Recalling the Nightmare

by Juu50x

Chapter 3 - Bad Day

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Recalling the Nightmare

Chapter 3
Bad Day

Twilight let out a frustrated sigh as she lowered herself lower in her bathtub. This was another bad day in her life. No scratch that. Probably the worst day of her life! She never had felt so ashamed of herself. What had gotten into her and how could she have treated her friends like that? She really needed to apologize tomorrow.

All those outbursts and arguing. They just came just like that. And the feelings that went with her. Was she loosing her mind? Or was it some kind of frustration from the failed spell earlier from the morning? Or some kind of side effect? Probably!

But the problem was that after going through every book that would tell about unicorns behavior from spell side effects, while informative they were, they didn't resemble the same kinds of effects she had. When the situation was created, the feelings came to her.

Like somepony broke a dam that kept her negative emotions in check and just let the flood take over. “Am I becoming crazy?” Twilight thought. Her mood quickly becoming quite dressed. “What is wrong with me!” she sobbed quietly so no one could hear.

But soon that sobbing started getting louder and soon it was loud enough that even Spike, who was right now in Twilight's bedroom, trying to clean up the small mess Twilight made after hours of fruitless research. Almost immediately when he started hearing some familiar sounding sounds coming from the bathroom, he stopped cleaning and went to see what was making it.

But soon as he was close enough, he could clearly hear that those sounds came from Twilight, who was sobbing quite loudly. When Spike heard his long time friend and partner sobbing like that, he felt really bad what he had thought about Twilight earlier.

Earlier, when Twilight had suddenly appeared back to the library, looking really down, while Rarity gave her one of her nasty looks, at first Spike gave his own glare at Twilight's back and especially when Rarity had told him what had happened.

After Rarity had left, he had went to confront Twilight about today's happenings, but what made him stop was the look Twilight had on her face. It was something between lost and regret and Spike felt just bad for what he had almost said to her. And now hearing Twilight like this was just heart breaking and he didn't want her to be sad.

At first Spike thought he would go inside and try to comfort Twilight, but quickly decided not to. As much he wanted, he knew that right now Twilight needed sometime alone. Maybe he should try to cheer her up in someway tomorrow. “Yeah!” he thought. “I think I'll do that!” Spike could already feel his mood getting bit brighter. And no doubt Twilight would feel same in the next morning. And then he could try to figure out what had exactly happened between Twilight and others.

Meanwhile. Twilight's subconscious...

Nightmare Moon grinned widely as she “watched” the unicorn suffer in her depression and self loathing. It was just so sweet. Her first victory! But what made the victory even sweeter was that, this very night. She would make her ultimate return! Yes, tonight Nightmare Moon would return and would at last bring the eternal night! All she needed was to make sure that the little unicorn felt miserable as possible.

She was so close. As she delved further into her future plans, she also started thinking about today. About how she had made in someway, turned the Elements against each others. Well not exactly against each others, but against the Element of Magic.

It all had began with the Element of Honesty after they departed the resident of Element of Laughter and other Elements went on their separate ways.

“So Twilight, Ah hope ya are ready.” Applejack said.

“Ready for what?” Twilight asked. She started going through her brain about what Applejack could mean. There had been already lot of happenings this day. Her spell going haywire and pretty much blew right on her face, later she and her friends cleaned up the library and quickly later, she was listening Pinkie's plans for her next party.

Well not exactly party plans, it was more for the young Cakes. The idea was nice, but Twilight wasn't sure. Her spells never were really meant for any kind of show. Unless you were certain unicorn who enjoyed showing off...

But back to the problem at hand. What she had forgotten again?

“Don't tell me ya haven' forgotten?” Applejack asked, for some reason sounding bit amused.

“Uuuh...” Twilight was still trying warp her brain around the simple question Applejack had asked, but she couldn't come up with anything. And that already gave Twilight quite face, to which Applejack couldn't help but let out a humored smile.

“It's OK Twilight.” Applejack assured her when she was getting more panicked expression. “After what happened this morning, ah'm not surprised if ya forgot that ya promised me that ya were going to help me to clean up the mess Dashie made.” she said.

“B... But wasn't Rainbow going to help you?” Twilight stuttered a bit.

“Yeah that's true, but that little light show of your also dropped quite many good apples and there is no way in hay ah can collect them all while there is also quite big mess.” she explained. “So ya and Dashie are going to help cleaning things up.”

