Don't Step on a Rune.

by Warpony


As Mythic opened the door into the bakery, and walked up to the counter. He tapped his hoof waiting for someone to come out and service him, but no one did and he grew inpatient. “Hello, is anyone there?” He soon heard hoof steps coming from the back and soon a yellow earth pony walked into the room wearing some kind of work uniform. “I’m sorry sir but we are closed at the moment. Please come back tomorrow.” The earth pony walked back into the kitchen of the bakery.

“Sorry, I was told a Pinkie Pie worked her?” Hearing this made the earth pony turn around and head straight to Mythic. “My apologizes, I haven’t seen you around town, are you new?” Mythic nodded. “Just moved here from a far, so I take it she is here. Are you her co-worker or something?” The earth pony extended his hoof for a shake. “I’m her boss Mr. Cake, and yes Pinkie is here. She has been up in her room, but isn't feeling to good."

“Yeah I know, that’s why I’m here. You see we were recently befriended and I had an accident, so that’s probably why she’s upset.” Mythic spotted a set of stairs out the corner of his eye and started towards it. “You said she was up stairs right.” Mr. Cake nodded in response. “Yes here room is the one with the… well pink door. But first, what is your name?” Mythic stopped right in front of the stairs but didn’t face Mr. Cake. “Mr. Cake there is a set of things you should know about me. One, my name is Rune, Mythic Rune. Second, over the course of years of training I have developed a set of unique skills I use to accomplish my goals. And third…” Mythic then walked up the stairs and scouted the upper level and spotted his target. He then trotted back down where an anxious Mr. Cake waited. “What is third?”

Mythic stood at the bottom step and ran is hoof along the ground, he prepared to charge. “Third… I go by a second name back home and it is...” He didn’t wait for Mr. Cake to ask, Mythic just rushed up the stairs and roared at the top of his lungs. “LEEROYYYYYYYY…. J-J-J-J-J-JENKINSSSSSSSS!!!” At top speed he jumps at the door and spins around, allowing him to buck the door open. “I have waited my whole life to do that.” He looked in the room with a smile and saw Pinkie Pie sitting on her bed eating a couple of cupcakes, but just about to chocked when she heard her door slam in. She coughed a few times and managed to clear her throat from the chunks of pastry.

“Wha…what was that? Oh Mythic!” When Mythic first entered the room, Pinkie Pies mane was deflated in a way. But now seemed to return to the puffy state it was in when the two met. She jumped off the bed and rushed to him and hugged him with great force, which nearly chocked ‘him’ to death! “Oyo Mythic I’m so~ glad you're out of the hospital. I worried you’d be there for like ever, you just slept all day for like a week! But that’s over now and I’m happy Pinkie!” She tightened her grip and caused Mythic to go limp for a moment. His mind functioned, but his body was quickly losing blood flow.

‘This is it huh? I thought I was supposed to fight and most likely die in an epic blaze of glory. But nope: Doctor what was the C.O.D, strangulation by one Pinkie Pie.’ For a split second Pinkie’s grip loosened and allowed Mythic to gain some much needed oxygen. “Pi… Pinkie le…let go. Blea” With those last words he went limp once more with his tongue hanging from his mouth. “Oh, sorry about that Mythic.” Pinkie let go of him completely and the oxygen flow slowly returned to normal in Mythic’s body. “ Aha… I live to die another day!"

Pinkie chuckled and returns to lie on her bed; she continued to eat the unfinished cupcake she had been nibbling at earlier. “Yummy, want one Mythic?” Mythic shuffled to the bed and examines the colorful pastry on the crumb filled bed. ‘Can I really eat it in this form? Number what, five to ask Victor?’ Mythic leans in and takes a bite of the cupcake. As the chunk he bit off touches his tongue, his eyes widen and a goofy smiles creeps up. “Holy buck that’s good! I have never tasted something so good!” Mythic then devours the rest of the cupcake in one bite. “Mythic, you should use that kind of language you know.” Pinkie pointed her hoof into Mythic’s chest.

“Wait, that’s a curse here?” Pinkie nodded. “Well now, who cares? Back on earth there is worse to be said I’m sure.” Then Mythic suddenly had a thought that made his smile menacingly. “Hey Pinkie, do you know what skittles are?” He begged in the back of his mind she didn’t. Pinkie thought for a minute, but came up short. “Nopy dopy, no idea what that is.” The smile on Mythic’s face grew even larger. “That is good young one, grab a bag and follow me. We must return to the Rune cave!” Mythic emphasizes by stading on hind legs and throwing one hoof in the air while another sits on his side. Even though Pinkie was confused she liked Mythic’s attitude. She walked to a closet and pulled out a settle bag and threw it on. “Okie dokie lokie, but why may I ask?”

“Two things need to be accomplished here. One we need to get back to my house to get the supplies. Two, we need to find Rainbow Dash; the most crucial part is finding her.” Mythic led the way out but stopped just outside the door. “Oi Pinkie, do you think your door is ok? I didn’t mean to do any damage… ok scratch that it would be totally worth busting in a door.” Pinkie bounced from her closet to the door and tried to swing it closed. The knob appeared to be stuck in the wall and cracked the area around the impact. Yet the only one to see this was Pinkie. “It seems ok to me, let’s go!” Mythic led the way down stairs and out the door before being stopped by Mr. Cake, who simply shouted out a question to the two. “What was that noise earlier?” Mythic turned around and with cold eyes and an emotionless voice stared into the eyes of Mr. Cake. “That sir… was me… being an overpowered badass.” He then turned and headed for what he that was the general direction of home, followed by a bouncing Pinkie Pie.

