A Wandering Soul

by An0nym0us Br0ny

And In the End...

A cool breeze caused the water to ripple, and Sevron came out of his entrance. His lingering mind had dwelled to his most sacred place, his mind. In there he began to ponder Celestia’s plan to quickly overtake the Griffons. A swift, and tactical move. The Griffons had taken serious control over the Badlands that surrounded their Kingdom. They set up four bases on the border of the Badlands, each on on a different side. But, their main control station was at their main base, on the front of their Kingdom. The station handled their communications, where soldiers would be stationed, and basic internal affairs. Celestia had suggested, that they lead an attack on the central station. Upon destroying it, the other three stations would be cut off from reinforcements, and thus, would be easier prey. The Kingdom was surround by a 500 ft. wall, that he would be able to fly over. He could then eliminate any defensive forces, and open the wall. From there on, the Griffons could do anything. For all they knew, they could surrender. But, aside from that, Sevron needed to make a decision. Celestia had offered him to take Applejacks position, but Sevron had thought that he’d be degrading the title she had built. Sleep, Sevron needed sleep. He needed time to think about all of this. To let his mind go through with the plans, and hopefully, by the morning, he would have his decision.

Sevron woke, early in the morning. He could see as the sun peeked out from behind the mountains. It shone especially bright today. For today, him and Celestia’s army, were going to make their final move, to destroy the Griffons. Sevron, blinked, and attempted to wake himself up. He shook his head, and began to stand. He felt empowered, like he was possesed by the excitement that he would finally be able to end the war. Sevron spread his wings and began to make his way to Canterlot. But then, he remembered something, he had to make his decision of whether or not to take Applejack’s place. He had thought of it, but hadn't made a complete decision. He thought about what she would want. He thought that she would want him to continue to fight for her, and lead her army to glory. But then, he felt as if he was taking her place. In that moment, Sevron heard a voice in his head,

“Don't worry, ah trust ya’ll will make the right decision.” It was Applejack’s voice. He could hear her. And then, he made his final decision, he would lead Applejack’s soldiers into battle. He would carry her name with him to every victory, and would fight, when she couldn’t. At this, Sevron spread his wings, and made his way to the Princess’s castle.

When he arrived, he could see that the army was surrounding the Castle. He dropped in on one of the outstretched balconies, and waited for Celestia to come out. It was a few minutes later, when she emerged from the Castle. The first thing she asked, was,

“So, have you made your decision?”

“Yes, I will gladly fill in Applejack’s spot, and fight in her name.” Sevron answered, he had a serious tone, which matched the feeling around him.

“Good, then I shall be the first to welcome you into the Equestrian Army.” She nodded, and took a breath before she began again,

“I have finalized the plan. You, and the footsoldiers will make an all out assault on the main base setup. Twilight has created a type of flare, one that can be shot up into the air. You will use that when the central base is destroyed, and their communications are destroyed. This will signify the Air Force to attack the other three, while you head into their Capital. You will ransack, and hold the Castle until further notice. And, also, please refrain from hurting or killing any civilians.” Celestia explained the plan very clearly to Sevron. She made sure that he knew what had to be done, and why to do, in case of an emergency. The Griffons were truly going to be unpredictable, and possibly would make some frantic decisions that would help Sevron take over.

"Now, I must tend to some things before the attack." Celestia nodded, waded off into another room. Sevron just lay down, and got into a comfortable position. He had some time to think, and he'd use that time wisely. Although, his thought were disturbed the clopping of hooves beside him.

"So, will you be staying?" Twilight asked, her four other friends came a second later, they were now short one.

"Though, we'll never be able to replace Applejack, we could at least use another friend." She explained, hope shone in her eyes, that he might stay, and Sevron would to see that hope fade, should he say. But, he didn't have anything to go back to, it would actually be better for him to stay here among the ponies. And hopefully he would be able to raise his social quota.

"I may, there's nothing waiting for me in back where I came from, so, yes, I will." Sevron was happy to see that they were all smiling, he liked it better when everyone was happy, especially today. It just might help win the war, because every smile, made them stronger. They all sat, and eventually, Sevron closed his eyes, and began thinking again. Today could be his last, but, it could also be the day that the war was ended, and there would be peace once again. Everyone could return home, to their families, and friends, and they could resume life as normal again, though, maybe not for all, every soul that was lost will come with mourning, families will be torn, but will eventually move on. Hopefully. No one really knew what would happen when the war was over. No one had really planned that far. Celestia's voice interrupted Sevrons thoughts,

"Alright, we are ready. The soldiers are all assembled, and only await for your command. Sevron, Twilight, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, and Rarity. Today, we will need all of you to help.” Celestia informed them. As a group they all went to the location, where the soldiers were waiting.

When they arrived the Air Force, and Ground Forces stood at attention, Twilight, Sevron, and Pinkie Pie, stood in front of the Ground Forces. Rainbow Dash, and Fluttershy stood in front of the Air Force. Sevron could feel his heart hammering in his chest, a special flame burned in all of their hearts, every Mare, Stallion, and Dragon. Sevron let his roar fly out of his mouth, a roar so loud, it shook the ground they stood on. With the main station in view, they marched upon them.