“Alright then.” Twilight said, sounding bit relieved. To tell the truth, she was actually waiting to do something else than cleaning up her library. In past few days (or was it weeks?) she had felt quite, bored. But saying that what had happened earlier wasn't exciting, was big understatement.

When they finally reached Sweet Apple Acres, Twilight could understand what Applejack meant earlier. Many apple trees had little less apples than they had couple weeks ago. But the real mess was the whole field. There was shrapnel everywhere, and Twilight had a good guess that it was from buckets and lot of apples were also scattered all over.

“I did all of that?” she asked in disbelieve.

“Well, actually it was Dashie mostly.” Applejack said, sounding bit embarrassed. “But that blow up of yours sure did send nice little shock wave and... well. This what you get.” Applejack said.

Twilight couldn't help but let a small blush of embarrassment to rise on her cheeks. There were at least couple dozen of apples, laying on the ground, and some of the trees were little more “thinner” than usually since they were missing some leafs. “I'm... I'm sorry Applejack.” Twilight said, lowering her head in shame.

“Ah, no big deal sugarcube.” Applejack said reassuringly. Putting her hoof Twilight's shoulder. “Ah was about to buck some of those apple trees before this whole big mess.” she said. “Ah guess, we should start.”

“So... what should I do?” Twilight asked. While looking around, she noticed that Rainbow Dash was already working on collecting the apples. And she was quite forward showing her dislike. If it wasn't her face, then it could have been her rather slow process and constant rumbling.

“You might try to fix those buckets there.” Applejack pointed at different direction, where Big Mac and Applebloom were trying their best to fix the buckets that were still somewhat repairable. “With your magic, ah guess you can fix most, if not all of those buckets. Have fun!” then Applejack went with Rainbow Dash, leaving Twilight alone.

“Applejack said you guys might need some help.” Twilight said, as she reached Big Mac and his sister.

“Yeap.” Big Mac gave his trademark answer.

“Aaaw, this ain't helping at all to get my Cutie Mark.” Applebloom on the other... hoof, complained. “Maybe fixing buckets ain't my special talent.” she said, her mood getting bit down.

“Don't worry Applebloom, I'm sure you get your Cutie Mark eventually.” Twilight reassured. “You just need to be patient.”

“Alright.” Applebloom sighed. “So, are ya going to help us with these bucking...?”

“Appleboom!” Big Mac boomed, which made even Twilight jumpy a bit. “Language.” he said now bit calmly. But both Twilight and Applebloom had little problem to calm their fast beating hearts down.

“S... sorry. Big Mach.” she said. To which Big Mac only nodded.

“So, shall we begin?” Twilight asked, her heart rate finally returning back to normal and her horn glowing its purple color.


Twilight then started carefully place the pieces back together. And it wasn't an easy task. It was like a game of puzzle. Only the pieces were really hard to place, but with little help from Big Mac and Applebloom, the buckets started returning into their original forms.


Twilight could feel small drops of sweating forming on her forehead. The constant use of magic and full consecration was getting really exhausting and the heat from the sun after about couple hours can make anypony feel bit lightheaded. “Hey Twilight, what ya say if we take one break?” Big Mac asked. “Ya look like ya could use one.”

“Thanks Big Mac.” Twilight said. “I guess a small break would do some good. And if it wouldn't be a problem, I could use something to drink also.”

“Ah hear ya. Let me ask Applejack if she would like to take a small break.” he said.

“OK.” Twilight said. Sitting down on the grass.

Twilight closed her eyes and took really deep breath. This has been quite busy day for her. First that Aura spell goes haywire and blew up, while also giving some trouble for ponies in Ponyville and then later her friends arrive at the scene, helping her cleaning up the library. And now, she was helping Applejack with her farm. “This has been quite busy day.” she said to herself.

Suddenly she felt as someone poked her left hoof. She turned to look and found uncertain Applebloom looking at her. “Hey Twilight, could you show that awesome spell of yours.” the question came right out of nowhere, which left poor Twilight really confused.

What she could say? And how the hay did she knew about it? “Wha... how did you...?”

“Oh! Ah heard it from Dash.” she said, her face suddenly getting bit brighter. “Ah heard her mumbling something about you and some spell that 'looked awesome, but sounded boring'” she said and Twilight couldn't help but giggle a bit. Leave it to Rainbow Dash to complain when she can't spend most of her time napping on her cloud.

