Dashie in Wonderland

by IndexOutOfBounds

Chapter 2

"Rainbow Dash!" Mrs Firefly looked down at her daughter, hoofs crossed. It was Monday early morning. "When do you want to sleep until?"

Dashie's blurry eyes focused on her mom who came from Cloudsdale to visit her in Ponyville. Twilight, who came over for Sunday's sleepover, was already up from bed.

"Still not getting up?" Firefly spoke again.

Rainbow gasped and jumped out of bed. "Yes, yes, I'm awake!"

"You have work, right? Miss Weather-mare?" Firefly reminded. "And eat breakfast before you leave!"

Twilight sighed. "Really now.. is she like this ever since she was a filly?"

The weather headmaster was giving out today's instructions. "First we'll gather 12 km3 of altostratus by dawn to shade out the sun. Afternoon, prepare 90 km3 of cumulonimbus from near ground to an altitude of 25000 hoofs for the rainfall by midnight."

Dreaming is so pleasant... Rainbow thought. The lucid dream last night was great; however, when Rainbow was about to finish dreaming the ending, the sun just has to come up during the climax. "Arrrgghh! So unfortunate!" Rainbow thought out loud.

"What is so unfortunate?" The weather headmaster stared at Rainbow. "Did you heard what I said?"


"You're always late, and you always nap on the job," the headmaster remarked angrily. "Such a slacker; go clear those cirrus clouds NOOOWW!"

I am scolded again.. Rainbow thought as she got out from work. The dream world is such a nicer place. In the real world, society is such a stinker. Why is it so strict? Rainbow is very stressed out. She saw Fluttershy heading out from her cottage and followed her, chuckling. "Even though you don't know about my dream, last night was too breathtaking!" Rainbow's mind wandered off. "Fortunately, I saved you just in time!" Her daydreaming was halted when she almost bumped into Fluttershy.

"Eek! Rainbow, what are you doing?" Fluttershy asked. "Why are you smiling while following me?"

"Because last night..."

"You're acting a little strange.." Fluttershy said before heading off again.

Disappointed, Rainbow trotted somewhere else to clear her mind, but that was ruined when something hit her head. She recoiled and saw that it was an apple.

"Haha, Rainbow ya'll too funny," Applejack said.

"You're the one who is funny," Rainbow turned around. "Last night you and Rarity were shivering in fear, scared to face pale!"

"What nonsense were you dreaming?" Rarity overheard them.

"It's true!" Rainbow said before taking off. She turned her head and remarked, "If I had enough time, you will see that-" SMACK! Rainbow crashed into a tree. Applejack and Rarity suppressed their giggles.

"TWIIILIIIGGHHT!" Rainbow yelled while flying up her cloud-stairs. "TWIILIIGHT SPARKLE!"

"Wha- What is it, Dashie?" Twilight lifted her head from her reading but came face to face with the cyan pony.

Rainbow held Twilight's hoofs and shook. "Cast me a spell that makes my dream longer!"

"What, you want them to know your suave even in dreams?" Twilight said amazed. "That's silly." She dismissed the idea for now. "No matter where you escape in your dreams, you will still wake up to reality and get disappointed! It's good for nothing."

"But.. it's just for fun!" Rainbow Dash was trying to convince her.

"If you have time, why don't you study for your Wonderbolts exam?" Twilight went out the room. "You have to put more effort and resolution instead of just being carefree all the time!" Twilight began to trot down the stairs but stopped. She paused in her thinking. Am I being too hard on her? Twilight turned back up the stairs. "Rainbow Dash? Listen to me..." She opened the door. "Rainbow Da- Eh? Where did she go?" An open window greeted her. She trotted up against the window and leaned. Could she have ran off? She should be back by dusk anyway, once she gets hungry..