Teen Titans Trapped in Equestria

by Blood_rose_doll

First day

Twilight nodded to Robin and turned to her friends. "You guys go ahead and decide who you would like to go with." Without needing to be told anything else, Pinkie Pie bounced over to Starfire and gave her a huge grin.

"I know Ponyville and everypony in it like the back of my hoof, I'll give you the tour."

Starfire smiled down at the pony and Silkie crawled up to Star's shoulder. "That would be most joyous! Silkie and I would love to tour this town of ponies." With that Pinkie bounced from the castle with Starfire in tow.

Applejack was the next to step up and she picked Robin. "I don't know how much help I'll be with the getting to know part, but I sure do know the landscape of this here area." Robin simply nodded to her and motioned for her to go first out the door. Applejack tipped her hat to him before trotting past and out the door. Robin was quick to follow with only a single glance back at the rest of his team.

Rarity stepped forward and Raven gave a shocked expression when she walked up to her. "I'm not an expert of magic like Twilight but I can at least help carry your books." Raven looked down at the fashionista and let out a small sigh.

"Sure." With that Raven walked out of the castle not bothering to even check if Rarity was following.

Unable to contain herself any longer, Rainbow Dash took to the air and flew around Cyborg. "You look so cool! I have no idea what you're doing but I'll come with you." Cyborg shrugged and walked from the castle with Rainbow Dash hot on his cyberkinetic heels.

Finally, Twilight looked to Fluttershy and smiled at her. Fluttershy shrank back away from Beast Boy and looked to Twilight. Twilight let out a sigh and walked over to her friend. She nudged Fluttershy closer to Beast Boy until the timid mare finally spoke up. "Um... you can come to my cottage to see my animals... you know, if that's alright with you."

Beast Boy grinned at the shy pony and then bent down to her level. "Let's go then." Fluttershy looked at him for a while before she finally smiled. She walked past Beast Boy and out the door. Beast Boy smiled brightly and followed her. Twilight let out a sigh of relief as they left. She turned to Spike and smiled.

"Spike take a letter."

* * * * *

After leaving the castle Raven continued to walk without checking behind her. Raven could see the tower from the castle so it would be hard to get lost. Raven was wondering why she had been picked by this brightly colored pony. Actually, she wondered why she had to have a pony with her at all. She sighed softly as she walked and then she heard a voice call out behind her.

"Could you slow down a little dear?" Raven glanced back to see the pony, Rarity she believed was her name, was quite far behind her. Raven stopped in her tracks and waited until the pony had caught up with her. "Many thanks darling."

Raven cringed at the word 'darling'. Raven had never liked diva-type people, let alone ponies. Raven was starting to like this pony less and less. Finally after another few minutes of walking they made it to the tower. Raven walked up to the door and placed her hand on the scanner. The door beeped and opened to let them in. Raven went in first and walked straight to the elevator. When she looked back, Rarity was looking around at the inside of the tower. "Could we hurry this along?"

Rarity jumped in surprise and rushed over to Raven's side. "Oh, of course my dear!" Raven wished she would stop using diva-isms but she decided not to say anything about it. As the elevator climbed to the top of the tower Rarity looked around in awe. "Why are we standing here?"

Raven looked at her dumbfounded. "It's an elevator."

Rarity gave Raven an equally confused look. "And what, pray tell, is an elevator?" Raven was about to respond when the elevator dinged and the doors opened. Rarity gasped when she saw the room before her. "We moved!" She walked through the room in wonder and then saw the window. She rushed over and stared out in amazement. "We are so high up, it's just like Cloudsdale."

Raven let out her third sigh of the day and called to the pony. "My room is this way."

Rarity turned around with a slight blush and trotted over to Raven. "Please lead the way." Raven walked down the hallway of doors (doors that all looked the same to Rarity) and stopped in front of her room. As the door slid open for her, Rarity gasped. "Oh my, what a.... unique room, dear."