“So... can ya show it to me? Canyoucanyou!”

“I... I don't know.” Twilight said. “I mean... you can see what kind of effect it had when I tried it first time.”

“But didn't it work later when you showed it to Dash?” Appleboom asked.

“I don't know...” Twilight said, although, much to her own surprise, her voice tone said that she was considering it! But what was the danger in it anyway? Applebloom pointed out that she had used it earlier, and it had worked without any kinds of kick backs. And she certainly could do it again.

But again, that was probably just some kind of luck. She still hadn't figured out if she was suffering any kinds of side-effects from the previously failed spell? And how was she sure that it might work like the second time she tried it? What if this failure made things even more worse than they already were? What if she blew up the entire Ponyville this time?

Now that was quite ridiculous! There was no way she could something like that! Why was she being this ridiculous anyway? Yes there was some dangers, but they weren't that bad when she could easily take the situation under control easily if something went wrong.

“I guess I could try it bit.” she slightly stuttered.

“Wow! Thanks Twilight!” Applebloom said.

Twilight only nodded. Her feelings getting more and more confused. Why had she agreed on this again? But she couldn't think it thoroughly as her horn was already glowing, preparing the Aura spell.

Applebloom watched exited as the violet magical glow poured out from Twilight's horn, slowly forming around Twilight's mane and tail. But that exited expression soon changed into confused as the magical glow suddenly left Twilight's mane and tail and instead started spinning. Turning into a giant, swirling vortex

“He... hey Twilight. You can stop now.” Applebloom said. Taking couple steps away from Twilight.

“I'm... I'm trying!”

The magical pull that came from the vortex was getting stronger. If Twilight didn't do something quickly, Applebloom and maybe the whole farm was in danger. Slowly, Twilight started taking all that magic that she had conjured up, back to her. Really, really slowly. “So much unstable and raw magic.” Twilight thought in shock. “How could I do something like this?

She continued the draining and the vortex was getting smaller and smaller. “Hey Twilight!” she heard Applejack yelling. “What in the hay are ya going?!” she could clearly hear that Applejack was upset, and she didn't blame her.

But she couldn't answer right now, she needed concentrate to get rid of the dangerous vortex, which pulsed lot of raw magic. “I don't want to know what might happen if that thing implo-” then it happened. Something Twilight couldn't describe in words, or even in thought. It just happened. And it happened just like that.

Like something flashed somewhere deep inside of her. Like lightning had just struck inside of her. And for a second Twilight felt many kinds of emotions. Only these were all negative ones. And for some reason they felt... foreign. Like they were from someone else emotions. And they were filled with hate, despite, anger and lot of rage.

But they all came and went that Twilight didn't have time to register. But that was the slightest of her worries. When her concentration was broken, the vortex imploded. The shock wave was strong enough to make everypony, including Big Mac, to fall on their knees while it send screaming Applebloom flying across the farm.

“APPLEBLOOM!” Applejack screamed. Trying to get up quickly as possible. But she was stopped when she saw a horror before her. The apple trees were on fire. But it didn't look like any ordinary fire. They all had the same kind of color when Twilight had shown Applejack and her friends the new spell. “The trees!” screamed.

“Ah got it Applejack! Ya get Applebloom!” Big Mac yelled. Getting couple buckets that were repaired into his mouth.

“Right!” Applejack replied. “Applebloom!” she called her sister. Hoping to reach her sister, before this “fire” would spread too wide. “Twilight!” she yelled really harshly. “Ya try to help Big Mac to put out those bucking flames of your!” Twilight could feel couple sets of emotion going through her. And most of them were somewhere between shock and shame.

But there was another one, but not so strong. “It was that small filly's fault. She wanted to see what I could do.” yes. Yes! It was Appleboom's fault! She wanted to see what her spell could do and she did warn her! “WAIT!” Twilight interrupted her trail of thought. “I need to deal with this fire first!” she then once again started concentrating.

She could feel them! The hot flames. Almost hot as the sun itself. How could she have done something like this? What had she done? But then that feeling started coming again! The pain earlier, like her magic was being drained again! “Not this time!” Twilight thought. Concentrating even harder. Then...! It vanished. Just like that.

It was strange, but Twilight didn't care, there was greater problems! She could feel the connection becoming stronger again, and this time she would do it! She watched as the flames from the first tree started disappearing and soon were gone.

One down, couple more to go!

