Dashie and Soarin, two wonderbolts in love

by TheSouthernBrony

Chapter 2

The next day, Soarin got up before Dash, as he usually did, to make breakfast, but he also had other plans for the day.

Since no show was planned for another month, Soarin had time to get ready his big proposal to Rainbow Dash, but first, he wanted to get her a present, since she had given him one a few days earlier for his birthday: a pie making machine.

After making breakfast, Soarin attached a small letter to the table saying he left to do some errands and that she had the room to herself for a while.

At the mall, Soarin went looking for a few things: number one, to find a ring to give to Dashie for the proposal, number 2, a necklace with a sapphire stone in it, since she liked sapphires, and three, a copy of the new Daring Do movie that had come out on DVD recently, as she was unable to see it when it was released in theaters.

" so, is this the ring you desire, sir", the jeweler at the counter asked.

Soarin nodded.

" yes, and this necklace will do nicely too", Soarin replied, showing the necklace to the jeweler.

The jeweler nodded and said, " that will be 700 bits, sir."

" thank you, my man," Soarin said, paying for the items and walking out the store with both items in a bag.

"hmm, I got 300 bits left, not bad, I guess," Soarin noted to himself as he went into another store to find the movie Dashie wanted.

After finding it and purchasing it, Soarin got the movie and the jewelry gift wrapped and then headed back to the hotel,

By now, Rainbow Dash had gotten up, reading the note Soarin left her and after eating breakfast, she decided it would be best to get some morning exercise.

She was in the hotel gym, doing a work-out along with Spitfire, whom she had grown close to over the past two years and they were friends now.

" So, Rainbow, how's you and Soarin doing," Spitfire asked as she jogged on the treadmill.

" we're doing good, Spitfire. Soarin's such a sweetheart", Rainbow said, blushing a little as she thought about him.

Thing is, Rainbow and Soarin had known each other for a long time before they starting dating a year ago.

When Dash joined the Wonerbolts and was integrated into the team, she and Soarin had grown close to each other, and when Dashie had turned 26 last year, a year behind Soarin, Soarin had confessed his feelings for Rainbow and the two went from being close friends to officially entering the relationship stage.

Dashie smiled as she thought about that day and how much joy and love she felt for the past year now.

Not only was she a Wonderbolt, that alone was the coolest thing she ever experienced, but she had somepony to share it with, and out of all the colts she had ever dated over the years, Soarin was and always will be her one and only.

" I can tell you love him a lot", Spitfire said, smiling.

" Yeah, I do. I love him with all my heart", Dashie replied, lost in thought.

When Soarin walked in his room, he noticed Rainbow Dash wasn't in it.

" she must be doing her daily exercises with Spitfire, just as well, I need to hide the ring till the time comes to give her it", Soarin said out-loud to himself.

After hiding the ring in his suitcase, Soarin put the other presents on the table and waited for Dashie to come back to the room.

A hour later, Rainbow Dash returned to the room and was happily surprised to the see the gifts on the table.

" I wonder what these are", she said, peering at the packages.

" they're for you, sweetie," Soarin said from behind her.

Dashie quickly turned around and in a excited voice, she said, " Soarin!"

Giggling, she hugged him and they held each other in embrace for a few minutes.

" so, what's inside the presents", Dashie asked, opening one of them.

" awww, this is so beautiful", Dashie exclaimed, holding the necklace in her hooves.

Soarin kissed her on the cheek.

" glad you like it, but you're really going to like what I got in the other one," Soarin said, smiling.

Rainbow opened the other package and when she saw what it was, she had a very cute fangirl moment.

" OH MY GOSH! OH MY GOSH! OH MY GOSH! It's the new Daring Do movie", Dashie exclaimed excitedly, squealing like a filly seeing a idol for the first time.

" I love you SO MUCH, Soarin," Dashie said, wrapping her forelegs around Soarin's neck and kissing him.

"so, when do you want to watch it", Soarin asked.