Vinyl's Introduction to Melody

by loga1005

First Encounter

Vinyl’s Introduction to Melody
Chapter 1: First Encounter
By Loga1005

It was either very late or very early and the concert hall was completely packed, and just starting to clear out. Vinyl Scratch a white mare with light and dark blue hair was the DJ for the night had just finished her last set, and was preparing her system for tear down. As she slipped her signature shads on it finally sank in that it was the last night of her tour and she was ready to get back to her relaxed, care-free life. She searched around the crowded concert hall trying to find the head of the stage hands. She looked around for a while until she found him.
“Hey, I was wondering if, once I get my stuff packed up, I could just leave it here until tomorrow?” asked Vinyl. He turned, looked at her for a second, and then spoke.
“Sure, but better make sure you lock it up. We got another event to set up for so it will have to go in the back room.” She let out a sigh of relief, thanked him, then went back to finish the tearing down of her system. After half an hour of work she was finished and ready to head home - one of the benefits of ending a tour in your home city.
She awoke late the next morning. Crawling out of bed, she reluctantly went to pick up her stuff from the concert hall. By the time she arrived they had already finished the setup of the next event. She marveled at how different the main hall had been changed in less than a full day. Looking around she thought that maybe she had walked into the wrong building, but then she saw the head stage hand and proceeded to get his attention. Walking over to her, the stage hand could see the mystified look on Vinyl’s face.
“Looks real nice when it’s lit up ‘doesn't it?” he asked. Vinyl simply responded with a nod.
“Believe it or not, this is actually all for some charity event set up by that Fancy Pants fellow.”
“Have any idea what the event is actually for?” asked Vinyl.
“No idea, but it must be something important because he hired the same musical group that Princess Celestia uses for the Grand Galloping Gala,” he shrugged. They started walking back toward the back rooms and the stage hand went to get a dolly for Vinyl’s gear.
As she was pulling her containers out of the room, she heard someone talking just around the corner and decided to see who it was. Upon rounding the corner, she saw a gray mare that was just as tall as Vinyl, if not slightly taller. Her mane and tail were long beautiful dark gray streams with a lighter tint and her cutie mark was a light purple treble clef. As she turned around, the first thing Vinyl noticed was the pink bow tie that she wore, then her gaze traveled up and was met by a pair of bright violet pools. Vinyl was lost in her eyes until she realized that the pony was talking to her. She snapped out of her trance and was met by the angry tone of the mare standing before her.
“Sorry I was pulled into a maze and just got out,” Vinyl exclaimed in a flattering tone. The gray mare calmed down and asked, “What maze might that be?”
Vinyl had a grin from ear to ear as she answered “Just those violet eyes of yours.”
Her answer caused the gray mare to blush vivaciously. Vinyl went on to introduce herself.
“Vinyl Scratch, DJ pony, at your service.” The Gray mare acknowledged the introduction and nodded as she spoke, “It’s a pleasure. Octavia Melody, Cellist.” Upon her response, the head stagehand came around the corner with the dolly in tow for Vinyl to use.
“Sorry to meet and run, but I have to get my stuff out of here, or I’ll be pushing it home in the dark,” Vinyl laughed.
“I've already prepared my gear, if you want some help, I'm free” replied Octavia.
“That would be awesome, thanks a lot,” Vinyl smiled as she took the dolly from the stage hand. They both went around the corner where Vinyl had already started pulling her stuff into the hallway. As they were stacking up the crates, one fell over and Vinyl screamed and ran over to make sure the fall had not broken any of the stuff inside. Upon opening the case, she was relieved to see that everything inside was in one piece. Octavia was standing behind her and saw what was in the case.
“So I’m guessing that you’re the DJ that was here last night?” speculated Octavia. Vinyl just nodded while she kept loading her stuff.
“I was here last night and caught your last show it was nice but all the flashing light gave me a headache so I sat in back and just listened to it,” Octavia continued.
“Well,” loading the last crate Vinyl said, “this has been really nice talking and I’d love to talk more, but I have to get this stuff back to my place, so I guess this is goodbye.” Octavia had a saddened look on her face which suddenly flipped as she remembered something.
“If you really want to keep talking we could meet up some time or you could accept a backstage pass to my concert in a few hours.” Vinyl smiled and accepted.
When she had gotten home she stored her DJ equipment away and went straight to her bathroom where she showered before getting ready for the concert. Vinyl had spent most of the time thinking about what she was going to talk about with Octavia. She looked at the clock and realized that if she didn't get on her way she might miss Octavia playing. Vinyl got to the edge of the block right before the concert hall, when she saw that the flower shop on the corner was still open. She walked in and saw a large bouquet of gorgeous violet roses on the end of the counter.
“Is there anything that I can help you with,” Rose calls out from back room.
“Hey there Rose how have you been,” asked Vinyl.
“Good, the store is thriving and all the family is healthy,” said Rose “What brings you by here Vinyl, the last time I saw you was after your grandmother’s surgery,”
“Well I was hoping that I could get that bouquet of violet roses,” Vinyl said gesturing to the flowers.
“Well those are actually for a costumer to pick up tomorrow, but if you tell me what they would go to I just might let you have them,” Rose stated with a grin.
Vinyl thoughts for a second and decided it couldn't hurt to tell Rose what they would be for. “Well I thought I would get them for giving to the cellist at the concert hall.”
Rose’s grin grew even bigger as she looked at Vinyl “I didn't know you were into classical music.”
“I've never really given it a shot and I thought since she gave me a back stage pass it’s the least I can do,” Vinyl said looking away trying not to blush. Even with Vinyl trying her hardest, Rose could see that she was blushing and decided to give her the bouquet.
Vinyl paid Rose for the bouquet and went straight for the concert hall. She got there and was relieved to see that the Octavia’s performance had not started. She walked to the back stage entrance and showed the bouncer her pass. After about ten minutes of wandering the back stage hallways she found a door that had Octavia’s name on it.
Vinyl went to knock on the door but before she could Beauty Brass opened it to leave. As the door was opened Vinyl hide the flowers behind her back. Beauty Brass looked up at Vinyl and just walked away. Octavia looked into the hallway and saw Vinyl standing there with a weird look on her face.
“Everything OK Vinyl,” Octavia asked slightly concerned about Vinyl.
Vinyl snapped out if her confusion and looked at Octavia and replied “Ya I was just caught off guard.”Octavia just chuckled to herself and gestured for Vinyl to come in.
“So what are you hiding behind your back,” Octavia asked well getting her cello out if its case. Vinyl had forgotten that she hide the roses behind her back completely. She held them out as Octavia turned in her direction.
Octavia gasped then started to talk “Oh my they are lovely Vinyl but you really didn't have to.”
“Well I saw them in the flower shop and they reminded me of your eyes and I had to get them,” Vinyl explained well blushing vicariously.
Octavia put the flowers down on the table in the room and ran over to give Vinyl an unexpected hug. This just caused Vinyl to blush even harder and brighter. After releasing Vinyl Octavia looked at Vinyl and told her that she might want to get to her seat.
“I’ll see you after the show right,” Vinyl asked as she was heading for the door.
“As long as you get here before I get packed up you will,” Octavia responded
Vinyl closed the door behind her and went to find her seat.