The Gift Of Motherhood.

by Mist Shaker

Rainbow's first foals.

Rainbow Dash was lying in bed in Ponyville hospital’s recovery room. Wrapped in her hooves, were two small bundles snuggled against her chest. One wrapped in a blue blanket and the other in a pink one. Those small bundles of comfort and joy were her healthy newborn pegasus foals.

“You look so much like your mother, you know,” she said to one of her sleeping foals that was wrapped in the pink blanket, who was a lighter shade of blue than her mother, but not by much. Her mane and tail were multiple shades of blue, like a mixture of her and the father of the foal. “and you’ve got your father’s eyes, we just can’t see them at the moment.

“And you just look so much more like your father. You’re gonna to be a handsome and strong young stallion, I just know it.” Dash said to the other sleeping foal snuggled to her chest, whose coat was just a tad darker than his fathers, and retaining his mothers mane and tail.

Rainbow Dash perked her ears as she heard voices outside the door. As the door opens, she finds the always regal Princess Celestia entering the room with a smile that could melt hearts in a heartbeat.

She sat down on her haunches at the bedside and looked at Dash and said “They are wonderful, and you, Rainbow Dash, will be a great mother.”

“They really are. I-I never knew that being a mom could be so beautiful.” Rainbow said as she let silent tears of joy fall past her cheeks.

“Being a mother is truly a gift that not even I am sure I could experience soon.” Celestia replied with a gentle smile gracing her beautiful form. “If it would please you, I could send for Soarin now and talk to the both of you.”

Dash looked at Celestia and said “I would like that. I want him to be here when the others arrive.”

“Then I shall send for him at once. I think that it would be best that you rested while waiting for him.” Celestia stated, keeping her voice calm so that she wouldn’t wake the sleeping foals as she gently quietly rose from her spot and made her way out the door, closing it behind her.

“I will, Princess. Don’t you worry.” Dash said as she nuzzled both of her foals gently.

“That was Princess Celestia. She and her sister Princess Luna rule all of Equestria.” Dash said to her sleeping foals. “They also raise and lower the sun and moon.” She giggled to herself when she caught herself talking to the oblivious sleeping foals.

Dash sighed and rested her eyes while she waited, until she noticed another pony, or to be more exact a certain filly, even though they were trying to hide.

“I know you’re in here, squirt.” Rainbow said softly. “Just keep it calm, okay?”

As expected, Scootaloo appeared at the bedside looking at the two foals resting against their mother’s chest.

“They- they’re so… cute.” Scootaloo said softly even as tears of newfound joy set in.

“I know. I might even let them join the Cutie Mark Crusaders when they are old enough.” Rainbow said to her adopted sister.

Scootaloo’s eyes grew wide with joy.

“But, you and the others better keep them out of trouble.” Rainbow Dash added.

“I will. I’ll protect them with my life.” Scootaloo said to Dash, who was again nuzzling her foals affectionately.

“I know you want to get closer, Scoots.” Dash said as she lifts her wing, signaling for Scootaloo to join her on the bed.

With a light hop Scootaloo was on the bed with Rainbow, who nuzzled her.

“Do you know what this means with you being my sister?” Dash asked.

Scootaloo was completely baffled by the thought and it made her blush lightly. “It means that I would be their… aunt, even though I am just a filly.” Scootaloo said in a way that made it clear to herself that she was their aunt.

Scootaloo yawned and nestled close to Rainbow, who lightly giggled at the sight, and then closed her eyes. Rainbow just laid there with her foals at her chest and Scootaloo under her wing asleep. “Why was I so afraid, when it is such a beautiful thing? Becoming a mother... Was it the pain I had to endure giving birth to them? The fear of not being a good enough mother for them? Or was it both?” Rainbow thought to herself while holding her foals and Scootaloo close.

The door opened once again, revealing the one that she had loved the most, besides her foals, Soarin’.

As he enters he looks at her with a loving smile, then looks at the sight next to her, noticing the orange filly, lightly chuckling, and looks back at Dash and the two foals.

Rainbow lightly smiled, knowing that he thought that the sight of Scootaloo sleeping next to her was adorable.

Soarin carefully takes one of the foals in his forehooves, making sure not to wake her, then gently nuzzles her with care that no other stallion could give.

“They’re beautiful.” said Soarin, continuing to nuzzle the newborn foal.

