Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why're we in Equestria!?! Book One

by TheLightning

Chapter Nine: Saving Princess Luna


"-Snores- No! Don't do that, Ice King! ZZZzzzzz...." Finn was fast asleep in the spare room Twilight gave Him and Jake. "Dude, wake up" Jake said poking Finn. "5 more minutes, mom" Finn said turning over. "Okay, you asked for it!" Jake said stretching out his arms. "Tickle, Tickle, Tickle!" Jake said tickling Finn. "HAHAHA! Okay, okay! I'm up!" Finn said laughing before getting up. "What is it?" He said rubbing his eyes. "Twilight's out of the hospital!" Jake said pointing to the door, where Twilight was standing. Finn stared at Twilight for a second before running over and hugging her.. "Thank the heavens you're okay, Twilight!" He said hugging her tighter. Twilight smiled and hugged him back. "Yes, i'm okay. Thanks for saving me and Cadence" She said smooching Finn on his cheek. Finn blushed at this before kissing her back. "Uh, lovebirds? Me and Finn have to rescue Celestia and Luna, renember?" Jake said interrupting. Finn and Twilight blushed before they stopped hugging. "Well, where could one of them be?" Finn asked. "I think I know where one of them might be" Twilight said. "I'm all ears" Jake said before ears popped all over his body (By magic of course). Twilight stared at him for a second before saying "Alright, listen up..."

"Ugh, my head.... Where the heck am I?" A pony said before getting up. It looked around to see it was in an unfamiliar forest. "This isn't my house" It said trotting forward. It stopped in front of a pond and looked at itself. It's scream could be heard for a half-mile.

"You mean Luna's probably in the Old Castle?" Finn asked Twilight. "That's where i'm guessing she is" Twilight said. "I guess we should head there the-" Jake was interrupted by a faint scream. "What's wrong, Jake?" Finn said walking over to Jake. "I hear Marceline!" Jake said. "What!?" Finn said shockingly. "Who's Marceline?" Twilight asked. "No time to explain! Come on Finn!" Jake said grabbing Finn's arm and running out the door. "Uhhh... Okay?" Twilight said confused.

"What the hell am I?!" Marceline said looking at her new form. "Am I a horse or something?" She said looking at her hooves. She then heard footsteps coming closer than stopping. She looked to see Jake and... A pony? "Hey, Jake. What's up? Who's that with you?" She said. "Marceline? Is that you?" Finn asked. She noticed the voice and said "Finn? Is that you?". "Yeah, it's me. Why are you here?" Finn said. "I don't know. I was asleep in my bed and now i'm here in a horse's body" She said looking at herself. "First of all, you're a Pony, and second, you're one of those Changelings!" Finn said. "Oh... So what are you guys up to?" She said walking over to them. "We're going to that old castle, we think one of the Princesses is in there somewhere" Jake said pointing to an old castle in the distance. "Oh, okay. Wait. One of the Princesses?" She said. "I'll explain later, but right now we gotta head over there" Finn said walking forward with Jake. Marceline looked around again "Wait up!" She yelled running towards them to catch up.

---The Alicorn Sisters Old Castle---

"Woah. Is this place supposed to have Ice everywhere?" Marceline said looking at the Castle. "Ice King must be near" Finn said walking into the Castle. Ice covered everything inside. They stopped and looked around. "Which way should we take? There's five of them!" Finn said. Suddenly Ice covered the exits and they were trapped in there. They heard Ice King cackling before he appeared in front of them. "Ice King!" Finn yelled. He ran up towards Ice King with his sword unsheathed. Ice King used his magic to put Luna's frozen form in front of him. Finn stopped himself before he could hit her. Ice King hit him with a strong freezing blast, causing Finn to be launched across the room and hitting the wall head on before falling to the floor, leaving a bloody imprint on the wall and the floor. "Finn!" Jake and Marceline yelled. "Why would you do that!?!" Jake yelled turning to face the Ice King with his face seething with anger. He charged at Ice King, but before the Ice King retaliate, Jake hit him square across the face. Ice King landed on the. He got up and spit out blood. "You'll regret doing that!" He said before snapping his fingers and disappearing. Jake picked up Luna in her frozen form and put her in his sack that he created on his back. He turned back to see Marceline standing next to Finn's unconscious form. He sweared he could see some tears coming out of her eyes. "Don't worry, Marceline. I'm sure he'll be fine. We just have to take him back to Ponyville" He said picking up Finn's body. "-Sniff- O-okay" She said rubbing her eye.

---Ponyville: Twilight's Library---

"I hope they're okay" Twilight said trotting around in a circle. "I'm sure Finn and Jake are okay" Shining Armor said patting Twilight. "Yeah, they haven't been hurt badly once! I'm sure they're fine!" Rainbow Dash said reassuring Twilight. "I guess you're rig-" Twilight said before being interrupted by the front doors being opened. Everypony turned to see Jake and Marceline. "Hey, Jake! Who's that?" Twilight asked looking at Marceline. "She's one of mine and Finn's friends" Jake said. "Jake, where's Finn?" Rarity asked. Jake looked at Marceline, and she nodded. Jake looked at everypony and sighed. "I might as well show you" He said. He strected his body sack and took out Luna then he took something out that was covered in a blanket that was reddened and it was dripping. "W-what's in there?" Fluttershy asked. Jake opened the blanket to show them. It was Finn, and he was covered in blood and was barely breathing. Everypony stared for a moment before tears showed up on their faces. "I-is he gonna be o-okay?" Twilight asked while crying. Jake looked at Finn and looked back at them. "I don't... think he's gonna make it..." He said crying as well. "A-are you sure?" Twilight said with more tears coming out of her eyes. Jake nodded sadly. Twilight sat down and started crying hardly into her hooves. "R-rest in peace, dude" Jake said crying.