The Offseason

by TacoBiteToughGuy

The Offseason

"Cloud Puff Marshmallows, they'll give you the energy to keep going, just like us Wonderbolts do!" Spitfire spoke while popping a puffy treat into her mouth. The treat danced on her tongue, enticing her to take more but she managed to restrain herself. She turned to the camera and smiled while a bag of the sugar treats lay beside her. She stayed still for a few moments before she heard the iconic cue.

"Cut!" The director spoke into his megaphone. He hopped off his chair and met with Spitfire on the set. The broad smile on his face assured the pegasus she did well. "Excellent work! I'm sure we will have many ponies racing to the stores to buy these delicious Cloud Puff Marshmallows."
"Thank you Mr. Neigh. Now, about my payment." Spitfire replied, clearly not wanting to avoid it any longer.
"Ah, right. The payment should be going through the bank as we speak." The director gave a pony off set a nod, and they immediately started for the door. "The 200 bits should be there by tomorrow morning."
"200 bits? We agreed on 250 bits when I accepted to do the commercial! Where the rest of the money?" Spitfire was getting furious. Nopony, not even Michael Neigh, was not going to give her the money she earned.

"Whoa now, hold your humans! If you would've read the contract, you would know that we could change the reward, just as long as it was equal or greater for you." The director smile returned to his face. "I'm sure you will love what we came up with!"
"Just out with it already!" Spitfire was on the verge of strangling this stallion, world famous pony or not.
"I saw your face when you ate one of the marshmallows, it was pure bliss! You never get to eat any sweets treats because of harsh diets and exercise regimes. However, it is the off season, so you could probably loosen up a bit. It wouldn't kill you to have a marshmallow here or a slice of cake there, so the Cloud Puff company has decided to let you eat any of their products, as much as you like, free for life! Think of all the delicious food you could eat! That right there is worth way more than 50 bits." He held out a gold card with the company's logo on it.

Spitfire murderous glare soon turned into a softer, more curious stare. What if she did let herself have a slice of cake here and there? It was the off season anyways, so there would be no harm done to her career if she kept her eating and exercising under control. Plus, it would be a nice treat for herself for being a top athlete. She could do with a reward. "I'll take it, but if I want my 50 bits back after one week of this, you better give my my 50 bits. Deal?" Spitfire told the stallion before sticking out a hoof.

Walking home from the studio, the yellow pegasus stood tall and proud while her fire-like mane blew softly in the wind. Still wearing her Wonderbolt Academy shirt from the commercial, she looked like the all-star everypony knew her to be. Her brown eyes kept looking straight ahead as a mob of ponies trailed behind, many of which were reporters looking for a big scoop. Despite this, she continued on and made her way to her house.

It wasn't really a house though, more like a cloud mansion. It had many spare rooms, a full kitchen, a complete gym, amazing decor, a spectacular yard for her practice and of course, a huge entertainment room (usually used for watching training videos). Owning this lot did cost Spitfire a pretty penny and income from the regular show season wasn't enough to support the huge bill. Thus why Spitfire started doing advertisement, to be able to pay the mortgage on the house.

The Wonderbolt made her way to her kitchen and grabbed herself a cool glass of water from the fridge. Guzzling down the water, she began to think about the deal she had just made with Cloud Puff.
Was it really worth 50 bits for unlimited food she banned herself from eating?
Should she just go back and ask for the 50 bits?
No, not yet anyways. She might as well make the best of it, so why not load up on the sweets? They're free so there was no harm in getting a few things. So once she finished her beverage, she packed up once again and left for the grocery store.

It was getting late into the day as the sun was setting on Cloudsdale, causing the sky to turn into an orange hue. The reporters had given the athlete some space as she made her way through the town. Trotting on the purple-shaded clouds, she made her way to Fred Mare's, the local one-stop for everything delicious. Completely unlike Spitfire, she made a beeline for the candy section. When she finally made it she couldn't believe what she saw.

Cloud Puff did not only make marshmallows, they made much more than that! They produced cookies, chocolate, brownies, cakes, candy, pies, tarts, basically almost every type of sinful delicacy imaginable. The store had so much stock that they made a whole aisle just for Cloud Puff treats. Rethinking this, Spitfire raced back to the beginning to grab a cart and upon her arrival she began scooping in massive amounts of sweets. Taking about 300 bits worth of food, the pegasus made sure to grab a bit of everything to fill up her buggy. As she made her way to the cashier, she got a few weird stares from onlookers. However, as her persona was that of a calm yet don't-mess-with-me pony, she simply ignored them.

