Justice Ponies

by Wildcard25

Speed vs Speed

One afternoon, Flash was walking around Ponyville in need of some fresh air, "For once I can walk around without worrying about some psycho trying to kill me." he chuckled.

"Incoming!" a voice called, as Rainbow Dash was tackled at his side by Rainbow Dash, as the two rolled across the ground.

Flash groaned, "I gotta stop saying things like that."

Rainbow flew up looking down on the hero, "Whoops, sorry about that, Flash." she giggled sheepishly.

"What was that for?" Flash asked, as he rubbed his head.

"I was just trying out a new trick, and I sorta got carried away." she rubbed the back of her head.

"Twilight did say you were reckless." Flash noted.

"Reckless, me?" Rainbow asked in shock.

"Hey, it's nothing to be ashamed about. I can be pretty reckless myself. Just ask Batman." Flash joked.

"Seems like we have more in common than just speed." Rainbow noted.

"Guess so." Flash nodded.

"By the way, you never did get back to me on that challenge I made." Rainbow said.

"The one with us proving who's the fastest?" Flash asked.


"Well, we have been tied up recently, what with me and my team getting used to this world and the changeling attack." Flash explained.

"Well, you and your team seem to feel right at home now, and there haven't been any sightings of changelings," Rainbow started, "So maybe we can put that challenge to the test?"

Flash looked intrigued, "I'd be all for that. I needed something to do anyway aside from fighting crime. Granted I love doing that even on a daily basis."

"I like a good case of action myself on a daily basis, but let's stick to the challenge."

"What's the game?" Flash asked.

"A race around Equestria, one lap, first one back at this starting point wins." Rainbow explained, as she created a starting mark where they were standing.

"Works for me," Flash admitted, "But you'll have to fly ground level so I know you don't cheat or anything."

"Deal." Rainbow nodded, as Flash shook her hoof, and they got into a starting position.

"Ready?" Flash began.

"Set..." Rainbow continued.

"GO!" both took of like a shot, with Rainbow flying on ground level next to Flash who was running.

They ran through Ponyville neck in neck passing by many other ponies with their combined speed force knocking them off their hooves. They ran past Diamond Tiara and Silverspoon causing them to spin, before the two filly's stopped revealing Diamond was now wearing Silver's glasses and Silver was wearing Diamond's tiara. They eventually ran out of Ponyville and continued onwards down the road to where it would take them.

They started running through the Ghastly Gorge, where Flash was confident he was gonna do fine, until he saw these red snake creatures pop their big heads out through holes in the walls before pulling them back in, "Uh, what're those?" he asked the pegasus.

"Quarray eels. They live in these holes throughout the gorge, and will eat anything that gets to close to their territory." Rainbow explained, as the two continued to race.

"Girl, you know how to pick a course." Flash said sarcastically.

"It's challenging." Rainbow replied.

As they were getting closer, one of the eels stuck it's head out and attempted to eat them, but Rainbow using her aerial maneuvering in the air dodge while Flash was jumping around the eel avoiding it's mouth. They continued to use their abilities to avoid getting eaten by the quarray eels.

When they got out of the gorge, Flash spoke, "Any other death traps we're going to be racing in?"

"Well, there is Froggy Bottom Bog. And what I heard a hydra lives there. Then there's the Flame Geyser swamp that's loaded with fiery geysers and fog, not to mention a chimera lives there." Rainbow answered.

"Oh, terrific." Flash rolled his eyes, as he kept running at Rainbow's speed.

Meanwhile in the badlands, Gilda and Lightning Dust were lying outside the Changeling cave bored out of their minds. Gilda growled and clawed the ground, "Why isn't Luthor or Chrysalis giving us a job to do?!"

"Keep it together, Gilda," Lightning calmed her, "We have to wait until one of the queen's changeling scouts reports to her with news."

"Well one of them better get here fast, before I'm gonna go crazy!" Gilda grumbled.

Lightning Dust thought in agitation, 'Jeez, I can practically see why Rainbow Dash stopped hanging out with her.'

Suddenly a changeling flew by and went inside the cave, "Finally." Gilda said in relief.

"Don't get your hopes up, Gilda. For all we know they could just send one of the others for the job." Lightning warned her.

Suddenly Luthor and Chrysalis came out, "Gilda! Lightning Dust!" Luthor called, as the two flew over.

"Yeah, what's up?" Gilda asked.