Raven paid no mind to the pony and walked in. The first thing she did was to start picking up the candles off the ground. She placed them back around her room in their places. This took a couple of minutes and in that time Rarity got up the courage to venture inside the dark room. She looked around at the blackness that covered everything--even the candles were black. Raven briefly glanced at her after she finished with the candles before moving on to the bookshelf.

"Don't touch anything," Raven murmured just loud enough to be heard by Rarity.

Raven started taking books down from the shelf, grabbing not only the dimensional spell books but a couple of simple spell books as well, in case she needed them. As Raven was looking over her books Rarity spotted Raven's vanity. She trotted over to inspect the vanity and saw it was empty except for a single hand mirror. Rarity picked up the mirror with her magic and looked at her reflection. "What a... pretty mirror."

Rarity reached out a forehoof to the mirror. Raven turned at Rarity's words, not really paying attention, until she saw her. Raven gasped and dropped the books she was holding. She held her hand up, palm towards the mirror, and called on her magic. She watched as a black aura surrounded the mirror and she yanked it away from the pony. She walked over, mirror in hand, and placed it back on the vanity.

"I. Said. Don't. Touch. Anything," Raven said, making each word a sentence as she growled it at Rarity, which left her taken aback.

"My my! No need to be rude."

Raven let out another huge sigh and walked back over to the bookshelf. She gathered the books that she dropped and walked back over to Rarity. "You can carry these."

Rarity sighed and picked up each of the ten books in her magic. Raven walked over to where the circle of candles was and picked up the books lying there. "Let's go." With that Raven walked out of the room and then turned back to look at Rarity. She looked around the room once more before following Raven out of the room with the books in tow.

* * * * *

Beast Boy was eagerly following the shy pony in front of him. "Wanna hear a joke?"

Fluttershy looked back at BB and finally nodded.

"Why do ducks quack?"

Fluttershy stopped in her tracks and looked to Beast Boy. "Because that's the sound ducks make." Beast Boy shook his head at the timid pony and smiled.

"They get quacked up when people are around!" Beast Boy cracked up laughing but Fluttershy was silent. She seemed to think this over for a minute before responding.

"I don't get it."

Beast Boy stopped laughing and looked at the pony. "Oh. How about this one? Why did the elephant cross the road?"

"An elephant?"

Beast Boy nodded to her and Fluttershy shrugged. "Because the chicken retired!" Beast Boy again burst out laughing at his own joke. Fluttershy gave him a very confused face.

"A chicken retired?"

Beast Boy looked down at the little pony and frowned. "You never heard any chicken crossing the road jokes?" Fluttershy shook her head and Beast Boy sighed. "This is harder than getting Raven to laugh. Well… Ok not that hard." Fluttershy tilted her head to the side and then turned back to the path towards her cottage.

"We're almost there now."

Beast Boy sighed again and followed Flutter the rest of the way. When the cottage came into view, BB gasped. There was all manner of small creatures running to and fro around the cottage. Tons of bunnies and some cats. Birds flew around singing their songs and even a bear sat in the little grove around the cottage. Beast Boy ran up to the bear preparing to defend his new pony friend from the threat. He briefly remembered what Robin had said about their powers before he turned into a gorilla. The animals scattered and the bear stood up, growling at Beast Boy. BB let out his own ape roar and prepared to fight with the bear. At the last moment Fluttershy flew in between the two and held a hoof out to each of them. Beast Boy turned back and yelled at Fluttershy.

"Get away from that bear, he'll eat you!"

Fluttershy gasped and flew closer to the bear. "He would never do that!" She pet the bear and it slowly sat back down on the ground. "How did you do that?"

Beast Boy gasped and decided to play dumb. "Do what?"

"Turn into an animal like that?"

Beast Boy was about to deny it again when he saw Fluttershy's big, curious eyes. He caved in and let out a big sigh. "I can turn into any animal I want."

