Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why're we in Equestria!?! Book One

by TheLightning

Chapter Six: Saving Twilight Part2/2

Finn opened his eyes. "-groans- Where am I?" He said looking around, to see that he was in a cocoon. "What the heck!?" He yelled. He looked around some more. "Huh. So this is how those Candy People felt in that deer gunk" He said to himself while struggling to get out. He then remembered he brought his sword with him, "Alright, time to try to use my horn" Finn said. He grunted and struggled to use his horn until he was able to grab his sword. 'Got it!' He thought to himself. He lined up his sword to the opening of the cocoon. "One... Two... Three!" He said slicing it. The sack gurgled as he got out of it. "Bleck! I'd really hate to have been born in there!" He said getting up. He looked to his left to see Jake staring at him from within it. Finn sighed as he sliced the egg open. Jake got out and shook the gunk off. "Aww, dude!" Finn said covering himself. "I can't help it! I'm a dog!" Jake said. "-Hiss!-" Finn and Jake turned to see a horde of Changelings. "Run" Finn said. "You don't have to tell me twile! Jump on my powdered doughnut!" Jake said stretching his back. Finn jumped on as Jake started running. The Changelings followed them. "Hmmm... Interesting" A shadowed figure watched Jake and Finn. "Looks like my subjects will be having dinner" It said smiling.

"Holy crap, these things are fast!" Finn said swatting away Changelings with his sword. "Dude, look! Up ahead!" Jake said . Finn looked forward to see Twilight incased in Ice and some of that gunk that's everywhere in here. "Twilight!" Finn yelled. "F-finn, Is t-that you?" She said weakly. "Woah!" Jake said slipping on some goop on the floor of the cave. Finn landed in front of Twilight. "Owch" He said before getting up. He looked at Twilight then back at Jake. "Jake, hold them off!" Finn said getting his sword out. "On it!" Jake said stretching into a wall. "Okay.. Gotta. Aim. Carefully" Finn said before slicing the Ice encasing open. Twilight fell down. Finn picked her up with magic and put her on his back. "Alright, Jake. We gotta get the buck out of here!" Finn said running up to Jake. "Okay, dude!" Jake said stretching into a bigger form of himself. Finn jumped on his back. But before Jake could start running... "Halt" Jake stopped in his tracks. A figure appeared from the swarm of Changelings. Finn put Twilight on Jake's back and hopped down. "What do you want?" Finn said getting his sword out. "Oh, nothing much" It said before grabbing Finn by his neck and bringing him closer to itself. "W-who the heck are you?" Finn said gasping for air. "I'm Queen Chrysalis of the Changelings" She said revealing her face. "W-why are you doing this?" Finn said still gasping for air. "I sense a huge amount of love in your inner being, and my species must feed on it" She said showing her fangs. "Not on my watch!" Jake said smacking Chrysalis with his hand. She released Finn from her grasp. "Why you little twat! Attack my subjects!" She yelled. "Not on my watch" Finn said. He got up and used his magic to grab his sword. "What is that puny thing going to do to my army?" She cackled. Finn focused his magic on his sword then swung it. "That's what's it'll do" Finn said. Chrysalis turned to see her army, laying on the ground gasping for air. "H-how?" She blubbered. "Easy, I just infused my magic into my sword, causing your army to have their internal organs stop for 5 seconds. Simple" Finn said getting back on Jake. "C'mon let's go, dude" Finn said. Jake walked out of the cave. Chrysalis saw them go away. You swear you could see her smile. "He's really interesting" She said before going back in to the cave.