"My subject claimed he had spotted two figures moving fast throughout Equestria." Chrysalis began.

"Rainbow Dash!" the two deduced.

"Correct, and with her is the one known as Flash." the queen added.

"You two are the fastest fliers I have. Only you may have what it takes to match their speed." Luthor explained.

"Obviously." Lightning answered.

"Where were they last seen?" Gilda inquired.

"They were last spotted in the Ghastly Gorge," Chrysalis started, "But knowing them they'll be further away from there soon enough. So you'll need to head them off."

"Where should we go?" Lightning asked.

"Go to Neighagra Falls and wait for them to show." Luthor insturcted.

"When they arrive, do with them as you please." Chrysalis finished.

The two smirked, as Gilda spoke, "We can do that."

"Then get going!" Luthor ordered, as the two flew off to their destination. The business man looked to Chrysalis, "I hope their jealousy and sense of betrayal caused by this Rainbow Dash will fuel them enough to get the job done."

"You'll be surprised what jealousy and betrayal can do." Chrysalis answered.

"I have seen plenty of that with the other criminals and freaks I've associated with." Luthor said, as he looked out into the distance of the badlands.

Back with the speedsters, they continued racing all throughout Equestria passing Dodge Junction, Hayseed Swamp, Baltimare, Filly Delphia, and Hollow Shades, before coming up at Neighagra Falls.

"Think we should stop for a breather?" Rainbow asked Flash.

"Why, do you need it?" Flash teased.

"Hay, no! I was just asking if you needed it." Rainbow retorted.

"Are you kidding I can do this all day. Although I wouldn't recommend it."

As the two were reaching the falls, they were suddenly knocked off course by two more colliding forces. The pegasus and the speed hero landed on the grass groaning, "Oh, what was that?" Rainbow groaned.

"A wipe out." Flash groaned, as the two got up.

"But who did that?" Rainbow asked.

"We did." a familiar voice spoke, as the two looked over seeing Gilda and Lightning Dust.

"Hey, Dash." Lightning greeted her.

"Gilda, Lightning Dust?!" Rainbow gasped.

"That's right," Gilda answered, "We see you got a new partner now. You gonna betray him like ya did to us?"

Rainbow frowned at Gilda's claim, as Flash spoke up, "Huh, you know these two?"

Before Rainbow could answer, Gilda spoke up, "Rainbow and I were once best friends at flight camp, until she ditched me for lame ponies."

"Hey, I didn't..." Rainbow was cut off by Lightning.

"You think that's something? We were both partners at the Wonderbolts academy, until she had to be a filly scout and betray me by ratting to Spitfire and have my status revoked."

"Is this true?" Flash asked the rainbow maned pegasus.

"No bucking way!" Rainbow shouted and told her side, "I thought Gilda would be willing to try and befried my friends in Ponyville, but all she did was act like a jerk and couldn't take a few silly pranks, when she used to be my prank partner. And I didn't betray Lightning Dust! She did it to herself by being reckless and careless with her flight not caring about any casualties that befell anypony else!"

Flash was surprised, "Wow, when you put it that way you really hung out with a wrong crowd."

"What're you two doing here?" Rainbow demanded out of the two.

"You don't get it do you?" Lightning asked smugly.

"We're here for payback of course." Gilda clenched her talon.

"And we're getting it with a side of hay fries." Lighting added, while smirking.

The two flew above their former friend and Flash, as the human speedster spoke, "So, I guess our race is put on hold?"

"Yup." Rainbow nodded.

Gilda and Lighting flew down on Flash and Rainbow who dodged before they could land a blow. Flash looked at them, "Those two really are fast, but I'm faster." he ran to them attempting to circle them, but Lightning Dust flew away and started circling him.

"Whoa-whoa!" Flash was thrown off his feet before landing on the ground.

"What's the matter can't take the speed?" Lightning mocked. Flash looked up and frowned at her.

Rainbow and Gilda were flying around above them, with Gilda speaking, "You never did get back to me after I told you to call me when you decided to stop being lame. Guess that means you prefer to be lame over cool."

Rainbow frowned, "Your view of cool is too critical. Why I bet you think only yourself is cool enough to your standards."

Gilda gave her a smug look, "You guessed it."

"Well, I found somepony who's really cool." Rainbow said.