“Hurry up Twilight!” she heard Big Mac. “The water ain't effecting these darn things!”

“On it!” Twilight answered. But she was just one unicorn. She wouldn't be able to save all the trees from being burned.

“Just WHAT in the name of Celestia is happening here!” Twilight heard, rather familiar scream.

“Just what I need!” she said, facing Rarity. “Rarity I need your help!”

“W... what!” was all Rarity said. She then looked the carnage that was worming around them. “What you mean?”

“Just try to put these out with your magic!”

“Al... alright!” Rarity wasn't completely sure she could do. But she wouldn't let her friends down. She was after all the only unicorn, besides Twilight that could help the Apple family.

Nightmare Moon watched in great boredom as the Element of Magic and Honesty had conversation about this worthless farm, and how the Element of Magic had made quite a mess. As the conversation went on, Nightmare journeyed further inside the Elements mind.

It was rather... interesting. So far the Elements mind resembled darkness of space. But she knew that this was simply the way she thought how the Elements mind looked like. As she went even further, she noticed many, many different kinds of... streams.

Where are they going?” she pondered. “And what are they?” she took good look at the closest one. And what she saw was quite... astonishing. Before her were the memories of the Elements. “If this is her memories, then...

Nightmare's face slowly turned into a feral grin. These were the emotions of the Element! Just what she needed. Just like with Luna. But what was before her, made Nightmare laugh. Before her, a giant violet orb, to which these streams went, was no doubt the Elements consciousness! “Just what I needed!

Nightmare then started floating towards the giant orb. If she could emerge with this consciousness, she could be whole again. And it was just sitting here, unprotected. Just like Luna's. “Soon Equestria, you will witness return of your true Queen of-!” she was cut short by a powerful shock all of sudden.

What is this?!

Nightmare tried again to enter Elements consciousness, but again she was rejected. But again the invisible wall shocked her again. Nightmare glared at it. As she started to study it further she noticed and realized what was this wall that protected the unicorns mind. She should have realized it earlier!

This was of course the holder of Element of Magic, so no doubt the Element itself had created a force field, to protect the wielder from being affected from the inside. “Hm! Impressive.” Nightmare said. “But that won't stop me!” she then started preparing a powerful spell that would make this pathetic field crumble before her!

The magics started forming around her horn, as it starting to form into a small orb. “Now...” Nightmare Moon released the energies at the protective charm. There was a moment flash that was even too bright for Nightmare's eyes.

But soon as her eyes stopped seeing stars, she saw a violet shimmer which soon disappeared, leaving the charm untouched. She could feel her frustration and anger raising up! Just how could such simple charm be this strong?

“Hey Twilight, could you show that awesome spell of yours.” Nightmare could feel her hosts confusion on this matter. “This is just what I need!” Nightmare said to herself. She then took herself to the stream where the unicorns emotions laid. She then slowly, carefully moved her mane towards it.

But soon her mane touched the stream. And she could feel everything! Such naïve thoughts. But, back to the matter at hand. “Just do it. Just like last time.” she “told” Twilight.

Again the unicorn thought against her, afraid that she might destroy her puny town. “Don't be ridiculous!” she would do something much worse later. After a short “argument”, the unicorn agreed to show this little filly.

Now...” Nightmare smirked. As the unicorn started channeling her magics, Nightmare did the same. She watched as her magics over powered the feeble magics of the unicorn, turning her own spell to her will, without the unicorns notice. But the her vessel quickly noticed that something was wrong and was reversing the spell back to her.

I'm afraid I can't let you do that.” she whispered. She stared feeding her own magic even more. And faster. Faster than the unicorn could undo the spell. And soon it imploded. Nightmare watched with satisfaction as her “fire” started spreading around the farm. Catching many trees on fire. “Now this is much better!” she laughed.

Oh, how she missed creating devastation. Too bad this was all she could do, but she knew that soon she could even more than just make small fires. She just needed patience. Again. She then felt as the unicorn felt into a self loathing. She didn't need that right now. She had different plans for Element of Magic and Honesty. “It was that small filly's fault. She wanted to see what I could do.” she planted the “thought” into the emotion stream.

What's this?” Nightmare said as she noticed that the unicorn tried to put out the fire. She couldn't let her do that! She started once again draining magic, like last time. Making sure that unicorn wouldn't be able to cast any spells for a while.