When she got to the till, the cashier, a grey pegasus with hazel eyes, gave her the most unimpressed stare ever. The working pony swiped each item through efficiently and quickly, the cost adding up at an alarming rate as some onlookers gazed at the food, the pony and the price. "Your total come to 328 bits." The cashier reported, finally happy to be done scanning the items.
"Here." Spitfire replied, handing her the golden card. The grey pony swiped it and gave it back.
"Here you are, have a good day and thank you for choosing Fred Mare's."

Back at home with the food, Spitfire now realized how big of a mistake she made. Ever since she sat down on her large movie seat in the entertainment room, all she could think about were those delicious marshmallows. Even though her favourite hoofball team was playing, the sweet texture couldn't escape her tongue. She started to become extremely restless, deciding whether or not to be healthy and not eat the snacks, or let herself go a little and grab a pack of tasty sugar treats. Once the game reached half-time, she immediately lost her will power and got a bag of marshmallows from the kitchen. She made it back just in time for the kickoff as she ripped open the plastic bag.

Her eyes and brain ensnared by the nail-biting match, her hooves and mouth were busy shovelling puffy marshmallows down into her gaping maw. One by one, the white gems flew into her mouth, satisfying the mare just a little more with each mouthful. Unfortunately for Spitfire, the bags aren't bottomless, and she soon found herself feeling nothing but plastic. "Huh, what happened to the marshmallows? Maybe someone took some when I wasn't looking..." She peered around to make sure she was alone. "Or maybe I just ate them all myself!" The pegasus thought out loud to herself.

As she finished her thought, a fairly loud rumble could be heard through the room. Its source: Spitfire's stomach. "Wow, I've never heard my stomach rumble that loud. That must be a new record!" Despite the game still being on, she left her seat to try and fill the void in her stomach the marshmallows couldn't fill. Going to the kitchen, the yellow pony grabbed all of the tasty food and brought it back to her seat. She was going to enjoy this delicious food.

Breaking open a second bag of marshmallows, she returned her attention to the game as her team, the Cloudsdale Colts took the lead over the Hooften Dynamo. Once again, she started to shovel treats into her stomach. However this time, Spitfire wasn't going to stop.

Marshmallow after marshmallow, she finished all of the packages sub-consciously before she moved onto the cookies. As chocolate chips and oatmeal raisins got sucked into the black hole of Spitfire's mouth, her midriff began to soften up and protrude outwards. Her plot was now a bit wider as well as larger. It was a good thing Spitfire had the wide movie theatre seats, otherwise it would be getting pretty close to hanging off the edge. Her face was nearly untouched, the only exception was the slightly puffier cheeks upon her face. In time even those would soon change.

Once the cookies had been depleted, she moved on to the brownies, then the tarts. Spitfire's stomach was not used to all of the empty calories, and was still searching for vitamins to fill her up. The only thing her stomach got was a lot of trans fats as she started digging into an Alicorn's Food cake. With each new cake she ate, her body expanded greatly. Her once trim barrel was now covered in rolls as her belly currently rested upon her lap. Even though they were slightly covered, there was no doubting that her massive thighs were much larger than of those who worked on a farm. Covered in cellulite and stretch marks, her legs had to be spread apart just to make room for her larger gut. Her lightning bolt cutie mark had been stretched out due to a much larger ass. If she got up to walk, it would overhang on her hocks and wobble and jiggle with each step she would take. Her hips would swing side to side, making each cheek seem like it was fighting to go higher than the other one. She had truly bloomed into an obese pony.

"Urp, that was a feast to remember!" Spitfire started to rub her massive gut, now feeling full from all the food she ate. With enough food within her to provide dessert to all of the Wonderbolts Academy inside of her, it was expected. She continued to console her belly as it pained her to move it around. The yellow pegasus rubbed her mounds in circular motions with her hooves and continued to stare at the tv. Well, until the scent of a delectable pie came across her nostrils.

There, sitting right beside her in the other chair, was a massive chocolate pie. Definitely within hooves reach, the golden crust and the shining chocolate called to the Wonderbolt, and she replied. Grabbing the final treat, she began to stuff her face into the pie. Chocolate and crumbs flew everywhere, including her mane and fat cheeks. Scarfing it down despite her stomach protesting, she greedily ate every last bite.

The once svelte and athletic pony sat on her chair, completely in bliss. "That's got to be an Academy record!" She exclaimed as her seat below her finally gave and snapped the feet on the chair. Despite ruining her Wonderbolt career, she completely put that off to the side. She could worry about that later.

"I wonder if I could get a sponsor for furniture?" The massive pony ask herself as she slowly yet surely fell into a deep sleep, ready for the next advertisement.