"What, that guy?" Gilda asked, as she looked down seeing Lightning and Flash going at it. Flash was using his arms to create wind tunnels to blow Lighting Dust back, but the pegasus didn't give up.

"Yeah. Flash is a million times cooler than you or Lightning Dust could ever be!" Rainbow declared.

Flash hearing that looked up, "Really?" he asked, before remembering Lightning Dust and speed stepped aside before she could tackle him.

"Then I guess you really have gone to the lame side." Gilda squinted her eyes firmly at Rainbow Dash.

"Speak for yourself." Rainbow retorted, as the two flew at each other and wrestled in mid air while flying around.

Flash was avoiding Lightning Dust's strikes, before looking up seeing Rainbow Dash needed help. He looked around hoping to find something he could use, before seeing the falls, "Yes!" he ran to the falls, and started spinning his arms to create another double wind tunnel. He called up to Rainbow Dash, "Dash, move!"

Rainbow heard him and flew away from Gilda. Gilda was confused, until she looked and saw Flash aiming his two arms at the falls sending two blasts of water right at her. She screamed as the water soaked her and her feathers making her unable to fly. She fell to the ground with a thud, while Lightning Dust looked over.

"Come on, Gilda, get up!" she ordered.

Rainbow zoomed down and tackled Lightning Dust, sending her crashing into Gilda. With Gilda too soaked to fly, and a near unconscious Lightning Dust on top of her, Flash and Rainbow looked to each other. Rainbow spoke, "Why don't we send these two on a one way flight out of here?"

Flash smirked, "I'm with ya, partner!" the two started running and flying around the pegasus and gryphon creating a cyclone that had them sucked inside and flying all around it screaming.

Rainbow and Flash stopped moving around it as the cyclone kept up before it spat a screaming Gilda and Lightning Dust out as they were sent flying off into the distance followed by a ping.

"It's outta here!" Flash called.

"Now that was awesome!' Rainbow laughed.

"Ya got that right. Up top!" he raised a hand, as Rainbow hoofed it.

Rainbow then sighed, "You know I really thought those two would've shaped up after what happened before. I guess they learned nothing."

Flash laid a hand on her shoulder, "Hey, not everybody can change, or everypony. But hey, you did the right thing by leaving them. You deserved better company than them."

"And I have found better company. And now you and the rest of the league are part of that crowd."

Flash smiled, "Thanks, Dash. By the way, did you really mean when you told Gilda I was a million times cooler than her and Lightning Dust were?"

Rainbow Dash remembering how she said that looked sheepish, "Hey, look at the time, we haven't finished our race yet!"

"Hey, don't pass that off. I want an answer!" Flash demanded.

"Beat me and maybe I will give you one." Rainbow said as she took off.

"Hey, get back here!" Flash called, as he ran after her with both of them laughing at how much fun they were having.

Back in the Badlands, Gilda and Lightning Dust were presented before Luthor and Chrysalis, with Gilda missing some feathers and Lightning Dust's mane looked poofed up. Luthor frowned and spoke in disappointment, "Fastest flyers, what was I thinking?!"

"We did all we could!" Gilda argued.

Luthor got into her face, "Did you now? Did you fight like your very lives depended on it?!" he turned to Lightning Dust, "Did you fight till the very last breath?! I ought to take the both of you and..." he was prepared to blasts them, until Chrysalis put her hoof on his arm making him lower it.

"Luthor." she said, hinting he can't start bumping off his employees right now and lose support.

Luthor calmed down and spoke to the two, "I'll let it go for now. But fail me again and there will be consequences. Do you understand?"

"Yes, sir." the two answered, not wanting to get on his bad side.

Luthor walked back into the cave followed by Chrysalis. The businessman spoke to the changeling queen, "I should've gone myself."

"But then you would've given yourself away." Chrysalis warned him.

"True, but sometimes you can't help but feel the only one you can depend on is yourself." Luthor said.

"I've felt that myself." Chrysalis admitted.

"And how do you deal with it?" Luthor asked.

"I just take a deep breath and remember that as a queen I have loyal subjects who would do anything for me. And as a leader I have to guide them. If you want these partners of yours to succeed you have to guide them like a leader should."

"I already know that." Luthor scowled.

"Maybe when it comes to rallying creatures from where you're from, but here you have to truly guide them on the path you desire."

Luthor turned to her, "Perhaps you can enlighten me?"

"I'd be delighted, Lex." Chrysalis giggled, as the two walked.