Fluttershy's eyes widened and she gasped. "How about a bunny?" Beast Boy turned into a bunny for her and she gasped again. "What about a dog?" BB turned from a bunny straight into a dog. "That's amazing!"

Beast Boy turned back and laughed. "If you think that is amazing you should see my dinosaurs."

"What's a dinosaur?"

Beast Boy gave her an odd look. "It's an extinct animal from our dimension."

"What does extinct mean?"

Beast Boy tried to think of a nice way to explain it, but couldn't come up with anything.

"It's an animal that no longer exists in our dimension." Fluttershy gasped at this and Beast Boy sighed. "They died out a long long time ago."

"And you can turn into them?"

Beast Boy was glad to change the subject and nearly hugged Fluttershy. "Yes."

"Can I see?"

Beast Boy looked around for a big enough space and moved towards the forest. He tried to think of a dinosaur that wouldn't scare Flutter but would still look cool. Eventually he went with a stegosaurus and shifted into that form. Fluttershy gasped when she saw him shift and then flew over to him. "Such a big animal."

Beast Boy nodded as Fluttershy flew around him some more. Finally Flutter landed in front of him and Beast Boy turned back. He smiled down at the little pony.

"Want to see more?"

Fluttershy nodded eagerly.

* * * * *

Pinkie bounced happily down the street with Starfire flying close behind her. Pinkie was talking a mile a minute. "Over there is Sugarcube Corner and that's Ms. Cake. This way is Lyra stepping out of the home she shares with Bon Bon. And way up there is Rainbow Dash's house, it's the one made out of clouds. There's Mayor Mare. Hey Mayor Mare! Up that way is the way to Sweet Apple Acres and the other way is to the school."

Starfire followed in silence trying to absorb all of this when Pinkie stopped suddenly. She let out a huge gasp and turned to Starfire. "You guys just got here!"

Starfire nodded to the pink mare. "That is correct."

"If you just got here that means you're new to Equestria and if you're new to Equestria you need a welcome to Equestria party!" Starfire looked at Silkie and he let out a soft squeak. She looked back to the pony who was dancing in a circle.

"Oh joy of joys! I haven’t been to a party since our last Blorthog celebration!"

Pinkie Pie laughed at Starfire. "You use funny words for a party. I like funny words! Like sanitary! Or pineapple! Ooh ooh! How about ointment!" Starfire gave her a confused look as she started to walk down the road again. "Come on we have to finish the tour so we can get to party planning."

Back in her element Pinkie introduced Starfire to just about everypony she ran across and told her who lived in every house. Finally they made it to the end of the tour and Pinkie made a sudden u-turn. "Now off to Sugarcube Corner to plan the party." Starfire was very interested about this party so she followed Pinkie back to Sugarcube Corner. As soon as they entered Pinkie ran into the kitchen. Starfire followed her and finally decided to question her again.

"What do you do to plan an Equestria party?"

Pinkie laughed and took out a big bowl. "Well first, you make cupcakes of course." Pinkie Pie went about the kitchen gathering the ingredients and singing a song:

"All you have to do is take a cup of flour!
Add it to the mix!
Now just take a little something sweet, not sour!
A bit of salt, just a pinch!

Baking these treats is such a cinch!
Add a teaspoon of vanilla!
Add a little more, and you count to four,
And you never get your fill of...

So sweet and tasty!
Don't be too hasty!
Cupcakes! Cupcakes, cupcakes, CUPCAKES!"

As she sang she added the ingredients to the bowl.

"What are these cakes of cups?"

Pinkie let out a huge gasp and looked to Starfire. "You've never had cupcakes!?" Starfire shook her head and Pinkie seemingly teleported from the kitchen. She returned balancing a cupcake on her head and offered it to Starfire. Star took it and bit into it, not bothering to take the paper off first. Pinkie went to say something but Starfire beat her to it.

"These cakes of cups are most splendid!"

