Dashie and Soarin, two wonderbolts in love

by TheSouthernBrony

Chapter 1

In the Wonderbolt locker room, the team was getting ready for one of it's shows.

Rainbow Dash was helping her colt-friend Soarin get into his suit, getting the final touches on it.

" here you go, Soarin. You're ready to wow them", Dash said, smiling.

Soarin looked at her and kissed her.

" the only pony I need to wow is you, Dashie", he said, nuzzling her.

Dash giggled and kissed Soarin's cheek.

" come on, lovebirds, show's about the start", Spitfire, the wonderbolt captain told them.

The two of them headed out to the show arena, where the sun shown brightly in a crowded stadium full of cheering ponies.

" Now, to give us our half time show, say hello to Spitfire and the Wonderbolts," the announcer said, which caused the crowd to cheer even more.

The Wonderbolts had come to perform for the half time show of an Equestrian football game in Manehatten, Dash recalled as she flexed her wings.

" all right, team, ready", Spitfire asked.

The bolts nodded and Soarin whispered to Dash, " here we go, my love."

Like a flash, the bolts shot up into the air, twisting and turning as they did their coregraphed moves.

Finally, it ended with Rainbow performing her famous sonic rainboom with the others following her in it's wake.

The crowd went nuts and the Bolts landed on the ground, taking a bow and the show ended.

" oh my gosh, Soarin, that was so awesome", Dash said as they all prepared to leave.

Soarin chuckled and hugged Rainbow.

" you did good out there", he said, smiling at her.

Dash grined and nuzzled Soarin.

Spitfire approached them and smiled.

" Soarin, Rainbow Dash, nice work as always, you two. You guys got any plans for this evening," Spitfire asked.

Soarin smiled sheepsely and replied, " well, Spitfire, Dashie and I had planned to go to this really nice restaurant we found while walking around town".

Rainbow nodded.

" yeah, it looked really nice, and it been a while since we had a nice dinner together", Dash said, wrapping her hoof around Soarin's leg and leaning on him.

" oh, that sounds nice. Well, the rest of the bolts and I are heading back to the hotel. See you there, lovebirds", Spitfire said, heading back to the rest of the team.

Later that day, Soarin and Dash went to the restaurant they had found together, Soarin wearing a buttoned up shirt and Rainbow wearing a shirt of her own with a skirt attached to the outfit.

Normally, Rainbow didn't like wearing skirts or dresses, as she always had been more of a tomboy and her wings were often cramped because of them, but, she'd do anything for Soarin, and some small discomfort was well worth the nice dinner and time she got to spend with him.

The two walked in the restaurant and was seated at a table in the middle of the restaurant, which was filled with a lot of other couples; some old, some young, it seemed every colt had brought his marefriend or wife with him.

The waiter came and the two ordered their drinks.

Afterwards, Dash and Soarin started talking like usual, discussing how the day was and just small talk in general.

Rainbow's favorite part though was when they swaped funny jokes and stories.

Dashie loved it when she saw Soarin laugh and smile, as his smile was a wonderful one and his laugh was contagious, almost as much as Dash's giggles.

After the dinner ended, they headed back to the hotel, where they spent the rest of the evening just sitting making each other feel loved.

" I love you," Soarin said to Dash.

Rainbow smiled and kissed him, blushing.

" I love you too", she said, wrapping her forelegs around Soarin's neck.

Soarin smiled and kissed Dashie.

"mmmm", she murmered as they kissed.

Around 9:30, the two went to bed, cuddling each other as they did so.

" goodnight, Dash. I love you", Soarin said.

" I love you too, goodnight", Dash said, kissing him and then falling asleep, one hoof resting over Soarin's chest, and her head resting against his neck.