“NOT THIS TIME!” she heard someone saying rather loudly. She was sure it her vessels voice, but there was also something else in that voice. Something... awfully familiar, but she couldn't place it. But Nightmare didn't have time to think as the invisible force field became visible again and it seemed to come alive and was attacking her!

What-!” Nightmare quickly retreated far away as she could, while letting go of the streams. “Just what in the name of Darkness is happening?

Back in “real world”.

Twilight watched with some relief as the last tree was put out. This whole thing had become really horrible mess. And Twilight felt conflicted. About how to exactly feel about it. On one hoof, all she could blame was herself. She should have known the dangers and not agreeing showing a bit to Applebloom. It was her spell that almost destroyed half of the farm.

But there was this other feeling, that foreign feeling that was telling her it was Applejack's fault that she brought her here, even if she knew she wasn't one hundred percent that she could do anything. It was Applebloom's fault that she even asked such foolish question and that she had pressured her! ”Wait! She didn't...!

No! She did!” Twilight then thought. ”She was still begging even though I told her it wasn't save!” she slowly drifted towards her ”foreign feelings”, without even noticing it. Slowly becoming even more angrier and frustrated at Applejack and her foolish sibling! ”What in the HAY was Big Mac thinking that those flames could have been put out by something simple as water!” Twilight thought.

”Twilight Sparkle!” she suddenly heard Applejack yelling her name. And Twilight could tell she was furious. ”Ya better have a good explanation ready!”

Usually that kind of tone would have made Twilight cover in slight fear (like Rarity was right now), but she just stood there, staring at Applejack with bit challenging look. ”What are you talking about AJ?” Twilight mockingly asked.

The tone that Twilight gave Applejack, drove the earth pony into a confusion. Since she wasn't expecting this kind of response. ”What in the hay are ya talking about?” she asked, her anger setting down a bit.

”I think you what I mean!” Twilight said, while turning her glare from Applejack to a small figure that was trying to hide behind her sister.

Applejack changed her gaze between Twilight and Applebloom couple times. ”Wait? Are ya blaming mah sister about what happened earlier!” she asked now sounding outraged.

”Oh I'm so blaming your sister!” she said, actually sounding quite amused.

Rarity stared in complete shock at Twilight. Was this really the same Twilight they've known for Celestia know how long? How could she go on and blame little filly like Applebloom about what had happened earlier?

“She was the one who kept on asking about me showing the spell I showed you earlier.” Twilight said, still glaring at Applejack and couple times at Applebloom who covered behind her sister and was in verge of tears.

“Is... is that true, Appleboom?” Applejack asked. Afraid to know the answer.

“I... I... just wanted to...” Applebloom sobbed. “... just wanted to see it... quickly...” Applebloom didn't go anything further as she started crying.

“There, you see?” Twilight asked, mirth in her voice. “Guilty as charged.”

Good!” Nightmare Moon hissed inside Twilight. This was what she wanted! What she needed, beside the magic. The misery of others. But soon she would fully enjoy from the misery of Element of Magic.

“I tried to tell her that the spell wasn't safe. But did she listen? NO!” Twilight continued, tormenting poor Applebloom, who was fully collapsed on the ground, crying only harder and harder. And Applejack on the other hand was just too shocked to say anything. Just like Rarity, she couldn't believe what her friend was saying.

But one thing she knew, that she was starting to hate this unicorn. She started representing the stereotypical unicorns who were too so full of themselves and cast the blame on everybody else when their magical experiments went wrong.

“How... how can ya say something like that, Twilight?” she asked, her voice mixed with confusion and pure hate. “How can someone like you, say something like that about mah own little sister?” she continued. Her voice getting angrier.

Twilight watched as Applejack was facing her, her eyes full of emotions. Why was this pony so stubborn? Couldn't she accept the facts? But why wouldn't she protect her little sibling? Didn't sibling do that to each others anyway? Looking after each others even if the blame was theirs? But then again... blame wasn't fully on them.

It was also on her. She could have easily avoid this by simply declining Applebloom. In fact, now that she thought about it. It was completely her fault! She could have avoided all of this if she would have just turned down Applebloom's request. Then... what the hay was she doing! Blaming one of her best friends little sister about accident that was completely her fault!

She was the one to blame! “Oh Celestia!” Twilight suddenly screamed, shocking both Rarity and Applejack. “What... what am I thinking?” Twilight looked at both Applejack and Applebloom in shock. As she started blaming more and more of herself, the foreign feelings started retreating back to subconsciousness of her mind.