In about several minutes, Mythic and Pinkie arrived outside the manor like home. “Yup, I know I was good with directions. Probably the only man, er, stallion that good, come on inside Pinkie and I’ll get the stuff.” Mythic opened his front door and invited Pinkie in. She followed and closed the door behind her, being left in the living room as Mythic went on a hunt for his special stash in the kitchen. Loud sounds as pots and pans fell could be heard. “Mythic are you ok in there silly?” The window that acted as a second entrance into the kitchen was suddenly filled with the sight of Mythic with a bag of flower over his head. He had opened an over head cupboard and the bag fell on his head. “Come on man! I don’t even own this! Strike six, Victor that MoFo had to have planned this. I love the kid but... just damn it.” He threw the flower on the ground and squealed like a girl and shook is whole body as he caught sight a brown bag in the corner of the cupboard. He then reached up and grabbed it with his hooves. “Pinkie come here please I have something for you.”

Pinkie bounced into the kitchen and next to Mythic. “What is it, is it a surprise? I like those a lot but if it’s not it’s ok but just know I like surprises!” Mythic sighed and face hoofed. “Pinkie, open the bag please and yes, sorry but it is a surprise that will be short lived.” Pinkie opened the bag and Mythic placed the brown bag in the bigger settle bag. “ Alrighty then~ just need to find Rainbow Dash. You have any Idea where she could be, you’re her friend.”

Pinkie chuckled. “Well you’re her friend now too silly head.”

“Ok fine, but we still need to get to her.”

“That’s easy; she is always up in the cloud when she isn’t working. Everypony knows that much about her. Oh, I forgot you’re new.” Pinkie rubbed the back of her head.

Mythic patted her head. “It’s ok Pinkie, but when you say, ‘in the clouds.’ Are you being metaphoric or…?” Mythic waited.

“Nope, she is always sleeping on a cloud. But it should be easy enough, I mean you being a big powerful Alicorn!” Pinkie jumped around in excitement.

Mythic sighed once again in grief. “I know what you mean, but I can’t fly right now. My wings got injured during my fight with Talos. Plus Twilight said not to let anypony see my wings, so I put them under these shirts.” Mythic pointed to the bundle tied around his body. Pinkie stopped and rushed to Mythic’s side to examine what he meant. “Yeah, I thought that was just a fashion statement or something. But if you can’t fly, we should go get Fluttershy to help. She doesn’t live to far I think, did you notice the large forest that stretches to the east of your house?"

Mythic shrugged. “Never noticed it before, does she live close to it?” Pinkie smiled and nodded. “Cool… wait a second, Fluttershy? You mean that yellow Pegasus with pink mane, that Fluttershy?” Pinkie nodded slowly. “That cute little, shy, Pegasus lives close by?” Pinkie smirked and nodded again without making a sound. ‘Oh. My. Gosh. She was so cute and small and helpless. It was so adorable, I could just squeeze her and stroke that mane I mean… holy buck I should really think before I speak. Wait aren’t I thinking right now? Huh, a thought within a thought .......... (Play it)

With that, Mythic didn’t acknowledge Pinkie anymore, he didn’t acknowledge anything anymore. He simply stared one thousand miles into a wall. His mind flowed out of its prison of flesh and bone and flowed along the currents of eternity. Mythic entered a near astral form and floated into a rift in space-time. He saw colors never seen before and shapes that he could never comprehend. His mind absorbed information he could never understand and ideals that made both complete and at the same time no sense. His whole life flashed before his eyes, but not all of it made sense, it was like he saw different outcomes and probabilities. He floated into one more rift and ascended into a white grand hall and appeared a pedestal with a black crown on a golden cushion. He reached for it and took hold of it. He placed it on his head and roar with great might to the heavens. “I AM THE MASTER!” From behind he heard crowds’ cheer and angles sing. He stood with pride and roar once more without saying anything, just a roar to show is power. But before anything else a small Pink pony popped out of a third rift and dragged him in with her. (Stop playing)

"Mythic, are you okay there?" Pinkie waved her hoof furiously in front of Mythic’s face. His eyes were darkened and stale, a cold expression on the rest of his face. Slowly his eyes lit up and he started to shake his head. “What… Pinkie… what happened?” Pinkie shrugged. “Don’t know you were asking about Flutteshy and then you when crazy. Not crazy crazy, but dead still crazy!” Mythic blinked violently. “It… felt… so real though.” Under her breath Pinkie couldn’t help say something. “It usually does the first few times…”

“Pinkie you say something?” Mythic was still readjusting to his surroundings. Pinkie perked up a little more. “Oh, nothing, we should head out for Fluttershy!” !” Mythic shook the last bit of himself and started for the door. “Right you lead and I’ll follow.” He opened the door and they were off to get Fluttershy and then Rainbow Dash. ‘I shall put it to rest. My lifelong dream, I shall taste… the true Rainbow! Then we’ll see what Rainbows really taste like!'