Rainbow Dash merely smiled.

The door opened again to reveal not only Princess Celestia, but also Princess Luna, both of them taking a seat at one side of the bed.

Soarin bowed before the sisters as they passed.

Luna was the first to speak, saying “Tis a true gift thou have, we are truly proud of thee.”

Words failed Rainbow Dash, so she just nodded, still looking down at her child.

“This would not have been possible had the two of you not loved each other the way you do. Soarin, you know that the responsibilities of a parent are great, do you not?” Celestia asked.

“Yes Princess, I understand the responsibilities clearly. If it weren’t for Rainbow Dash, I don’t know what I would have done with myself.” Soarin stated truthfully. “My parents taught me the day I turned of age to learn of the responsibilities of parenting.”

“Well, I guess you are gonna have to teach me a few things then.” Dash said. “Cause my mom never explained it to me.”

Soarin laughed slightly at the thought that he actually would have the opportunity to help her learn about being a parent and said “For you dear, it would come natural. You are their mother.”

Rainbow Dash could only smile, what he had shared was already true.

“Are you ready for your visitors?” Celestia asked them calmly.

“We are.” the two replied together.

“Then I’ll bring in the first visitor of the day.” Celestia stated casually.

Luna stayed to keep a watchful eye over Rainbow Dash and her foals, watching for any signs that something was wrong.

After a moment of silence.“Princess Luna.” Rainbow called softly but still clearly audible.

“Yes, Rainbow Dash?” Luna asked looking at Dash with a concerned look.

“I-I was wondering, you know, If you had the opportunity to relish in the wondrous feeling of being a mother,” Rainbow nervously paused before finishing. “ Would you take it?”

Luna had to think long and hard about this. She had to think about what would come of her becoming a mother, and the toll on her and the offspring of losing the stallion that they belonged to. She was uncertain at first, but she sought after the brighter side of the question to search for her answer to Rainbow Dash’s question.

“Tis a wonderful gift, and we would most certainly seize such an opportunity, if given.” Luna replied after giving the question such long thought.

Celestia returned, followed first by the one she knew as Twilight Sparkle, bringing her foal with her, Flash Sentry entering with them.

“Hey Twilight.” Rainbow said softly, again making sure not to wake her foals.

“Hey Rainbow Dash.” Twilight stated, keeping her voice to a calm level. “They are so adorable, they really are.”

“Thank you.” she said, gazing affectionately down at her foals again.

“And the one under your wing is none other than Scootaloo.” Twilight added.

“Yeah, it is.” Rainbow said smiling.

“So, how does it feel, being a mother?” questioned Twilight.

“It’s more beautiful than I had imagined.” Rainbow replied calmly but joyously. “I was actually afraid at first that I wouldn’t be a good enough mother for them, but I know now that I will be the best mother I can be.”

“You know something, I actually felt the same way, but now that I have a healthy young foal of my own, I no longer fear that I’ll not be good enough a mother for him.” Twilight stated. “And I know that you will be a wonderful mother.”

“Now that this has happened, all I ever wonder is what would I do without Soarin and our foals, I’d feel empty without them.” Rainbow said.

“And that is a very bright sign that you will be a great parent for your foals and a wonderful lover.” Twilight replied. “I’m going to go and let somepony else come and visit now, I’ll see you soon.”

Twilight walked over to her husband and together they walked out. soon after Twilight had left, the door having been closed behind her, the door opened once more, and walking in was Fluttershy.

The pegasus walked over and around to where she could see the foals and Scootaloo fast asleep. “Hi Rainbow.” Fluttershy said in her usual, calm tone. “They are just so cute, Have you figured out names for them yet?”

“Actually, no I haven’t.” Rainbow said, giggling lightly. “Would you happen to have any suggestions?”

Fluttershy blushed at having her friend ask her for suggestions on naming her foals. "Umm… well, Mist Shaker sounds like a nice name for the young colt, and Raindrop for the young filly, but I'll let you choose." Fluttershy suggested

"I actually like those names." Rainbow replied then looked down at her foals. "Thank you Fluttershy."

“Oh, it’s the least I could do for my friends.” replied Fluttershy. “If you’d like, I could foal sit for you.”

“You don’t have to do that, but I wouldn’t mind.” Rainbow said, looking at Fluttershy with a warm smile.