After couple quickly drawn breaths Twilight opened her mouth again. But the voice that came from it was too quiet, that it rivaled Fluttershy's voice. “I'm... I'm sorry Applejack. I'm terribly sorry Applebloom!” she sobbed. “Please forgive!” she now pleaded. Falling onto the ground.

“Twilight I...” Applejack wasn't sure what to say. How could she forgive somopony who just couple seconds ago had accused her sister about the fire earlier? How could she? “I need to think. Yeah, ah need to think.” was all Applejack said. Her voice tone completely bland. But her eyes showed many different emotions.

There was a brief of silence between them which Rarity quickly broke. “I thin I'm taking Twilight back to the library.” she then turned to Twilight. Who almost looked like protesting. “That wasn't request.” she added sharply which made Twilight visibly flinch, to which she only nodded. She wasn't going to argue with Rarity. Not after what just happened.

She and Rarity quickly left Sweet Apple Acres farm, and the mood was still quite tense. Even though Rarity didn't show it, Twilight could tell that she was despising her. Well maybe not despising her, but right now, she didn't approve her behavior one bit. And she understood.

The walk to the library had for some reason felt longer than it usually had. And almost immediately when they reached library's doors, Twilight had quickly moved upstairs, to her room with plenty of books about magic, unicorns. Hoping to find anything that might have explain her recent behavior.

Hours and hours passed, but she didn't find anything that might have given at least small hint about what just happened to her. She soon had become really frustrated and started beating herself up because she couldn't find or do anything! Never had she felt so useless before. She later took a long bath, hoping to clean the filth in her. But it hadn't helped much. Even if the bath had cleaned up her quite nicely on the outside, she still felt really, really filthy, from the inside.

The sleep didn't come any easier as the guilt still haunted her. After what felt like forever, she finally, but slowly drifted into a dreamless sleep.

Deep inside Twilight's subconsciousness, the Nightmare Moon waited patiently. But the wait had become almost unbearable! Every second felt like a hour! Why couldn't this foal just fall asleep yet? “Soon... Very soon!” she said impatiently to herself.

Then it started happening! The bearer of the Element started slowly drifting into sleep! Nightmare Moon watched with hunger as the Twilight's bright conscious slowly started fading, turning into darker and darker shade. Soon, it was nothing but dark spot, drifting in the blackness. This was it! Nightmare Moon leaped like a hungry predator towards Twilight's conscious, she felt as her “hoofs” touched its surface, slowly emerging with it. And soon her entire being followed suite.

Spike turned in his sleep. Something was waking him. There were really bright, flashing lights. What was Twilight doing now? Wasn't she asleep? Or was this some kind unicorn version of “sleepwalking”? Well, that sounded just ridiculous. He opened his eyes, which were open wide when he saw Twilight. And what he saw, frightened him to the core.

Twilight was levitating couple inches from her bed. Her eyes fully opened, but were glowing white gloom which was creeping him out badly. He had seen when Twilight entered in this kind of state. But those weren't this kind of creepy. No, this totally on different level!

He watched as various lights flew out form Twilight's horn, and soon something else came along. Like a shadow, slowly forming around Twilight's form. Changing her. She suddenly wore, what Spike could only describe as some kind of armor. She then grew wings! But these weren't made out of feathers, no.

Spike could see right through them. They were made out of the same strange magical... shadow that was taking over his friends body. Then it started spreading around her mane and tail. Making them wave from the invisible wind.

Then everything seemed to calm down. Twilight slowly drifted back to her bed, her eyes finally closed. But the mane, armor and wings still stayed. Spike slowly got up and was looking at Twilight. “Tw... Twilight?” he whispered. No response.

“Twilight, are you... are you alright?” he asked, raising his voice just a bit.

“Oh, I'm more than fine.” Twilight responded. But not a way Spike wanted. “My number one assistant!” then Twilight opened her eyes and instead of seeing two big purple eyes, Spike was met with two light blue snake like yes. “And soon, you will be more than just fine!” after that, Spike entered into his own dreamless sleep.

Nightmare Moon laughed as the baby dragon fell back to his basket. She never had felt so alive! After all this humiliating time spent, she could finally have her vengeance! And Nightmare Moon laughed. Laughed like she had never done before. If anypony had heard her. They would have covered from pure fright.

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