Pinkie shrugged it off as she took another bite. Walking back over to the bowl she pulled out a cupcake pan and placed the paper inside. She picked up the bowl and poured the batter into the pan. She placed the pan in the oven and went to making a cake. Mr. Cake came downstairs and saw Pinkie Pie working in the kitchen.

"Whatcha up to, Pinkie?" He looked to the side and saw Starfire. “Who’s your friend?”

Pinkie looked up from the cake batter she was making and smiled. "These guys just got here so I thought I'd throw them a party to say 'welcome'. Could you make some of your treats?"

Carrot Cake chuckled at the hyper mare and nodded. "Sure Pinkie." Carrot entered the kitchen and got to work making sweets for the party. Pinkie finished her cake batter and set it into the second oven.

"I'm gonna get the decorations!"

Carrot waved to Pinkie as she exited the kitchen. Starfire considered staying but decided to follow Pinkie. Starfire followed Pinkie pie all the way to her house where she ran up stairs in a rush. She pulled out her party cannon and pushed it close to Starfire. "You can push that." As Pinkie was getting the rest of the decorations Starfire shrugged and picked up the cannon with one hand. When Pinkie came back she smiled at Starfire. Pinkie now had on a set of saddlebags that looked like they were going to burst labeled 'Emergency Party Supplies'.

* * * * *

Cyborg was walking to the tower and was being bombarded with questions from one rainbow mare.

"You look awesome! How come you're the only one who's blue? Is it common for humans to be so shiny? How come part of you is so much darker? Why does your eye glow?"

Cyborg finally had enough and turned around. "Look, Robin says I'm not allowed to answer your questions. I'm sure Robin will explain it to you later." Cyborg breathed a sigh of relief when Rainbow went quiet, but that didn't last.

"Why do you listen to Robin? Is he your boss?"

"He's our leader. We look to him for guidance." Cyborg hit himself in the face for answering her but he figured it was harmless enough.

"Oh, so you ask him for advice? Kind of like Twilight?"

Cyborg sighed at the rainbow mare. "I guess. I wouldn't know about Twilight."

"That's true."

Cyborg turned back toward the tower and continued to walk. Rainbow Dash was quiet for the rest of the walk. Cyborg placed his hand on the scanner and watched as the doors opened for him. He walked in and pressed the button for the elevator, not knowing the doors had just closed for Raven and Rarity. Rainbow Dash, like Rarity, was looking around at the inside of the tower. Cyborg watched her with a slight smirk on his face. He always loved it when people admired his tower. Rainbow saw an open panel with the circuits visible and gasped. She flew over closer to get a good look at the wires and flashing lights. Cyborg saw this and decided to speak up.

"Please don't touch that."

Rainbow waved a forehoof at him and flew a little closer. She let out an 'oooh' as all the lights started to flash at once. The elevator behind Cyborg dinged and he glanced back to see the doors opening. "Come on, the elevator is here."

Cyborg stepped into the elevator and Rainbow Dash flew in next to him. The elevator ride was quick and quiet, Dash was too busy looking around to say anything. When the elevator doors opened Cyborg stepped out and walked over to the communication panel. As soon as he typed in "Titans East" the screen popped up and the words "No Connection" were the only things displayed.

"Wow," came Rainbow Dash's response to the giant screen.

Cyborg tried the TV next. He picked up the remote and set the screen to "TV". The screen changed to static and Cyborg scrolled through a few of the channels. They all showed nothing but static and Cyborg sighed. All of the Titans would be missing their shows. Finally, in a last ditch effort, he tried the game system and when it came up he let out a shout: "Booyah!"

The game system was working perfectly and he almost sat down to play. Turning it off he went to the wall of screens and pulled up all the ones on the tower. He scanned the readouts on the screens. All of the food storage spaces were working fine and the tower generators all survived the trip over. Last but not least, he opened his right arm and pulled up his communicator. After some thought he called Robin. He waited while it rang twice and then Robin picked up. His face appeared on the screen and he smiled at Cyborg.

"I guess communications are still up?"

