Twisted Metal: Equestria

by Lab Matt

11. More Reunions

Sweet Apple Acres. Four mares approached the house, where the two remaining Apple family members were waiting. Apple Bloom couldn't wait for them to get closer and sprinted towards her big sister, who was now her old self again. The filly jumped and hugged Applejack, her eyes moist with tears.
"Ah missed ya so much, sis! So, so much!" she said.
Applejack wrapped her forelegs around her little sister.
"Ah missed ya too, Apple Bloom." she looked at her grandmother, who was approaching them as well. "Ah missed y'all!"
Granny Smith pulled all of her family into a big group hug. Rainbow Dash, Rarity and Twilight watched the scene with a smile on their faces.
"All is well when it ends well!" Rainbow Dash said.
"Even though we may be far from defeating Discord, this was a victory." Twilight said.
"That reminds me, I still need to go see Sweetie Belle!" Rarity said. "She needs to know that her sister is back to normal as well."
"I'll go with you!" Twilight said. "I need to check a few things in the library, and it's on the way."
"Alright, be safe, you two!" Rainbow Dash said, waving goodbye at her friends, who left the farm. She looked back at the Apple family, who were still busy hugging each other. Not too far away from them was the orchard and, sitting under one of the trees, was the ghost of Scootaloo. The pegasus flew to her.
"You're next, squirt." she said. "I can feel it!"
"I do hope so." Scootaloo said, making Rainbow Dash flinch. The pegasus mare then chuckled.
"Your ghosty voice always gets me! I can't wait to be able to hear your voice once again. Your true voice!"
Scootaloo smiled. "Neither can I. I think I already forgot what my voice sounds like."
"Here's a hint, Scoots: you're like me! In many ways."
The ghost filly looked at the pegasus, surprised. "Y-You mean it?"
Rainbow Dash wrapped a wing around her. "Of course I mean it! Remember when I said that I consider you my little sister? Well, no sister of the amazing Rainbow Dash wouldn't be at least as awesome as she is!"
Scootaloo chuckled.
"Hey! Scoots!" Apple Bloom called while running towards the pegasi.
"Yes, what is it, Apple Bloom?" she asked.
"Ah'm goin' to Sweetie Belle's place. We need to talk 'bout-- The thing."
"Thing?" Rainbow Dash asked, looking at the fillies. "What thing?"
"Oh, nothing, much, just... Crusading stuff, yeah. You would be bored!" she answered with a very forced smile.
"Did you know that ghosts are bad liars, squirt?" Rainbow Dash said with a smirk. Scootaloo froze; if she still had a heart, it would have skipped a beat.
"I... Uh... We..." she said, looking left and right, as if searching for an excuse.
"But it's none of my business! Just promise me you girls will be out of trouble."
"Trouble free, don't worry about it, bye!" Scootaloo said before running away, followed by Apple Bloom.
"Those Crusaders are up to no good." she muttered while rubbing her chin. "Maybe I should keep an eye on them." she nodded. "Yes, I'll do that!" Rainbow Dash then flew to the sky and landed on a cloud, slowly dragging it with her, using that cloud as a cover.

* * *

"Sweetie Belle?" Rarity called as she opened the door of Carousel Boutique. "Are you in here?"
The filly ran downstairs as fast as she could and stopped in front of her sister; she had a very surprised expression on her face.
"I did a few changes on my looks." the mare said. "What do you think?"
Sweetie Belle first touched her big sister's left foreleg. She then touched her chest and finally placed her hoof on Rarity's cheek.
"Does... Does it hurt?"
"Whatever are you talking about, darling?"
"Your... Cheek! It has a... A..."
"It has a what?" Rarity walked to the bathroom and looked at herself on the mirror; the scar on the left side of her face was still there. She sighed. "So we meet again, old nemesis!"
"So, does it hurt or not? Because if it does, I can get you something, maybe go call Nurse Redheart?"
"No, it's fine, Sweetie Belle, it doesn't hurt. It's just an old wound. I guess Discord gave it back as well just to make fun of me!"
"So, are you ok? Like, completely ok? Nothing hurts? Nothing missing, nothing extra?"
"Not that I'm aware of!"
Sweetie Belle smiled and hugged her sister. "Then I'm happy that you're ok and back to normal! I mean, don't get me wrong, Applejack is a great sister, but I don't want her to be my great sister anymore."
Rarity hugged her sister back. "Thank you, Sweetie Belle!"
"You're welcome, big sis!"
They heard a knock on the door.
"Sweetie Belle, are ya there?" Apple Bloom called.
"It's them. They're here!" Sweetie Belle said, dashing towards the door.
"Where are you going?" Rarity asked.
"Uh... We're gonna...Bath... Granny Smith's... Grapefruits, yes! That's what we're gonna do."
"Bath Granny Smith's grapefruits?"
"Yep! When they don't get their weekly baths, they get cranky." the filly chuckled nervously while looking at all directions except at her sister's eyes.
"This is... Unusual! But coming from Granny Smith, I shouldn't be surprised anymore. Be back in time for dinner, alright?"
Sweetie Belle then left the boutique and the three fillies quickly ran back to their headquarters, unbeknown to them, being followed from above by a single white cloud.

* * *

"What did ya managed to find 'bout that Trixie gal, miss Twilight?" Braeburn asked.
"Aside from the fact that we both graduated from Princess Celestia's School For Gifted Unicorns in the same year? Nothing, really! But I'm planning on going back to Canterlot and check if I can find something about her in her school records."
"Yer really determined to find out more 'bout that mare, huh?"
"She hates me for a reason, Braeburn, and I intend to figure out why! Also, I have other reasons to go to Canterlot."
"An' can ya tell why?"
"Spike, my dragon assistant! It's been really long since last time I saw him, and I want to see if he is ok. He's like a little brother to me. And talking about brothers, I need to see how is my big brother doing on his new job."
"New job? What kind of job? If he's anythin' like ya, Ah'd say librarian or teacher."
"Nope! Captain of the Royal Guard."
"C-C-Cap-Captain of the... Wow, miss Twilight, ya and yer family keep surprisin' me!"
The alicorn mare giggled. "I bet your family is as interesting as mine! I mean, the Apple Family is one of the oldest clans in Equestria, and it's said that you're direct descendants from adviser Smart Cookie, one of the six founders of Equestria!"
He blinked a couple of times. "We are?"
Twilight chuckled. "You should do some research regarding your family, Braeburn. In fact, I may have a book here that-- Holy turnips, look at the time! I can't lose that train. Braeburn, will you be ok taking care of the library? It's a very big request and I made it all of sudden."
"Don't worry, miss Twilight, Ah'll be able to take good care of yer library while yer away just fine. An' don't worry 'bout the book ya mentioned, Ah guess Ah can find on mah own. Now go an' catch yer train! We all know how ya hate to be outta schedule."
"Thank you so much, Braeburn. Tell my friends I said 'goodbye'!"
"Ah will."
Twilight then placed her saddlebag on her back and ran out of the library, leaving Braeburn waving from the door.

* * *

Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo and Apple Bloom entered their clubhouse and quickly closed the door behind them.
"Did anypony followed us?" Sweetie Belle asked.
"Lemme check!" Apple Bloom said, then looked at the outside of their clubhouse through the window. "All clear."
"Great!" Sweetie Belle said as Scootaloo placed a parchment on the table and unfolded it. "After so much planning, it's impossible for us to lose the next tournament. We are getting Scoots' body back this time for sure!"
"So this is what they're planning!" Rainbow Dash thought while standing right beside their open window. "I guess I'll have to keep both eyes on them."