for a griffon.

"Oh.. Um.. I'm Victory.."

"Nice to meet you. If it wasn't for you leading them out, we wouldn't be able to eat... Go ahead and eat, I can wait."

"Oh, um.. Thanks..." She started to eat, and Gilda looked at me. What is that!? Is it jealousy? Fuck it. I need to speak to her later anyways.

"Gilda, you go on, I can wait."

She shrugged and started to dig in.

```````````````````````````````````````````an hour later```````````````````````````````````````

"So what was that all about, Gilda?" I cornered her as soon as Victory took off. She was being a bitch to her.

"What do you mean?" Gilda said, acting confused.

"You treated Victory like she was nothing the entire time, not even bothering to speak to her unless it was something rude. And to think I thought you left the jackasses in the group alone, changed your ways. Obviously i was fooled. Where are your loyalties, Gilda? Have you no shame?" My voice was raising till I was practically yelling at her, almost like a drill Sergeant would to a new recruit. She's tough, I could yell as loud as I could and she wouldn't cry. Good.. She didn't answer, so I stated the obvious.

"ANSWER. ME. You have a choice. Help the little guys, or be hated by them for life. The only group that accepts you is the group that makes you prove yourself to every day that you're 'cool'! You're either with me, or against me!" I lowered my voice to a whisper so she would listen. "What'll it be?"

She looked on the ground for a moment, then back up and stared into my eyes. "I'm with you. It's just.. I've been really confused lately..."

"It's okay to be confused, suddenly changing like that.. Err.. This.. Does that." I had calmed down alot. I need to work on my temper... Yep. Work on Temper. New checklist, 1) Work on temper 2) Uncode what I may or may not feel for Gilda- scratch that, 1) Uncode, 2) Temper. There we go. "You should've seen me in my first week of basic... It was sad. I was sad. So weak and the change to solider was a hard one." I started to chuckle loudly.

"Changing the subject, what did you do while in the military?"

"All but a little bit is classified. I worked for Celestia and Luna themselves. Sometimes as a guard, sometimes as a solider on a top secret mission." I made my way to the middle of the field again, on the large flat rock over the creek, and laid down. Gilda laid down across from me. "If you were wondering about battles I was in... There was the Battle for Everfree, Operation Eclipse, and Operation Dawn."

"Everfree? i heard you mention that to Shadow, what happened?"

"I... Don't want to talk about it." I looked up to the darkening sky, towards the rising moon, followed by stars. B-e-a-utiful...Times like these... I fight for 'em.

"Was it that bad?" She sounded closer.

"Critical mission failure. Entire squad wiped out. Only two survivors. Me and Shadow..."

"Oh... Won't you be in trouble for for telling me that?"

"Maybe, as long as no one else knows or finds out, I should be fine." I heard some shuffleing to the my right, most likely Gilda moving around, getting comfy

"Remember how you told me to make a choice, against you or with you? And I said With you?"

"Yes.. Why?" I looked over and her beak was not even an inch from mine. I was to surprised to even move.

"I choose you." She leaned in and kissed me.

The first night suddenly entered my mind, in full clarity. What happened. FUCK. NO.

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