"Only between us. Other than that it's down but it looks like our food stores and generators survived the move."

Robin nodded and then looked to his right. After a second he looked back to Cyborg. "Just finish up there and meet back at the castle." Cyborg nodded and closed his arm to shut off the communication. What he didn't know was that he had a cyan blue head floating just above his shoulder the whole time. When he went to turn he came face to face with the pegasus.

"Woah." Cyborg jumped back and then sighed in relief. It was only the pony from before. He walked over to a panel on the wall and placed his hand on it. A section of wall next to it slid open and he looked at the display. He decided to cut off the things that weren't working for now in order to save power. He also decided to cut off a few of the security measures so that no brightly colored pony would get hurt in the tower. After that was done he turned to Rainbow Dash. "I'm done now let's go."

Rainbow nodded to Cyborg and flew over to the elevator.

* * * * *

Robin followed the odd pony with the cowboy hat out of town and up a hill. He remembered her name was Applejack but he thought it odd that a pony would wear a hat. Finally they made it to what looked like a farm but all Robin could see were apple trees.

"This here is Sweet Apple Acres. You can see the whole town from here."

Robin turned around to find she was correct: he could see the whole town from the entrance to this farm. He looked to Applejack who was smiling brightly.

"Is this your farm?"

Applejack brightened just a little bit more and nodded. "Me and my family, yeah."

"Do you only grow apples?"

Applejack giggled at Robin who frowned. "Well, it ain't an orange farm. We grow all kinds of apples here but yep, only apples."

Robin looked back at the town and tried to memorize the landscape in case he needed to know it for tactics. He could easily see the tower and castle. Even though the castle was on the opposite side of town as the farm it was so brightly colored and big it was hard to miss. Without taking his eyes off the town he posed a question. "What is this Princess like?"

"Well, it depends on who you're talking about. I figure you mean Celestia but there's also Luna. Let's not forget Cadance and Twilight."

Robin's head whipped around to look at Applejack. "Twilight is one of your princesses?"

"See me, I'm a simple earth pony. Then there are pegasi with wings and unicorns with horns. Then there are the alicorns, the ones with wings and horns, they are the princesses."

Applejack reminded Robin of himself no real power around a bunch of powerful people... or, ponies. He could tell though by the huge farm behind him that she was strong despite her cute demeanor.

"I guess in your world I would be an earth pony as well." Applejack smiled at Robin and he smiled back. Then something hit him. What about Jump City? Would it be safe while they were gone? As he was thinking this his communicator rang. He took it off his belt and frowned at it before answering. It was Cyborg with a pony over his shoulder. Robin smiled at that. "I guess communications are still up?"

"Only between us. Other than that it's down but it looks like our food stores and generators survived the move."

Robin nodded and then looked away from his communicator. He wondered if he should tell Cyborg what he just realized. He decided to wait until they were all together to bring it up. "Just finish up there and meet back at the castle."

Cyborg nodded and then the feed was cut. Robin looked to Applejack and smiled. "Looks like we should head back. I got what I needed." That was a lie, he hadn't finished cataloging the whole town, but he had to know the answer to his question and he had to know now.

* * * * *

Twilight was finishing up the preparations for the next day when Cyborg and Rainbow returned from their mission. Raven and Rarity were the next to arrive and then Pinkie came through the door with Starfire in tow. Robin and Applejack were next and Robin had on a very serious face. Finally after a couple of minutes more Beast Boy and Fluttershy arrived. Twilight smiled at her friends and the humans. Spike, who was packing his bag, ignored the arrival of everypony. Before Twilight could tell them about the preparations Robin spoke up.

"Raven, about this dimensional travel... does time move the same in both dimensions?"

The faces of the Titans went very dark and they all turned to Raven.

"It varies, but time doesn't stop in one dimension just because you move into another."

Robin stepped up closer to Raven and she stood there with her books. "What about Jump City?" Raven shrugged and Robin balled up his fists. "We have to get back. SOON."