“Just let me know when you need me to watch them and I’ll be there.” Fluttershy said, returning the smile. “I’ll go so somepony else can come in to see you.” With that, Fluttershy walked out of the room. Entering soon after was Applejack along with her older brother and little sister, Big Mac and Applebloom, and, as expected, Sweetiebelle came in soon after, proving just how determined the crusaders were to stay together.

“How ya doin’ sugarcube?” Applejack asked.

Rainbow looked at her friend and smiled. “I’m doing great.”

Applejack then looked at the foals. “They are jus’ the cutest lil’ thang’s Ah ever did see.”

Dash smiled and looked at her foals. “Thanks AJ.”

Applebloom and Sweetiebelle both noticed Scootaloo sleeping under Rainbow’s wing, that is untill she woke up to see her friends there.

Scootaloo crawled out from under Dash’s wing and stood up before getting off the bed. “Hey, Rainbow. I’m going out to play with my friends for a while.”

“Alright squirt, just stay out of trouble.” Rainbow replied with an approving smile. Scootaloo and her friends were off to have another of their mischievous adventures to find their special talents, leaving Rainbow, Applejack and Big Mac.

“Ya know, if ya ever need any help gettin’ anythang done, Ah’ll be there ta help.” Applejack stated. “An’ knowing Big Mac, he’ll be there too.”

“Eeyup.” was all the stallion said, smiling brightly.

“Thanks you two.” Dash replied.

“Well we’d better git goin’ got others that want ta see ya.” Applejack said before leaving, followed by her brother. Before the door could even creak on it’s way to close, none other than pinkie made her way to Rainbow’s side. beside the quick dramatic entrance, Pinkie was calm.

“Pinkie, I have no idea how you do that, but I may never know.” Dash said with a light giggle.

However excited Pinkie was, she knew she had to keep calm. “I don’t really know either, I just do it.” she said, then looked at the foals, which one of them yawned cutely. “They’re just so adorable I could hug them.”

Rainbow smiled. “They are.”

“If you ever need any help with food for your family, I’ll be glad to help.” Pinkie said, a bright smile on her face.

“I’ll let you know, thank you Pinkie.”

“Okie dokie lokie.” Pinkie replied in her usual excited tone. “So what’s it like, being a mom?” the energetic mare asked.

“It’s a wonderful feeling, even through the pain.” Dash replied, nuzzling her foals again.

Pinkie smiled. “That’s good.”

“I know that you and all the others will be there to help, you don’t have to say it, neither do they, You’re my friends after all.” Dash stated

“Gotta go, Rarity’ll pitch a fit if she doesn’t get to see you and the foals.” Pinkie said. With that, Pinke left, the door closing behind her, but opening once more, Rarity stepping through.

“Hey Rarity.” Dash said as Rarity came into view.

“Hello darling.”Rarity said before looking at the foals and pulling out two blankets that she had made for the foals. “Oh, they are so cute.” she cooed.

“Made those for them?” Dash asked.

“As a matter of fact I did.” Rarity replied. “I’ll set them aside for now.”

“Oh, I don’t mind you wrapping them, just be careful not to wake them.” Dash stated.

Rarity smiled and gently prepared the blankets, then with gentle hands and great care, Rarity picked up Mist, unwrapping the hospital supplied blanket and wrapping him in the blanket she made for him, doing the same with Raindrop, wrapping her in the warm blanket that was made for her. “Thank you. I haven’t held a foal since my little sister was born.” she said. “I’ve even made some outfits for them that are just so adorable.”

“Rarity, you didn’t have to do that.” Dash said with a smile. “But the thought is appreciated, thank you.”

“Oh darling, it’s nothing really. I have been waiting for this.” Rarity replied. By this time, a doctor, followed by the princesses, who were both wearing gentle smiles.

“It’s time for you to go now, ma’am. Ms. Dash requires her rest, as do her foals.” The doctor replied.

“Understood, but please leave them in the blankets I made for them.” Rarity said as she passed the doctor.

“Alright, I’ll make sure they keep them.” the stallion replied before Rarity left. The princesses stepped forward. “We are all proud of you, Rainbow Dash. We all are. Now you sleep well.” Celestia said.

“I will.” Dash replied. With that Celestia and Luna both smiled and left. leaving Rainbow Dash and her foals to sleep.

Rainbow yawned and cuddled her foals close and closed her eyes with a smile, drifting off into the comfort of sleep.